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  1. sold

    WOW, I wish you were closer!! GLWS!
  2. I wish we were closer, GLWS!!
  3. Right now I carry my G42 in an ankle holster from "The Holster Store" I think it's called. I'm in a wheelchair and have found this is the easiest place to carry for me. I will be switching to a small revolver in a few days and may try a different location. It's not to bad taking the holster off and putting it back on, when I go to my doctors, as it attaches with Velcro. It is highly visible in the summer months as I wear shorts. I'm not to worried about concealed carry as I don't really go anywhere much other than my friends houses or the gun stores. The only time I go to town really is to my doctors.
  4. You said that right!!!!
  5. WOW!!! That video is insane!!!
  6. AWESOME!!! Thanks for the link bluemailman53, I never ran across this site in all my searching.
  7. Just plain sad!!!
  8. I've narrowed it down to the LCR .327 or the S&W M686 Plus at Bud's and will make my final decision by the first of the week. I want to give our classifieds a chance and I'm watching Armslist.
  9. Well I think, if I can't find a 327 Magnum in the next few days, I'm just gonna buy another 357 Magnum but in 7 shot and with a 3" barrel. The reason for the barrel length is I'm in a wheelchair and wear an ankle holster. I would rather keep my carry guns on the smaller size so I won't look like I'm packing a cannon on the inside of my leg. My SR9C that I carry in colder weather is a little big but not to big but my Glock 42 that I carry in the warmer months looks less obvious. This MS is starting to affect my left hand and I'm having a hard time racking the slide on my semi-auto's so I've decided to switch to revolvers. I've got an ad posted in the wanted section on here so hopefully something will come through. I have bought several firearms from different members on our wonderful forum and every purchase was a pleasant one.
  10. Thanks OZO for the info. I'm actually looking for a Charter and Taurus brand along with a Smith and a Ruger. I can't find any brand in the barrel length I'm wanting other than a Smith one of our members found for me at a price of over $1400.00. I'm not paying that lol.
  11. WOW!! I don't think I want one that bad, lol. I didn't realize they were that pricey. Thanks for the find though!!!
  12. I don't know if the 1.875" barrel is to short or not. I'm going to Bud's in a little bit and hopefully try one out. I am really wanting a 3" but thought a 2" was the absolute shortest I wanted to go. I'm finding out about the rarity lol as I can't find one at all. Thanks for your help.
  13. Has S&W, Ruger, Charter Arms etc... stopped making a .327 Magnum with a 2" to 3" barrel? I have looked everywhere I know to look and can't find one. I've found several 1.8" and 4" barrel revolvers but none in the 2" to 3". I can't even find a used one!!

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