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  1. Well, I just now seen it. Shows how much i care about current events
  2. Just read on Comcast's website that the forensic specialist hired by the family has labeled his death "NOT SUICIDE" Actual cause of death pending further investigation. PLOT THICKENS
  3. Done, send me and address unless you feel like taking a cruise toward Williamson county.
  4. If I start calling you "Paw" will you count me as an heir in your will? Think about it Paw;)
  5. WOW! You've been sitting on this thing for a while! You just don't see boxes like that everyday. I love it! Thank you. Astra's PIF= Carcano ammo (FTF) .300 Weatherby brass (12) .243 Brass (Couple of dozen?)
  6. Ahh the old Single, the most under appreciated gun around. The Redheaded stepchild of firearms. Yet, it's the one most of us cut our teeth on.
  7. Reminds me of that TV show back in the 80's Sledge Hammer, starring David Rasche. Something doesn't work, whip out your pistol and put a few holes in it!
  8. Well just because they are doing it doesn't make it right. Maybe once the Amerikan public can accept torture we can move on to abductions for extortion, prisoner exchange or ransom. We can justify it by saying "Well:shrug: They do it When we lower ourselves to the point of ignoring our own standards in order to further our own ends, we lose our right to claim to have a better way of life. It's all or nothing. If you're going to allow one thing, you may as well allow anything. Which is what's wrong with this country now. We had as close to perfect guide line as can be had; Now it's lost it's true value in translation.
  9. You had a 500 and now you don't. I don't think about you right now. You better have had a kid err something!:shake:
  10. You almost feel guilty for doing it, then you see Brian, your blood pressure goes up a few points and all guilt just vanishes:D
  11. :rofl:Awesome, We all know how hard it is for you, being the BIG Bill Ruger fan that you are:rofl:
  12. Good: I trade mostly with the Reloader's Bench, & Belleshire when I need to order something, Phil is awesome. Those two get thumbs up. I made one trip to the Outpost, and despite one thing I didn't like (and I was apologized to for it, so it's no foul) I found the selection and guy behind the counter pretty nice. I'll be going back there too. I also like to go in Franklin Gun, their selection is top notch. Bad: Franklin Gun is the WORST. Yeah I know I said I like to go in there, because I do. I like to go in, look for what I want, handle it, get an idea if I want it; Then leave and go buy it somewhere else cheaper. I could go the extra cost of Franklin Gun's inventory if the WHOLE place wasn't run by a bunch of "Think they know everything" Snobby Douche Bags. I've never been on as rudely as I have there. Then they on my wife, and her with cash in hand. If the people at Franklin Gun ever go broke and were standing in the soup line, I'd laugh my a22 off, cause they deserve it.
  13. I guess sending them a few packs of Marlboros is politically incorrect???
  14. As far as sending the soldiers a little something, I think it is a nice sentiment. I'm sure they appreciate knowing a stranger actually cares.
  15. Some REALLY don't care. It's difficult for others to bend their head around it. It's not necessarily a love/hate toward what they won't support, it's a genuine feeling of not wanting to be a part of it OR be bothered by it. The fact that they may or may not be affected by it is irrelevant. I'm guilty of a small bit of it myself, and I think there are certain subjects to which we are all that way. Very true. No one in this country is willing to organize and do anything that will actually CHANGE anything. Talk and vote, talk and vote. Nothing ever changes for the better; Time marches on.

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