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  1. I have heard that if any oil gets down into the striker channel that will cause light strikes. I don't know how much trouble it would be to remove the striker and make sure it is clean and dry. I know this is discussed in the Sig Sauer forums.
  2. I bought a Sig P365. I have put about 80 rounds through it without any problems. I really like it. The other guns are all great guns and I don't think there was a "bad" gun mentioned. The Sig just had it all, great sights, small size and larger capacity. And it shoots very well. I don't know if it was worth the extra money it cost over the other guns but it is what I wanted. Thanks to all that contributed to this discussion.
  3. I shot a Glock 43, a shield, and a Sig Sauer p365. I liked the Sig the best, mainly because of the sights. They all shot great, I'm sure they are all more accurate than I will ever be. The shield had some sort of spacer on the magazine, it was really irritating. I haven't bought one yet, but it's probably going to be the Sig Sauer. But honestly, they all seem like great guns. Maybe I just need to get one of each, huh?
  4. I'm going out today to try the P365...
  5. IWB or pocket. The thing I like about the .38 is how it fits in pants pockets. Do you dislike the Shield M2 trigger, or the first generation Shield trigger? TGH David, I am once again considering the P365 thanks to the link you posted. 10-Ring I'll have a look at the Kimber. You guys are making the list longer, not shorter. I have to get out and try some of these guns. Thanks for the comments.
  6. I am considering getting a new carry gun. I want a 9MM subcompact. The choices available are almost overwhelming, but what I am focused on is: Smith&Wesson Shield Item Number: 11673 Walther PPS M2 Beretta Nano Ruger lc9s I considered the Sig Sauer P365 but I'm not sure the reliability is there yet on that gun. Currently I carry a Smith&Wesson 442 .38 special snub nose revolver. I like this gun for it's ease of carry but I would like a few more rounds. I own a CZ 75 compact 9MM. I love the way that gun shoots, it is much easier to get on target and be accurate but it is just too heavy to carry on a daily basis. I am slender, so concealment is somewhat difficult at times. That's part of the reason for the subcompact requirement. So, what's the recommendation for a reliable, easy to conceal great shooting subcompact? Any recommendations on stores local to the Nashville-Murfreesboro area? Thank, Terry
  7. I bought a used Bobcat commercial mower with 150 hours on it a couple of years ago. No problems and I love it. It has a Kawasaki engine, my online research led me to believe they are the preferred engine. I paid the price of a new residential mower for it, but in my opinion it is head and shoulders above the new residential mowers I looked at.
  8. Do you think the Tagua 4 in 1 would fit a Smith and Wesson SD40VE? I looked at the dimensions of the Glock 19 and they are very close to the S&W, the S&W being slightly thinner. If you will meet me in Murfreesboro and the holster fits my gun I will buy it. Terry
  9. Someone suggested I pull a bullet and post pictures, so here they are:
  10. Thanks for the reply's. I was afraid they might be slightly overcrimped, the bullets don't have a groove. I will back off the die a little next time. These will be shot in a .357 magnum.
  11. I am new to reloading and wanted to know how this crimp looks to those who know better than myself. These are .38 special, 125 grain Berry's bullets with 5 grains of Unique powder. They were done with a Lee crimp die on a Lyman Crusher press. (Thanks Greg_Mid_TN!)
  12. Have you used the Rock Chucker yet? I have one ordered from Amazon, but it's on back order and won't ship for a while. Would like to hear feedback on how you like yours.  Terry
  13. Just to give everyone an update, I bought (2) 1 pound containers of Unique, 1,000 Remington 1.5 primers and 200 Remington 5.5 primers along with 250 Berrys 125 gr.FP bullets from Outpost Armory. Waiting for the reloading press to arrive...Jim said it was the first Unique he has had in a year and they didn't expect another shipment in for six months.

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