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  1. @Grayfox54 I appreciate the advice.. I am open to doing anything (if you know anyone who wants to hire a dinosaur like me, I got linkedin/resume) and if I can get any kind of contracting work or anything I would take it.. I'm not picky at all. I would consider delivery job or labor, but my disabilities might screw me up. I don't want to end up in a wheelchair. I am actually going to see about offering my software experience for $15/hr because of how desparate I am. However, I will be pretty broke in a few months and debating how deep into debt I want to go.. Once you become homeless it gets a lot tougher and with a 30% unemployment rate I may be living like grandma and grandpa did (but older or more disabled than they wer) in the 1930s. I am not worried about getting an education right now when I am going to be struggling to make it each day. To be honest, in software, your education goes on forever and certificates don't matter; it's what you know. I've been grinding out Udemy/Pluralsight/Youtube courses. Until I end up without a computer or roof over my head I will keep studying. Even writing software for our family business, mostly to help my family members; not, myself. Just finished a huge email software project (won't make me a penny, but may save the dying business). I am 42, disabled and been working 70+hr weeks for the last 20 years. It's taken its toll on me. I made so many stupid decisions wanting to make a successful business and devoted my soul to the freakin' business I help build even though it is going to leave me poor and destitute. I was actually planning on looking for a new job and was going to spend next year studying new techs and working side jobs , but anybody who thinks our job market is like it was 3 months ago might have to take another look. This is the worst job crisis in this history of our country since the Depression (and maybe will end up worse, in my opinion). I have been doing lots and lots of studying ,but knowing technologies is only half the battle. Planning on crunching on algorithms at this point.. I have enough knowledge to write software, but a lot of companies want experience. I do have experience with desktop software (20 years worth), but these days , many companies want highly experienced web developers. As well, a good chunk of the software work force is being furloughed or laid off and my competition just got a lot stiffer. I also worked for smaller companies and many people want corporate experience and I have not always been orthodox in all tools and methodologies I have used. This was another reason I wanted to get into DevOps and was planning on pursuing a career as a more DevOps type of Developer; but , with how things are going , I may not have the ability to do that. It will require lot of studying and time for me to develop a DevOps portfolio, I may not have. Still planning on learning things like Kubernetes, Docker and been learning basics of Linux administration. Trying to make myself more well-rounded of a developer as I can. I wish I wasn't in this crappy situation in life and its hard when you don't have any family or friends to help you out. Got a family, but they are not the type who will got out of their way to help you. And, to be honest, rather not have to deal with them anyway. Been screwed royally for years by family members and family businesses suck. I was in a family business and got cheated out of the profits of the business because I was a fool. I just want to be a great example to people of what not to do with your life. Please don't end up like me. I should have known a Global Pandemic would hit that would turn this country upside down and being at my most vulnerable time in life I got pretty screwed. Don't mean to be a pessimist, but I am truly worried about my future and not just mine, but that of my fellow Americans who also may be disabled, struggling, have many mouths to feed (that is one advantage I have, no kids) and such cannot continue to live on unemployment and stimulus packages.
  2. @MacGyver.. Thanks for all this advice and it is solid. Ironically, I do have a Linkedin Profile and use to get a lot of recruiters coming after me, although most assumed I was a senior web dev.. I interviewed at Microsoft in Seattle, but got creamed on the whiteboarding , algorithm exams. Another reason I am planning on spending many sleepless nights relearning (and learning new) algorithms/data structures. I need to modify my LinkedIn profile to adjust what I am trying to identify myself as.. I am going to state i am an Back-End/Application Developer. I am just not ready for interviews yet. Ironically, I also have a Github page and have some open source projects on there. I am currently working on two major web projects for my company before I end up leaving it I am hoping will look good on my resume/Linkedin and give me a little more real-life web experience that can hopefully compliment my 20 years of application development background. Oh, another funny thing is I was in the middle of doing my ASP.Net Security Pluralsight course before taking a quick break and making this post I have so many Udemy, PLuralsight and other courses. I have been doing nothing but studying. Unfortunately, I am running out of money and time very fast and will end up living in my car soon. It could take me a year or longer to find a software job in this market and if I am broke I will obviously just have to do whatever to put food in my mouth. Once that happens my future in software will be in question. Also with a bad back it will be hard to do heavy labor jobs and I hear the government isn't getting tapped out on unemployment. I am looking at taking out a big loan and seeing how long I can live on it and destroy my great credit. I just cannot see with massive lay-offs and soaring unemployment how a guy who was already struggling and unprepared for the cutthroat software market is going to make it. I've debated about getting a shack up in the Appalachians and trying to rough it out. I did live in rural Oregon Coast for 6 years and that is where I started my software career with a VSAT connection (eventually upgrading to 700k DSL) in a double wide trailer off the beach. I was very poor when I started my career. So, it's not like I am not use to roughing it. ALthough, I have never had to deal with an economy like this and I am getting older. Right now I am grinding away many courses and building projects.. My apartment complex will try to force me into another year lease with very high rent and I will just have to vacate. Not sure if I will stay in Tennessee, might have to go wherever survival takes me. Don't have any family or friends or anyone , so I am all on my own here. My grandparents survived dirt poor in Great Depression somehow.. Hoping I can do the same.
