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  1. My CZ 75 SP-01 with a tickling of Cajun Gun Works...
  2. Hitting softballs at 50 yards at my brother in laws house in West Point TN. He caught this pic that was well timed.
  3. Ive carried my LCP 1 for nearly a decade.. Probably put a few thousand rounds through it with no failures in memory. Ive put a few recoil springs in it, not failure related just as upkeep.
  4. I still carry my LCP 1 more than anything else, may end up putting my hands on a Max-9...
  5. All I wear anymore is Lee Extreme Motion jeans, or Duluth. The Lee's run very true to size and can be had for $30 on Amazon Duluth for me run a size bigger in the waist, and a size smaller in length.
  6. WE Knives Gesila ProTech TR-3 Streamlight Macrostream
  7. He was one of my favorites... Dang
  8. It seems to me his opening pitch was about as accurate as his Covid predictions.. Either way, happy to have baseball back.
  9. Pandemic/Riot/Looting panic buying.... Try buying 9mm ammo....
  10. I carry Underwood Ammo's loading of the Lehigh Defense extreme penetrator More specifically the .380 +P version I have had zero issue in my LCP 1, its definitely hot, but with a 13lb recoil spring in it, it is perfectly manageable, Ive put a few hundred down range and had zero hiccups.
  11. Ive carried an Olight daily for over a year, Hard use. theyre GTG as far as Im concerned.
  12. I manage an auto repair shop in Franklin. Im working 60+ hours
  13. Ive carried and shot Underwood Ammo's LeHigh Defense load .380m+P in my LCP for a while now. It is snappy yes, but after a 13# recoil spring replacement Ive found it more than manageable. Out of the super short barrel it still sees 1000ft/sec+ typically https://www.underwoodammo.com/collections/handgun-ammo/products/380-acp-p-90-grain-xtreme-penetrator?variant=18785708113977
  14. My favorite smaller knives, left to right, Delica, Leek, UTX85, Mini Grip, ZT 0450CF
  15. XD-M, CZ75, Glock17, M&P, all fantastic, all reliable. What its all going to boil down too is personal preference. Then practice practice practice. My 1st handgun was a G17, it spent 12 years by my nightstand, it has since been replaced by a CZ75 SP-01... Id trust my life with any of them though.


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