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  1. Eugene is no expert either. Blown up guns sure made for dramatic effect when watched by the general public though. It's TV people ....... just TV. I enjoy the series much more when I don't pick it apart. You can do that with most TV series. Miami Vice was even worse than this in the firearms department.
  2. Karma? I bet you believe in BigFoot too. The cause of the fire has not been disclosed (as far as I know) but I'm fairly certain that "Karma" had absolutely nothing to do with it .........
  3. Remember ....... It's just television. Probably 98% of the viewers have no idea about reloading or other firearm related things that we understand and use on a daily basis. The writers were striving for entertainment value, not total realism.
  4. I'd like to hear that also .......
  5. Seeing Negan being pulled around on that sled was the funniest thing I have seen on this series. Hilarious! Carl's death obviously hurt Negan. And he showed a lot of feeling when talking about his former wife "Lucille". Makes me wonder if the writers are going to do a role reversal between him and Rick in the near future. Especially after Rick slaughtered the guys from the Sanctuary last week.
  6. Sorry you had such a bad experience there. Mine was totally opposite. They have always treated myself and my family with respect and courtesy. Also can't believe that you are pleased at a loss this large to a gun retailer. Seriously? Pretty vindictive in my opinion ........ We need these retailers and indoor ranges. They support our gun rights and have a vested interest in the 2nd Amendment.
  7. A man after my heart. My son has shot skeet competitively for many years, and we have both decided that unless waterfowl are in the picture a quality O/U will get the job done and are a true pleasure to shoot. As long as you stay away from the Stoeger and other inexpensive guns, you can shoot it until you leave this earth. While he shoots more expensive guns in competition, we own several Citoris and they are dead nuts reliable with a little bit of preventive maintenance along the way. My favorite field gun is a Remington Premier O/U in 28 gauge that was built by Sabatti in Italy. G
  8. Forgot about the helicopter. Good catch. Carl's death was off the original "track" of the story, so who knows what they will come up with now. I will say that after 8 seasons this series could very well be on it's last legs unless they amp up the twists and turns to increase interest above the current level. I'm hearing lots of complaints lately.
  9. Kinda slow and skipped around too much. It did, however, put Simon on the waiting list for Lucille. I gotta wonder if Rick is losing it a bit after Carl's death and is hell-bent on taking Negan out. That might get him and the rest of the crew in a bad spot.
  10. A huge THANK YOU to everyone. We are going to go Friday & Saturday, and Sunday if we can't get our fill after 2 days. I did visit the NRA website before I posted, but I had heard "rumors" that Thursday was doable. Glad to know the facts about that not being the case. Can't wait to get out there for a few days.
  11. Ron, NRA says it is a go. Dallas did ask them to reconsider but things were too far along to make the change. Thanks to everyone for the replies. Still wish I knew if it was open on Thursday. I might call and inquire.
  12. I'm going to Dallas in May for the Annual NRA Convention. I read elsewhere that even though the Convention dates are Fri, Sat, & Sun, the exhibit hall is open on Wed & Thur also. Is this correct? I couldn't find any info on the NRA website that confirmed this. If so, it would be wise to go on those days to avoid the weekend crowds. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  13.   I'll have to remember for future reference that your opinion trumps anyone else's.   It's just like any other site .... including this one.  You have to read through the content and decide for yourself what is useful.   You must own something that received a bad review over there, lol.
  14.   Say what you want, but I have found Trip Advisor to be a good tool at times.  Like every other review site, it can be falsely misleading.  You have to be smart enough to weed through the crap and find the useful reviews.  There are internet cowboys everywhere you turn  ...
  15.   That's what I said.  Go there and see for yourself.


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