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  1. Ok, to try and settle this debate I will put my two cents into this discussion. Seeing as how I was at Quantico just a month or so ago, and was talking with the OIC of the Precision Weapons Shop, I feel I have a fairly good handle on this situation. The Marine Corps has always continued to use the 1911. While the standard sidearm became the M9, specialized units like Force Recon and now MARSOC still use custom built 1911's. These 1911's have been built for Marines by Marines at PWS. With a few exceptions, they have continued to use original 1911 frames that were produced during WWII. The problem they have encountered recently, is they are running out of frames. They recently went to Anniston and had to go through several hundred pistols just to come up with a handful of frames that were even suitable for building on. Remember, these pistols are being used by the most elite of Marine forces, and a typical Force Recon Marine will wear out a 1911 doing the six month work up for a MEU. The PWS just can't keep enough rebuilt guns in the system. Hence the desire to find an off the shelf 1911 that will meet the end users needs. Again, this is not to be a standard issue pistol, that is still the M9, actually the M9A1 now. This new pistol is to be used by Force Recon and MARSOC Marines in some of the most hair raising situations that could ever be imagined. They have used the 1911 forever, have found it to be ideal for their uses, and want to continue using a 1911 for the foreseeable future. I hope this clears up some of the confusion, and ends some of the debate about why they didn't adopt this or that modern pistol.
  2. I think I have a total of six full size 1911's including a Springfield Loaded and a couple of SR1911's as well as an S&W 1911 that is my wife's carry gun. I personally find the SR1911 the best of any of them. The ones that I have have better triggers than any of the other guns, and they shoot very well. Considering that I paid the least amount for the SR1911 than either of the "name brand" guns is just a bonus. I didn't do anything to the S&W to make it a great carry gun (again for my wife) but my Springer required a trigger job and a couple of other things. The SR1911 that I shoot regularly has probably 5000 rounds through it now, and has yet to have a malfunction. What more can you ask? Good luck on your search for a 1911.
  3. I've been checked by the game warden several times. I've never had one come into the field during deer or turkey season, but I've had them walk into a dove field on more than one occassion. As a matter of fact, my godson and I were just stopped by a warden yesterday. We were leaving the field we were hunting and walking down a gravel road back to the truck. He asked to see out licenses and guns. Both of our guns had empty chambers but rounds in the magazines (I have seen deer in the adjacent field where I park my truck). He told me he could write me a ticket for hunting from a public road because our guns were "loaded". Then he proceeds to get on my godson for his "choice" of orange. This was my godson's very first deer hunt, and he has yet to get all of his hunting gear, so he was wearing a UT orange sweatshirt and a UT hat. The warden told him to get better orange, because what he was wearing was more yellow than orange. I thought, but did not say to the game warden, "try telling a UT fan that their orange is not orange, but yellow......... This guy was young and I had never seen him before. He must be new, because I know pretty much all of the game wardens in this area. Oh well, at least my godson killed his first deer later that afternoon.
  4. My savage 110 Tactical in 308 is STILL the most accurate rifle I own!!! Savages don't have much monetary value, but they are generally very accurate rifles and will serve for a couple of lifetimes. You didn't mention whether it was a 7mm magnum or 7mm-08, but either way they are both good cartridges. You can take virtually any game in North America with either 7mm. You are well served and should be very happy with your rifle.
  5. Last year i bought my then 11 year old godson a Savage Edge in 243. Great little gun that shoots better than any of us. When I first gave it to him, he was a little "shy" of the recoil, but when we went back out to the range a couple of months ago to get ready for deer season, he was much more comfortable with the recoil. Point of the story, a 243 is a wonderful all around first centerfire round for an up and coming young man.
  6. 25. Garbage-just right of center
  7. You mean they aren't already.........Heck, I heard they were filing for equal status under the civil rights laws.
  8. I come from the school of "download them by a couple". Reason being, the crappy M16 mags that we have been issued for decades have horrible springs, and can take a set in a relatively short time if left fully loaded. As a rule, whenever overseas, I always loaded my mags to 27 rounds as opposed to 30. Now, the PMAGs have much better springs than the "lowest bidder" issue mags, but the habit is formed. My general council to most in your situation, is to err on the side of caution and download by a couple....I mean really, does it really matter if you ONLY have 27 or 28 rounds in your mags as opposed to 30.......... But hey, that's just my
  9. 4" or 6" blued Python NIB, for less than a grand..............one can always dream.
  10. I have one of the factory threaded barrel Ruger 22/45's and have had zero issues with baffel strikes. A couple of other people I know that have them have had similar good luck. Plus you can pick one up for about $350 or so.
  11. I recently bought one. Have yet to shoot it because I have yet to get the five pounds of cosmoline out of it. I was thinking about getting the 32 cylinder so I can reload for it....dunno at this point. As to suppressing it, a guy I know that works for AAC loves his suppressed Nagant. He brags that it's the only "hollywood correct" suppressed revolver.
  12. I am with most of the other posters. You obviously bought the shotgun because you liked the features it had, and probably were pleased with the pric you paid. As an addd bonus, it performed the job you bought it for. Sounds like you have nothing to complain about. Now, as to how an 18 year old shotgun came to be in that gun store and sold to you as new, that is another issue that you need to ponder on. While it is unlikely, it might just be that the shop had it in stock for all of those years, and thereofore, the shotgun is new. More than likely what happened, was a distributor had a quantity of that model shotgun in inventory and they didn't sell well. The distributor then offered a discount on these shotguns, perhaps as a package deal, to your gun shop, hence the gunshop taking possession of a new 18 year old gun. It happens all the time. Perhaps not to that all that often with weapons of that age, but it is a lot more common than you would think.
  13. Contact Ruger. I KNOW they do unit pistols. They are doing a pistol for my wife's unit.
  14. 323ssplt

    .357 Sig ?

