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  1. MrsMonkeyMan2500

    The whiskey and spirits thread.

    Woodford was always Monkey's go to, however, lately it is Whistlepig. Which is hilarious because an 80 year old woman recommended it to me. Jefferson's is always kept in the house too. Ocean usually. I looked up at the "collection" while walking through the kitchen the other day and laughed. I think the last time I had anything to drink was when it got hot in April. It was beer... New Heights Brewery in Nashville? I was at Trader Joe's in Knoxville and ran across "Nothing Fancy". It was really cold and it was just when it was getting hot. I downed two pretty quick. I give it 2 cans up. Monkey's job keeps him busy so the liquor in the house isn't being touched. I might throw a party just to get rid of some.
  2. MrsMonkeyMan2500

    Ok!!! Lets talk dogs!

    Try looking at Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy. It gets high ratings and it is AAFCO certified for large breeds. It is what .... don't be shocked here .... Our new Rottweiler is on. He will be on it until he is 2 and then we will work him over to Victor like our other dogs. And yes... This makes #12. LOL
  3. MrsMonkeyMan2500

    Knoxville Gun Show

    My life consists of eBay alerts and him cursing when he misses something. I have no idea when that dang box will reach capacity but given that he is downstairs at the moment with a grinder, I am not getting my hopes up anytime soon. I was on Buds the other day and he reprimanded me for looking! I think he is trying to save the $$ for tools and I am not gonna be down for that. LOL
  4. MrsMonkeyMan2500

    Knoxville Gun Show

    We were actually in the area to buy Monkey a Snap On box for work. We saw the signs and I had tons of cash on me I would have rather spent on the show than a Snap On Box but we didn't get to swing by. I wanted to but someone wouldn't let me.
  5. MrsMonkeyMan2500

    Hello girlz...

    Dave, I think you do an amazing job. How this has changed over the years is incredible. And just looking around for the past few times I have popped it, it seems a lot better. Please do not take offense to anything I stated. But for me, when I joined, it was because I was new to guns. I was hardcore democrat, raised in a union state with no idea what MY personal values was, I just went by what my family did. My husband got me into guns, target shooting and training. I have really grown as a person and a woman because of him. In no way was I trying to complain. I was just pointing out that for me, as a younger member than some, my views are a bit more open to things than they are. I don't identify as a party. And I have my views. But I agee with (and from what I have read, like a lot) BHG123. I think it is hard for men to communicate with women when it comes to certain topics. Which is totally OK. I just learned to not read posts by the titles. LOL I love the exchanges I have with a lot of members. I do have personal favorites who I have actually met and then I have favorites that I haven't. I will say it seems much more laid back now, and that is a nice thing for sure! BHG123, I'd love to talk turkey if you ever want to. I shoot at a local private range with all men. I am always #2 in pistols to a Korean War Vet and #2 in Long guns to my husband, but I hold my own against the boys. What do you shoot? What do you love? Favorite Caliber? Spill the deets!
  6. MrsMonkeyMan2500

    Hello girlz...

    I have stayed away a lot because it got a bit too heavy. It was a bit too political and also a bit too opinionated for me when it came to certain things regarding women. But I have noticed that there is a new section for the Political things which is LOVELY because then I don't have to see it. I am swamped with caring for 10 dogs and 20 chickens and now on seperate shift with Monkey. But I think I will renew my membership soon. I don't want to miss out on any events.
  7. MrsMonkeyMan2500

    Recommend a handgun and a carry holster for a newbie

    Yoga pants do not stop you from carrying if you are determined. I carry IWB Apendix with a kydex and I have an Alien Gear belt that I put over the yoga pants. If you have a gun you love and you always find a way! So my yoga pants hide my G29.
  8. MrsMonkeyMan2500

    The whiskey and spirits thread.

    Well we went to Knoxville today to buy Monkey a Snap On tool box. Met a great guy who was a Ford fanatic like myself. We also stopped at Bob's. I didn't see Mike, but I also didn't ask if he was there. But I did pick up some oldies that we like and then also some new things we have yet to try. The Smooth Ambler Contradiction is good. I can tolerate it, so it would be maybe light for some of you. I bought the Widow Jane for myself, which I will share with Monkey. The Tequila (Patron Silver and Espolon Resposado) is for me and Monkey gets the Bourbon. I bought the Bib and Tucker for him because I haven't seen it before and it looked interesting and then of course a new bottle of good ol Whistle Pig. I will NOT answer how many bottles of wine were also purchased today. But I did get a case discount if that tells you anything. LOL Dudes, I totally have an awesome pic but I haven't posted in a while and can't get it to show.
  9. MrsMonkeyMan2500

    The whiskey and spirits thread.