  3. Thank you @bud.. I appreciate your good wishes. I am not so confident our economy is going to rebound and worry things may get worse. But, I do have a Bearish outlook and been following economists who are more on the bear side of things. What is a reality, is that the software market has laid off a huge chunk of workers in an already competitive market. I have not been on the software market for over 15 years because I was part of a small family business that I helped build and believed in it too religiously. I am lacking important web skills and stacks, even though I have been spending the last year studying as much web and modern stacks as I Can, I am playing catch up. Almost all software jobs in Nashville are web related and want senior or at least 5+ years web experience. It was tough before the Pandemic , but I am reading getting a software job now is a nightmare. I am pretty much accepting I will have to do freelancing and just see if I can get any kind of cruddy job. THe problem is I am partially disabled now from working 70hr + weeks and being stupid. That's the problem with entrepreneurial pursuits and software in general it will ruin your body if you spend too much time doing it. I @MacGyver At this point, I am desperate to do anything. Of course, you cannot go into any software job (because of the culture) and show you are sweating, so I cannot even apply for lower level jobs easier because of my 20 years of experience. They expect I am senior web dev, even though all my experience is with application development. Nashville's software market was very tough even before the Pandemic . I am told you really need connections in this city. Maybe has to do with the whole star/music industry mentality. I don't really know anyone in the state of Tennessee. The whole time I've lived here I was locked up in my apartment working long hours trying to keep our business alive. But, the Pandemic did a good job of shutting it down. Unfortunately, most dental offices are out of business for who knows how long. I was already planning on leaving , but not so soon. I am thinking I may look into going to the Raleigh/Durham area that has the largest tech market in the Southeast and a little cheaper living than Nashville. I may see if I can find a room in someone's house. Going to have to store my guns somewhere and get rid of most of my possessions. With the lack of web skills and 25% unemployment I am thinking it could take years for me to land any type of corporate job now. I am planning on putting up a profile on Upwork and advertising freelancing for $15/hr. Many say I am cutting myself at the knees, but these are tough times and I rather do software for $15/hr than work at Wal-Mart or delivery. I am planning on spending a lot of time studying algorithms, data structures and computer science stuff that may help me get a job at the FAANG type companies that generally use this criteria as their entry point rather than stack experience. Been a long time since i Studied all the mind-bending algorithms and done whiteboarding.
  4. Cannot wait to go to bar and have a drink.. Been drinking much much less since the Pandemic.. And, to be honest, I never felt healthier eating all my food at home, cutting away most durum wheat and pasteurized dairy has made my lungs feel so clean and no allergies. I just go out for a pizza once a week , because I cannot live without pizza. That being said, I just need to sit and have a drink because that is freedom. Also need to ponder the fact I have lost the business I spent 15+ years building and slaving away for 60-70hrs/week. THe Pandemic has pretty much flatlined our already struggling business and now I will be forced to find a new software job after 15 years of being off the market. Sadly, I hear software job market is in bad shape, many lay offs and it can take over a year to find one now with my resume that is not tip-top. Going to see if I can just find any work.. Might be just moving into my car in the next few months if I have to. Tough times...
