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  1. This makes me so sad. I used to watch it every night with my Grandma. It's on Netflix and I watch it with Monkey and scream out the answers. It just won't be the same without the best Canadian ever hosting.
  2. I am selling one Glock 17. NiB-X slide. I have 4 mags for her and a owb blackhawk holster that I am throwing in. She's had less than 100 rounds put through her. I just really prefer 10mm and find no joy in shooting this. I'm located outside of Cookeville and can meet in town. Asking $625 for her. I also have ammo for her if you need it, that will add to costs, but we can discuss what you're looking for and price if interested. Must have TN HCP to show at sale.
  3. I am glad to see you are. So are you in Oak Ridge, or do you just do your shooting/target practice there?
  4. Oh Doug, I am sorry to hear that. BP issues are no joke. My friends husband ended up in the ER recently because it got so high. He is now off work for 3 months because he had 3 seizures while in the ER. Please keep us posted. I'll be saying some prayers for you today.
  5. Well I feel like a jerk now. It has been ages since I have checked in. I peek in from time to time but I never saw this and for that, I am sorry. If you're still around, I'll be more than happy to answer. We live close by you, I'd say about an hour (?) from you just outside of Cookeville depending on who's driving. lol I am fortunate enough to have a neighbor with about 400 acres who let's us shoot down in a field on his property that backs up to our house. I have another neighbor with a more "range like" setup down the street that I do to on occasion when I want to rifle shoot. I am
  6. Good on you Mac for remembering Mike. He had a heart attack in his black Jag while driving home. Left behind an amazing wife and 3 kids. I went to one of the tattoo benefits raising money for his family and got some really amazing ink added by great artists. He was a really good dude.
  7. Doug, I am really sorry to hear this, each one hits differently. We found out that the beginning of covid that our oldest dog, Gibbs has a rare brain tumor. So we're slowly prepared for the changes to come. However, given how many we have, we won't be adding after we say goodbye to Gibbs. Are you only looking at specific rescue? I know if you are willing to drive a bit further, you might be able to expand your availability. ARC has a rescue base in Lebanon and they just brought up over 30+ dogs from Louisiana. I know Nashville Human has taken around 10 from them already. Also, if yo
  8. I'm late to the party. But we stumbled upon his motorcade while we were heading in to town, it was pretty awesome to see. Marine 1 and 2 were here as well as 3 incredible Ospreys. There were Secret Service and probably every LEO in Putnam County. I honestly didn't know we had so many bike officers either. We got to watch him leave for town. Then we found a spot close to CHS where they landed and got to see the motorcade come back and then the 5 aircraft take off. Pretty awesome. They just made everyone get in their vehicles while the motorcade was arriving and during takeoff, but it was a pret
  9. So has anyone got their hands on one to feel it yet? I am listening to a podcast and from the price alone I almost just bought it, but I don't want to get hit over the head with a skillet. I feel like I could sneak it into the safe without being caught. But my LGS doesn't have one for me to go hold and feel. I don't "need" this, but for that price it couldn't be bad.... Or could it?
  10. We live on the plateau and it is INFESTED this year. I actually had to have Monkey pull my very first tick off me. Orkin does yard treatment and that works great. But we also use granules and that makes a BIG difference. All of our dogs, including fosters are on Bravecto and that seems to keep anything from making it into the house. If you go the Bravecto route, get it at Sams Pharmacy. $25 bucks cheaper than the vet!
  11. This whole thread makes me feel way to masculine. My EDC is a G29 and I always carry 3 extra mags. I'm either way too big or way too butch. But in all seriousness, my husband has the small .380 bodyguard that he carries as a secondary backup. (There were issues with creepers at work). That little guy is easy and quite fun to shoot.
  12. I go back and forth on it. Monkey built me a great piece of metal to store it while driving, but I really want the ability to keep it closer. Right now I simply use a kydex holster and do AIWB with my 29 which is my EDC. It's worked for me for a really long time. But I have lost 30 lbs and I am finding that without the extra padding, it is much easier to spot. The smallest glock I have is a 26 and while I love it and it is great on the range, I really prefer carrying anything in 10mm. I think I am going to bite the bullet and just buy it. If worse comes to worse it can sit with all the other o
  13. You can never go wrong with a rescue. My road puppy Kai, is the best guard dog I have ever seen in my life and we have no idea what she is other than a mutt. We found her on the dirt one lane road heading to the dump one day. We also have an 11 month old Rottweiler that I got Monkey for his birthday. 110 lbs and still growing. The loudest farter/snorer but a massive beast no one would want to be on the wrong end of. Little do they know he sleeps on his back and loves belly rubs. Dante is adorable, but if you are in the market again, check out aarf-tn.com, it is the rescue group I work wit
  14. Hey guys, I am just wondering if anyone has seen or purchased these yet. I have been debating on changing from my regular Kydex IWB to something like this. I really think the different options to carry would be good and I have had some great luck with their other products. My only holdup is they don't have it available for a Glock 20. They do offer the 29 though so I am still considering it. If anyone here has one and has feedback, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


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