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  1. FL Permit in the News again, dude got shot 13x Some one gets banned from another gun board
  2. Let's Bring Em Home! Welcome to Let's Bring Em Home 2010! Bringing military families together for the holidays since 2001! It's almost time! It's almost time! As this year's holiday season fast approaches, this will be be our TENTH year taking donations to purchase plane tickets for junior enlisted military personnel, giving them the opportunity to fly home and spend the holidays with their families. This program was initially started in December 2001 to show our grateful appreciation to American service members deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, and has become an
  3. This link may have been posted before.After the introduction there are links to a lot of information about firearm maintenance as well as links to owners manuals and lots of other stuff page7
  4. Here is a link to scanners across the country Live Police, Fire, EMS, Aircraft, and Rail Scanners on RadioReference.com
  5. see attached link USPS Firearm Shipping Regulations - form 1508 filled out by ffl holder and presented to the post office along with the package for shipping. Enclosed in the package a note with the problem as well as the gun owners address so firearm is returned directly to the owner.This does require you to know a ffl holder that would be willing to fill out the form for you
  6. backj2

    h&k usp 45?

    I believe that the USP stands for Universal Service Pistol
  7. remember all the hippies in my neighborhood telling me I needed to take my American flag and fly it upside down. Did enjoy underground comix by R crumb. Enlisted in army in 1972 at 17 right before my 18th birthday,so not much of a hippie here.Did hane long hair though
  8. Gail Kerr in the sunday paper made a statement about the big sigh of releif across the state after the overturning of the "GUNS IN BARS" law.A ststement that she made that caught my attention was "nothing says family friendly vacation like a sign assuring Mom that no shots would be fired while Junior eats his chicken fingers".So I guess that there are no worries about armed robberies,random violence,and the stray gang banger looking for some real street cred. Humans are a violent life form,there is no way that one can prevent others from becoming violent and engaging in violent acts.All one ca
  9. When first available I purchased one new for 365.00 I still have it and it has been a nice carry piece.I have seen them for sale anywhere from 350.00 to 450.00. 15 round mags are scarce and they usually sell for about 79.00.
  10. Modern Firearms - Handguns - Browning BDM browning bdm
  11. another pennsylvania arrrest and trial for legal open carry MTN Jack ARRESTED for OC near Obama rally site!
  12. one example of open carry leading to arrest and trial in pennsyvania Pa. Patriot ARRESTED at the OC dinner @ The Old Country Buffet in Dickson City 5/9
  13. check this out http://blip.tv/play/AYGJ5h6YgmE


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