    You should for sure join us. We always have a good time when we get together.
  10. MrsMonkeyMan2500

    The whiskey and spirits thread.

    Kahr is a really great guy that Monkey and I have gotten to know over the years from a purchase and also hanging out at the range when they did the big event with Law Enforcement Sales. He is also a guy with a big heart in the fact that he helped us with the rescue pups and he donated to help save 8 dogs that we have taken in over the years. So when you add it all together, and the fact that Monkey doesn't drink much anymore because of the new job, it just made sense the bottle go to Kahr. I was lucky and Mike.357 actually got me some really excellent bottles of Bourbon over the course of 2015 and I spent a lot of money at Bud's building Monkey's collection. But I didn't feel right selling a bottle that I got at $73.00. Again, Kahr is a good man, so the bottle goes to my buddy. As for making friends with us, it is fairly easy. We're OK people. LOL I'd like to think. Sadly, I have no more Pappy so if it is for that purpose, don't bother. Although I do enjoy Beer and Sports and BBQ and we have a great place for those 3 things in 1 place. Lastly, Mike.357 is the man. He is kind, sweet and very smart. I enjoyed every moment I got to spend with him. I need to just go up and buy a few cases of wine (I'm classy sometimes) as an excuse to see him. It's been too long since I have been able to see him. But LJ's right, crack that sucker and sip it slow! You deserve it. I vote for 2-4 fingers once a week. That'll last you a bit. LOL No one deserves it more than you. Only request is next time you come up, stay a while and visit! Beers and BBQ! I was so jealous when Monkey got home from visiting with you. He was so excited and happy. He enjoyed the visit.
  11. MrsMonkeyMan2500

    The whiskey and spirits thread.

    I agree with what everyone said. I also have found that when I buy Jefferson, that is a huge hit too. Monkey really liked Jefferson Ocean and that is usually just under $100.00.
  12. MrsMonkeyMan2500

    The whiskey and spirits thread.

    I was visiting Mike (a long while back) in Knoxville and I was buying quite a few bottles. This elderly (to the point I wouldn't think she drank) comes up behind me and points out Whistlepig and says, if you like the brown water, you will love this. I laughed and thanked her. I ended up buying 10 and 12 year. Monkey has loved both to the point that I have restocked them. I still can't do it, I am mostly the beer person of the house. But Wistlepig is a huge hit in this house for him and company we have.
  13. MrsMonkeyMan2500

    Sooo.....I was looking for a dog

    Bersa, I am really sorry for your loss of Kasey. That is really tough when you've been pals for forever and then you lose them. I know I haven't been on at all lately but Monkey said he read about it. I just want you to know that I am really sorry and if you are still looking I have a few fosters that I have picked up that are still fosters because I cannot find a good home (in my opinion) for them. But I know how you pampered Kasey and if you are interested I would be more then happy to send you pictures. They are all fully vetted and neutered/spayed and I will waive my normal adoption fees because I know you would take great care of any companion you get. I have small and large mutts and I have boys and girls. I have semi active to loafs or road buddies who will go anywhere with you. My most recent one is named Harry and he needs a companion for himself. He does good with other dogs but he needs a human of his own and with 10 in the house right now, I know he isn't getting the 1 on 1 time that he needs. He would need a bit of training but that's nothing a patient person and treats couldn't handle. He is skinnier than a bean pole and won't gain weight to save his life. He's 80% legs and 100% snuggler. He curls right up on my lap and sleeps but loves to play ball when you give it to him. Let me know if I can be of any help to you. I will be more then happy to partner you with one of my "fosters", and if mine aren't a good fit, my neighbor across the road also has a wife who does road rescues as well. They have about 20 right now. LOL Feel free to send me a message if you are interested and still looking!
  14. MrsMonkeyMan2500

    A close friend

    Donation made. I normally save it for the fuzzy ones, but you have been kind in the past and donated when we had The Blacklist Pups fund raiser so let's make it even for Karma's sake? This also might mean you need to take my current foster cat. Just kidding, she has a home she will go to after she is spayed. There are a lot of generous men on here. Monkey and I had a talk about that last night. My current fund raiser for my rescue is at an impasse and I said to him, "You know what blows my mind? A bunch of "mean, gun toting, gun loving men" are the ones who helped us save those dogs." I am shocked that the people I consider closest friends are ones who don't donate or share this. If you are a member on Facebook I would post it on there and spread it around as well. I hope your friend gets better soon!
  15. MrsMonkeyMan2500

    Lab puppy needed/wanted

    I would adopt this guy in a heartbeat just because of his size and face. The bad part is I already have 9 plus a foster cat and I am pulling in more fosters as it stands because of the stray epidemic where we live. But Moose might be a bit too hair, but what a stud muffin!

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