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  1. A handgun carry permit class teaches nothing having to do with combat mindset. I begin each of my carry permit class with the admonition that if a student thinks this class will allow them to escape unscathed either physically, financially or emotionally from a lethal encounter then they should pack their trash and exit now. The class teaches the BASICS of safety and the law only. To understand combat mindset and tactics for dealing with a lethal situation they need other training. Whether they get it at our school or another quality place is largely irrelevant though I would certainly hope they choose our place.   I've said it plenty of times before and I'll say it again, I believe that my carry permit should be nothing more than the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the US and Article 1 Section 26 of the Tennessee Constitution. Until the law is changed we will simply have to deal with what we have. However, going forth armed without training mentally and physically is a foolish proposition.
  2. I've got a class coming up on Sun. 16 February. Yeah, I know that's not a Thursday or a Friday but I can't think of anybody that offers a class like that during the week. I'm also not in the Nashville area but I draw students from all across TN, KY, OH, GA, AL, LA, VA, both Carolinas, and MD. 
  3. I am right handed so I have a left handed holster mounted under the dash to the right of the steering column which will accept a .38 snubby that I carry as a back-up to my main gun for fast access.  It is well hidden and easy to access from the steering wheel. That being said, I carry my main gun either IWB or OWB at the 4 o'clock position on the body. I spend some time practicing and drawing from a seated and belted position every week. Difficult at first but now after years, smooth as butter. Don't forget to practice exiting your ride too. It's easy to get your pistol pointed at something you don't want to shoot under stress.
  4. Setting aside the arguement that though legal in TN, open carry is tacticlly unsound, businesses that have posted their locations as places where the open carry of firearms is prohibited are fooling no one but themselves. How could they think they are addressing the feelings and concerns of the anti-gunners that may shop with them? Is that sign prohibiting open carry not also saying "hey, we think you are stupid enough to be fooled by this "outta sight - outta mind" sign so go ahead and shop with blinders on? That's as dumb as Clinton's "don't ask, don't tell."If I was an anti-gunner that would tick me off nearly as much as it does when I see signs in a business that tell me that If I find a lower price somewhere else, come back and they'll beat it. What that kind of sign tells me is that this company will rape you unless you catch them at it. But, if you catch them they'll get more reasonable with their prices- by fifty cents or a dollar. BS! Give me your best price the first time.     Now, if you are concerned about the feelings of the little old progressive blue-hairs that may come in and spend a buck with you, follow the Wal-Mart plan. If you see an openly carried firearm or one is brought to your attention, quietly ask the gunner to cover it or take it outside.
  5. I had heard that this facility had changed hands. Jonathan and crew had just about run it into the ground. Good luck to the new operators there.
  6. Ah yes, the multi-tool of clothing- as a head wrap - keeping sun or snow, wind, sand and dust - out of eyes, face and neck. a face veil - concealing the face or protecting the face from dust, sun and weather. Sniper hide mats- breaking up the lines of the face and rifle a scarf worn around the neck - retains heat in the cold and absorbs sweat/protects the neck in hot & sunny conditions. Also when wet, cools via evaporative cooling. a small sunshade cover whilst resting an arm sling - giving an injured arm support a foot wrap - replacing a lost sock a carrying pouch for equipment a towel etc., etc. [URL=http://s1066.photobucket.com/user/eacrow/media/Fun%20Pics/PFD.png.html][/URL]
  7. Wha.....what? I don't get it. :shrug:  Y'all act like this guy did something stupid or something. ;) Actually, I ran into a guy like this at a range one day. He was practicing fast drawing his pistol from an Uncle Mike's, Molle Compatable, Universal Holster that sat high on a webbed belt filled with more pistol mag pouches, first aid pouches, golve cases, universal cases and light duty aluminum caribiners than you could shake a stick at. The only thing that impressed me about the guy is that he managed not to shoot himself during the course of his "drills". 
  8. Outstanding pic! When I first met the wonderful woman that I have spent the last 18 years of my life with I knew she was a "keeper" because I was pretty sure that rather than Chanelle #5, I smelled Hoppes #9 on her. I was right! She had just cleaned her Lady Smith 9mm. Our first Christmas as husband and wife I surprised her with a stainless 7 shot .357 snubby and she surprised me with a new 18" Remington 870 Express Magnum. God, I love that woman!   Best wishes for a long and happy life together!
  9. When I saw the news story and the video I said "now THAT'S why I carry a gun!" I would submit that the individual that posted that "that concealed carry and hi capacity do not go together" should rethink his priorities. I carry a Springfield XDM9 3.8 with twenty rounds on board the gun. Add to that the extra mag with another 19 rnds, a small streamlite and a folding Buck knife and I'm reasonably sure that I have all the tools and materials I need to survive most anything one could reasonably expect to run into while out on the town providing I don't make a tactical mistake. Even though my pistol may appear to "print" a bit to one that carries as well, it's still concealed to the average person who does not carry a gun.   Anyone on a bike without an operating brake light that brake checks an SUV at highway speeds deserves to have his "azz" run over. There's my 2cents worth and now I'm going to go install roof racks, run-flats, push bumpers and dash cams in and on all my vehicles. ;-)
  10. I heard there is a new commercial reloader opening up in Maryville. Someone gave me his name but I lost the scrap of paper somewhere in my complicated filing system otherwise known as that big pile of s#*t sitting on my other desk in the back.
  11. Say, that is terrible. Sucks to be you. :rofl:
  12. BINGO!!! Just prior the this nation loosing it's collective mind in November of '08 I started telling my customers to buy and save ammo. Fortunately the shortages never really got down to .22 LR. A little over a year and a half ago I was telling my customers to learn to reload and buy reloading componants. Now it's a coin toss as to which is going to be available when I call my distributors, .22LR or small pistol primers, of which I have a fair amount of. Primers, that is. I still sell CCI MiniMags in 100 round boxes for $8.75 when I can get 'em which is spotty but they are coming. I firmly believe that there is a special place in hell for the proffiteers out there that are charging $25 a box for the same thing when the price from the distributors has not increased. That's kind of like when Cheaper Than Dirt (Dirtbags!) was selling 20 rnd. PMags for $60+ a shot when they were paying no more than what I pay or them which is $8.56 ea. Some said I was crazy not to take advantage of the market fluctuation but I prefer to sleep at night. This, IMHO should not be treated like internationally traded commodities such as gold, silver, wheat or oil.  
  13. And so the clandestine meeting began...   Hello group. My name is Phantom6 and I'm ....er, ah.... a brass whore. Hello Phantom6 came the reply from the group.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, I keep a 5 gal bucket in the back of my jeep with one of those Gopher/grapper tools. I store the stuff in the 5 gal red plastic pickle buckets from Firehouse Subs. The 2 bucks a bucket goes to agood cause and the buckets are sturdy 
  14. Welcome aboard. You have found a very active group. Enjoy the ride and don't be bashfull. Jump into the frey any chance ya get. [URL=http://s1066.photobucket.com/user/eacrow/media/Welcome_01a.gif.html][/URL]

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