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  1. Perhaps the fear is that by driving out muslims that have done nothing to harm their neighbors will give violent elements even more to be angry about. Sort of how like blasting black people with firehoses and siccing dogs on them in the seventies built antiestablishment sympathies.
  2. Honestly, the crew from the second season makes the first season, flaws and all look like geniuses. But look at the group. They picked two straight up type A personalities. The 70 year old black carpenter and the other one that can't admit when he's messed stuff up. I think he's Jim? Then there's an artist, a model and a teacher. Not one person is anyone who might've had survival training, or even likely to visit a forum like this one. Discovery channel chose this group specifically because they would NOT realistically survive. They picked up eight clueless pedestrians with no idea how to ta
  3. That article looks like an editorial. "The groups that have the task force's ear are preservationist and anti-resource-management groups such as Defenders of Wildlife, the World Wildlife Fund, and Greenpeace, groups that don't think humans have a right to catch fish or kill deer in the first place" I'm sorry, but this just sounds like fear mongering. The democratic party is teetering politically over healthcare as it is, and somebody thinks their next move is to ban fishing and hunting nationwide? So their plan is to aggravate the public as greatly as possible and push fishers into the co
  4. Awesome stuff. It's good to see someone mainstream offering disaster tips, other than the Apocalypse-.. I mean History channel, and that crazy hobo down by the liquor store.
  5. Was on the Daily Show last night. He states it much more eloquently than I can. Video: From Here to Neutrality | The Daily Show | Comedy Central To sum up I think his main points are 1) Your provider will realize they can get cash for giving some sites preferential treatment. 2) Your provider therefore gives your representatives cash to get neutrality stopped. 3) Your representatives give you vibrant paranoia, and yet channel it, so that you don't realize as another one of your rights gets used as toilet paper for people richer than you. But maybe I'm just missing the point.
  6. Alright. I bought a century cetme awhile back, and while most of it seems to be in good shape, they messed the sights up pretty bad. The sight frame is canted and despite all my efforts it's obvious I don't have the skills to fix it. Is there anyone in East TN that is knowledgable on this kind of gun?
  7. I would also offer that if you car runs out of gas, tire explodes, or that sort of thing, you might want a cheap jansport backpack rolled up inside your massive supply bag as well. Those things get heavy and you don't really need all that much.
  8. I'm not going to get any more fricken powder in the next four years, am I? I mean, seriously. One of the employees at Mahoneys just said they ordered over a thousand pounds of the stuff because it was selling that fast. It boggles my mind to imagine who the **** actually -has- all this powder in their basement. I'd like to see an 8 pound can or so left over for myself.
  9. From what I've been told, the winchester has a smoother action. The trouble is that it ejects the spent shells into your face, and that it doesn't have space for a top rail mount, if you want any kind of optics. I bought a marlin, and it's instinctive to point it. I shot through a target with remington corelokt bullets from walmart once and cut down a 2.5 inch tree.
  10. Yeah, I meant rifling. One of these days I should go ahead and learn to speak english. I'm not really that technical with my loads, I was just told by an old mountainman gunsmith that crimping everything made it shoot more consistently. Something about building up pressure. My bullets don't even have cannelures on them though.
  11. got a quick question here from a reloading novice. I've heard that if you don't have a crimp die one way to provide that initial resistance the crimp usually does, is to seat the bullet so it's just about to touch the threads. Is this actually worth trying? If so, is there some process you go through to figure out how far forward to seat your bullet? Mine is a .308, if it makes any difference.
  12. 1) .30 bullets are common in many styles if you reload. and you might, if they do ban foreign ammo. 2) big steel mags. 3) you could prop open a crocodile's mouth with it, and you'd probably break the crocodile. 4) you live in Tennessee, and you don't need to hit anything 500 yards away unless you're standing in the middle of I-40. It's a nice little woods gun. short range and it lays things down. I have a kel tec in .223 that I like because it's light and stashable, but if I ran into a bear or something I wouldn't want to peck at him with the kel tec for very long.
  13. They don't want to pass an assault weapons ban cause of anything happening in Mexico. That's just the niceities they put forth to justify doing what they want. All the pro or anti gun laws have ever been about are common people being armed. My 2 cents, they'll try their best to push it through if the stimulus bill doesn't put us back on track economically. Probably before 2009 is out. Can't have large scale riots or a displaced middle class wandering around with weaponry.
  14. To the original topic; I'm sorry I gotta be the dissenting voice here. My first pistol was the bottom rung springfield GI, parkerized. It was new and the barrel wiggled in the slide. I had the four inch barrel, and it wasn't made to have a barrel bushing. I suppose it might've been that the gun was new, or that I needed to fire more rounds out of it, I was a crappy shot, etc., but the thing could barely hit a door at ten paces. Horrible, horrible spread. I love all my guns but I ended up trading that one in. Since I bought it for 400, and with mahoneys selling Springfield XDs for 460, I just c


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