    Oh, and as to cheap practice ammo, tennessee cartridge company has been relaoding this round for years. I and my wife have fired literally tens of thousands of these rounds over the years and have been very happy with its performance on the range.
  15. 323ssplt

    .357 Sig ?

    The main thing to remember when you are comparing pistol cartridges, is that every single one of them is relatively "weak" in the stopping power area. I hate it when I see people splitting hairs over whether round x has 50 fps more than round y. Now, with that said, I have been a huge fan of the .357 sig round for years, because it does offer a slight advantage over other rounds in terms of velocity and penatration, but it is WAY more controllable than the 40. The reason you are seeing so many highway patrols going to the sig round, is that it is a much better penetrator on car bodies than the 40. Additionally, the Secret Service and the Air Marshals have both gone to the sig round. No badguy is going to notice the difference between a 9mm, a 357 sig, or a 45, but you as the shooter while notice the difference on your end. just my two cents.
  16. I should have clarified my earlier statement, that I prefer the earlier non accutrigger guns because they did not have the accutrigger. The newer savages don't suck, i just like the older ones better.
  17. I got it based on your previous statement that you would rather have the flat backed receiver versus the newer 2003 production round back receiver. Hence I INFERRED that you preferred the older version. And I still stand by my assertion that the newer savages with the accutrigger will not hold up. Most serious rifle experts will tell you that for a serious working gun, they will not last. For a target gun, they are fine. As to the "budget" versions, sans accutrigger, I agree. I bought my Godson an Edge in 243, and it will shoot sub 1/2 MOA with any respectable ammo. As to Gunsight, and other training facilities, there will always be the couch commando that ends up getting a job "teaching". However, most of these facilities, generally have some idea of what will hold up and what won't based solely on the fact that they see sooooo many guns come through their classes. The training facility that wouldn't let someone use a Bersa, it's probably because they have seen so many problems with them, that they don't want to double or triple the amount of time they have to spend on the range, because they have to clear every other round after a jam.
  18. I'd say put it back on Ebay and describe it PROPERLY! You might not recover you're entire investment, but at least it wouldn't be a total loss. Then, spend the cheese and buy what you want!
  19. I agree with Dolomite. The older savage guns are MUCH better!!! I have a 1997ish production 110 tactical that is STUPID accurate. It will keep WWB under an inch at 100 yards, not to mention the sub 1/2 MOA it will produce with "quality" ammo. New Savages suck. Ask anyone at Gunsight. They will no longer allow anyone with and Accutrigger Savage to attend a rifle class because they don't last more than a few hundred rounds.
  20. For home defense I bought a Police trade in Remington 870 for something like $175. It's not pretty, but it is very functional. I would caution you against the pistol grip only shotguns. When I was an instructor, we used to hold shotgun and home defense classes. One of the most memorable was when a guy brought in a pistol grip shotgun, and fired FIVE rounds and the web of his hand was bleeding. After 20 rounds, I had to scrounge up a stock to put on his shotgun so he could complete the course. There are various techniques that allow you to manuever a stocked shotgun through your house with the same efficiency has a pistol grip gun, but without the negative affects.
  21. Alright, I am a 1911 kinda guy. I have played with them in the USMC, and have carried them personally. Right now I own both a springfield loaded and a Ruger SR1911. My wife owns and carries a Smith 1911. My springer has about 50,000 rounds throough it and is on it's second rebuild. My wife's Smith has about 10,000 rounds through it and is still going great. I don't care for the external extractor, but she doesn't care. It will eat the center out of a B27 target with her behind it. Good enough for me. The SR1911 I have has about 3500 rounds thrugh it with ZERO problems with every type of ammo I can put through it. And at 25 yeards, it will keep a mag full of rounds in the kill zone of a target......Good enough for me!! With your budget limitations, I would steer your towards the Ruger SR1911. You can find one for about $650, when you can find one, and they have everything you need on a carry pistol, except night sights. And as someone else already posted, Pine Tree Castings has been "making" 1911's for years for such renouned companies as Caspian etc.They might know a thing or two about building 1911's.
  22. All of my gunsmithing duties are done by Phil Colley (sp) over at Guns and Ammo on Summer. He does great work and doesn't charge an arm and a leg. He can do everything from basic stuff to building full blown race guns.
  23. 323ssplt

    Heck of a deal!!!

    That's a good deal!
  24. In the past few years, I have have become especially enamored of the snub nosed 38. I like the 442, and carried a 637 for awhile, but now, if I carry a snub its my LCR with Hogue boot grips and the XS front sight. I still find myself carrying my LCP most of the time, but my LCR is always in my truck. Gotta love snub nosed, 5 shot 38's!!!
  25. I've had brass down the back of my neck while wearing military body armor, and just recently, had a piece of 45 brass land between my glasses and my cheek. All have left nice scars. The more you shoot, the more this will eventually happen. As to down the shirt, my wife is rather well endowed, and has had more than her fair share of brass fall down her shirt. I really feel for her, especially when I have to rub burn lotion on the affected area.....


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