  5. Dave, I am also deathly afraid of hornets and yellow jackets and pretty much dislike any flying stinging insect. I am from the Pacific Northwest and they have invaded my homeland. This is just another reason I am happy I left that place
  6. I am no fan of the Yankees up North either.. Whereas the South I think has been loosening its gun laws , the Northern states have been making them more restrictive.. Vermont went from Libertarian to Authoritarian, for example. But, some of these laws go way back. I would think some restrictions may have to do with the South being part of the Older America versus being a more Pioneer independent mentality of some Western and Midwestern states. Of course, many of Western states are being plagued with Californiziation (aka Californication). The Northeastern states are pretty similar in banning guns on government property, except for exceptions like New Hampshire. New Hampshire is completely different than any other Northeastern state. I am from the Pacific Northwest and before all the Californians moved up there and changed all our laws to be more like their failed state, it was a very Live and Let LIve mentality. People just wanted the government out of their business and we had very low taxes, loose gun laws and there was still that pioneer mentality. Also, many of people who settled the part of Oregon I came from actually were pioneers from Kentucky, Tennessee and many other Southern states. Southern Oregon, where I am from, has a very strange history.. I also was just clarifying that it is perfectly legal in many Midwestern and Western states to bring your guns to a protest at a State Capital building. Usually people do it for anti-gun legislation type protests. I think it is absurd to go and bring your guns into a Capitol building to protest a non-firearm related issue. Obviously, the media will spin this as it was a bunch of terrorists. If government was going around arresting people at random, shooting dissenters and other heinous acts, then an armed protest would make more sense to me.
  7. In many states (including the Northwest where I am from, or was until recently) it is actually perfectly legal to bring guns into the Assembly rooms and into the Capitol building. I find it strange, but Southern states have pretty strict laws forbidding guns from being on state government property. That is not the case in many other regions.
  8. Ocasio-Cortez was born here.. Unfortunately
  9. Democrat = Communist by modern definition. Comrade Bernie is just the beginning. Just wait until President Omar or Ocasio-Cortez is elected and declares Republican party a Terrorist group and requires immediate gun confiscation under Executive order supported unanimously by the followers. I don't think its likely you will see 2/3rd vote to modify the Constitution. At that point will be close to another civil war anyway. The Bill of Rights and Constitution will not simply be usurped by votes alone. Will this happen next year? No... Next Decade? If these traitorous communists in our government can prolong their political careers and ramp up support from the mindless sheeple, definitely, yes!
  10. So, you are pretty much confident we will have a fairly easy gun confiscation in this country? Maybe.. But, I don't think so. Yes, the military has tanks, jets, drones and artillery. Are they going to blow up their own country to achieve their goals? It is one thing to destroy another country, it is another thing to start killing your own uncles, brothers and destroying your own infrastructure to achieve what ever authoritarian goal. TO be honest, I see a civil war between Communists (aka Democrats) and Patriots (anyone who is not Democrat) before I see our military coming in with tanks , helicopters and artillery to start gunning down their friends and family members in the name of Communism. If you study the Bolshevik Revolution, the people en masse who took arms supported the Revolution against the Tsar. Lenin had a poweful military force and when he established his rule, there was a very strong ideology brainwashed into people from their youth to serve the leader and defend Communist ideologies. We would first have to replace our current military with a different kind of military (maybe foreigners?) before such a bold authoritarian takeover and removal of our country's Constitutional institutions can be achieved. My relatives obeyed the Nazis and complied.. My grandmother's entire village in Belarus was exterminated during the Nazi invasion into that country. Women and children had to dig their own graves and they mass murdered everyone, babies crying on momma's arms. I don't think I would comply. Mostly because of my family history. My life already is kind of rough.. Freedom is kind of the last thing I have to cherish. What is the point of being a slave of autocratic dictators? I bet if my relatives had a second chance they would have not complied. I do think you are wrong in the fact that I don't see our soldiers mass murdering their fellow Americans. At the end of the day, the military makes the decisions.. It is who has the guns and the force to execute the laws. Politicians are just high paid suits unless they got the muscle of weapons to back up their demands.
  11. Possibly.. That is quite a few guns they will have to destroy.. There was a Canadian shooting range not too far from my house than many Americans would go visit for competition shooting. I am from the Pacific Northwest and use to visit British Columbia time to time. Ironically, I always thought Vancouver was a much more conservative minded city than neighboring Seattle, where I also lived. But, who knows... I think there will be a surge of guns sent across the border as well as Canada has a thriving ghost gun industry. Vancouver had much more gun crime than Seattle. WHen I was staying at my friend's house in a pretty ghetto neighborhood called Delta, all the gas stations and many convenience stores had bullet proof glass due to all the armed robberies. Canada's strict gun laws didn't manage to help keep down their crime rates. At the time Seattle had pretty loose gun laws and still had less crime. Even Tacoma had less homicides than Surrey/Delta. Their previous Prime Minister was actually somewhat conservative.. Trudeau also is not the most popular person in Canada, the country is divided. However, I am worried we may have confiscation in this country too, so yes, it is possible for Canada. But, it won't be done without some resistance in Canada. Here it will have to be done with considerable resistance.
