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  1. Has anyone here tried Wheeler’s Raid from Nolensville? They are a small outfit but have been producing the canned cocktails for awhile now. I picked up the entire state of Georgia’s initial shipment of whiskey a few weeks ago, and they seem like a very nice bunch of people. They have tastings from time to time with live music, too. Disclaimer: I don’t drink alcohol anymore, so my reason for asking is because I’m curious about their product, and need a ‘stunt liver’ to give it a shot.
  2. Bellevue/west Nashville checking in. Mrs. IHJ woke me up at 0300 when her phone alarm went off, so we headed for the basement. Kingston Springs supposedly had one nearby heading east along 70, but all we got was a lot of wind; no lost power or damage that I’ve seen. I went back to bed around 0345 with the bedroom window open & all I heard were a few rumblings of thunder.
  3. You can’t even joke about these things anymore, since satire is dead & we are living in Bizarro World. It turns out that the piece of #### actually WAS an aspiring rapper. The vehicle he used to run those people down is right behind him in this clip from his 2019 rap video. Good luck finding it on YouTube since the powers-that-be are trying to sanitize his internet presence.
  4. I just started a new job last week or I’d buy it back from you, because my BCM SOCOM loves that round.
  5. That’s much more accurate ammo than the typical M855 we find here, at least out of my rifle.
  6. I sent my SOCOM-16 back to them for extraction issues, despite the gun being 8 years old and I wasn’t the original buyer. They polished the chamber and replaced the extractor in just under a week. I shipped the rifle on a Monday, they had the rifle in their shop Wednesday & shipped it the same day, and I had it back that Friday. They must have test-fired the crap out of it, since the rifle was clean when I sent it, and the rifle was filthy when I got it back. That is customer service.
  7. I wonder if Dale Monroe moved down here with them.
  8. I ordered some specialty rifle ammo a few years ago, and it was delivered by FedEx. I got a text from the seller on the delivery day, asking me how I liked the ammo, but I had not seen it yet. The app was telling him that the package had been delivered, so I went for a walk in the neighborhood. I found my package in the hedges in front of my neighbor’s house, almost as if the driver had thrown my package from a moving truck as he drove by. Almost…
  9. Bellshire Hardware & Guns is the only store a buddy uses for FFL transfers. Edit: Phil is apparently a very good guy to work with there.


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