  12. Wouldn't bet on easily disarming Albertans and British Columbians. They are culturally much more like Montanans and Eastern Washington, Idaho people than they are like English.. I think this may be repealed.. My 2 cents. Canada also had a surge in firearm sales and ammo just like the USA before the Pandemic. Canadians are culturally more like Americans whereas New Zealanders and Australians are culturally more like English who are used to submitting and obeying government authority without question. I think Canadians , esp in rural Western provinces will stand up and rebel.. Quebec people will probably gleefully submit and obey , as Quebec is the most European province in the country and of course where the tyrannical Trudeau's family hails from. His family is like royalty there. I use to live right on Canadian border and I was surprised how much people in Vancouver , BC on my visits (use to stay at friends house) admired the USA and guns. Canada has some of the highest gun ownership in the world even if it is much less than the USA> Trudeau thinks he will easily pull off a New Zealand gun grab in Canada. I think people underestimate the love Canadians have for their rifles and many Canadians are skilled marksman and it will take some serious efforts to go into those rural provinces and round up all the guns there. I think the "Gun confiscation" will end up being reduced to a "Future ban of sales". But, we will see. The ban is a confiscate at death, but since it is so restrictive, people will still go to their gun ranges, hunt with these guns and basically violate all the laws rendering them null and void, unless Canadian government sends in their police/military to enforce this law. Laws that are unenforced eventually end up not as laws or are eventually enforced through "any means necessary", to quote Virginia Governor Northam on his proposed gun confiscation bill. Of course, the Democrats will use this stunt to try to push something similar here if they get into power. Executive orders will always be the first means to make such an attempt. Remember, we cannot even worship in church or temple in some states right now because it is "NON-ESSENTIAL".
  13. A lot of cops I have talked to say to never get involved and just dial 9-1-1 and let the "police do their job". It is kind of hard to be a hero to an officer in need when so many law enforcement agencies have the policy of telling the civilians to stay out of police matters. Not sure why he turned his back to the suspect, that was a risky move . If the guy was a little quicker (thankfully intoxicated and out of his wits) that knife he was carrying could have went into the officer.. Maybe, as some say he had malfunctioning remote dog door/window. I am no expert here, but also, if there is a K-9 unit and you get in the middle of the fray are these police dogs trained to know who is the perpetrator and who is the Good Samaritan trying to help the officer fend off the bad guy?
  14. Thanks Dave! Sorry, I always get the names wrong, back in Oregon (where I am from) people used to scold me for calling it a permit, because it was an Oregon Concealed Handgun License, since Open Carry is legal without a permit. So, you know , old habits die hard, but there is reasons for the various names of each states license/permit/etc. I actually did my handgun carry permit course last year before they changed the laws and there was only the 8 hour course available. I probably would have done the longer course , anyway, though. I had a pretty good instructor and I always walk away from each course learning something new. I just did an 8 hour North Carolina course the previous year, but ended up leaving North Carolina before I could apply for my NC CCHP. I wasn't in a rush since North Carolina recognized my other three licenses/permits, even being a resident. Currently, I have a Utah CFP, Arizona CWP and even my Idaho CWL hasn't experied yet. Sadly, my Colorado CHP automatically was invalidated when I left Colorado. I like that my Tennessee EHCP is recognized in places like South Carolina and Florida where many permits are not recognized. It is kind of funny that people with a Georgia WCL (a neighboring state) state cannot carry in South Carolina. Reciprocity laws drive me kind of crazy at times.
  15. It's a miracle, but my concealed handgun license arrived in the mail today!! Hurray! Nice to know I am all good to go legally for conceal carry. I even have the licensed that allows me to open carry in Tennessee I never open carry, except when I go hiking in the rural Northwest or Montana. Still nice to know you have such a privilege (yes, I know technically a right). Anyhow, I think I had to wait a total of 30 days since I applied at the DMV... I have to say not a bad wait considering the crisis we are going through. Not sure if you can even apply for a new concealed handgun license now.. But, glad I got mine when I did.. Didn't have to wait 8 hours at the DMV either Is it true that once you have a TN CHL and leaving the state to live somewhere else and move back to Tennessee that they can re-instate the permit you had without having to go through the course , long application wait and such again, as long as you are not past the expiration date? That is what they told me at the DMV, but would like to confirm with someone who is savvy about the laws.

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