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  1. Police handling of mentally ill. Bottom line: 9 officers against 1 man with a box cutter. Take away 1 officer for the off duty Mt. Juliet officer because he didn't have his vest nor his duty belt (I'm assuming). So we're down to 6 MNPD and 2 THP against 1 man with a box cutter. Watching the incident video, I truly believed they tried. However, I need to know why no one stopped and said "Hey, we have rubber bullets and tasers, we should try non-lethal force". It blows my mind that was not an option. If you know he is suffering from a mental break, cut the man some slack and try non lethal first. The majority of the officers had 5+ years and I cannot find a reason why it came down to all 9 officers firing their guns. I worked at Home Depot for 6 years and constantly used a box cutter. As an accident prone person, I can honestly say even with a sharp one fully extended, they would have been fine. Nothing super glue can't fix. Trust me, I've done it several times to avoid filing workers comp. MNPD has an issue with their response to calls like this. The decommissioned officer, well he deserves jail time. 2 rifle rounds after the mans body was on the ground? Yeah. Jail.
  2. I'm 100% pro-LEO but with you on that. Having said that I think that Chief Drake is a good man in a very difficult position right now. I think he has some really good officers as well. But there are bad apples every where and that is just something that has to sadly be peeled away. But hopefully Nashville is headed in the right direction. Mostly. They did just find a body yesterday in Crieve Hall where we used to live so I am kinda glad I am in the hills and not the city. The worst part about this case to me, is that even though he was given DNA info from the TBI nothing was done. Like I said before CA II was walking free while having murdered someone. I knew there was something off about him when I met him once. Luckily I was at a large funeral and didn't have to interact with him more than offering my condolences on his fathers passing. I can't imagine leaving someone behind bars and letting a guilty party walk free.
  3. This case is a really interesting one. The man who walked free since committing the crime is the scary part. I have actually met him before. I don't want to get into specifics but he's a dangerous person and the insane thing to be is that while awaiting trail he has been released from prison and is out on bond. Not only that, but he is working as a "care giver" for one of his family members and is receiving pay from TennCare for it. It blows my mind. Oh, and a few years back he had a fiancé die. Id Detective Dunaway arrested CA II, who knows. The fiancé may not have died. I'm of the opinion he should face charges, not just lose his pension.
  4. Honestly, the new Broncos are just too small. Cute in theory but TOO SMALL. If I was dropping $ on a vehicle right now, it would be the Explorer ST. I test drove one at F&L of Cookeville. Took it on I40 and I got up and into the triple digits and it drove amazingly well. Sounded like a damn muscle car too. However, my Expedition has the EcoBoost V6 and even that in the Bronco would be better than current options.
  5. Johnson Nursery! Amazingly awesome place for plants! @hipower If you ever get up this way again, maybe we can go shooting. We've been here 6 years and never been. There's about 1,000 acres behind us and our neighbor lets us go down to his old shrimp pond and shoot there. I know a Korean Vet that shoots at BoR and he's hilarious and super amazing. I wouldn't mind finally visiting.
  6. We left Nashville (Crieve Hall area) and moved to the plateau back at the end of 2014. We moved into our current home at the beginning of 2015. Cookeville is selling pretty high right now. I would recommend looking outside of Cookeville in the smaller "incorporated" areas. We live in an area outside of Cookeville (Jackson County) called Tick. Ridiculous name? Yes. But we live on a ridge between 2 valleys and honestly it's amazing. You have to look, but there are hidden gems for sure. But we're 15 minutes to Cookeville or Livingston. So it's super convenient. Cookeville has TONS of libs (thanks Tech) but there are tons and tons of conservatives. We live close to Bend in the River which is an outdoor range (less than 10 minutes away) but I haven't been there. I know quite a few vets that shoot there and love it. There are quite a few good gun shops up here. When we first moved here I frequented The Gun Shop and Trading Post in Livingston. I haven't been in ages though because Monkey said I spent too much money there. There is a shop called Outdoor Junction with a range also right off of 40, but I won't step foot in there. Bad experience while trying to buy. Quite honestly, I love our house here. We have 4 acres and it is quiet. "Town" is too busy for me, so clearly you know I hate going to Nashville now. BUT the beautiful part about living here is that we're really a middle area between Nashville and Knoxville. I can make it to either city in about 1.5 hours. Personally at this point, I prefer Knoxville for shopping but we still return to Nashville for Dr. Appointments and what not. If you are interested in help looking in this area, DM me and I can send you realtor names if you need one. Good luck!
  7. As cute as the baby Broncos of 1965-1977 were, I don't think they really counted until they made the full size in 1978 (just my opinion). I have a 1979 and she's a family treasure. I have considered selling Matilda several times and just never do. It's insane to me how well she rides for her age. And she can turn on a dime. The Bronco Sport should have been a hard no for Ford. I saw my first one the other day and felt sad. The Badlands should have been the release and they should have brought back a full size Bronco as an option. Also Johnny, you are right too. The Coyote engine would have been smart. We have a F150 with the Coyote engine and a Whipple Supercharger (it's basically a super snake minus the ugly add ons). Monkey doesn't drive like me, but when I am alone in Lucille, I love to whiz past all the "fast cars". They never see it coming and it makes me way too happy. The only disadvantage is, here in Cookeville we have PD, SO and THP so I gotta be a wee bit careful.
  8. I've got a bit of 12 guage. But I don't have a need for 20 guage. If you're up this way anytime soon, let me know. I can give ya a few or more boxes.
  9. I've only shot a Sig once. It was a .45. It was nice, but I guess I am a simple woman with simple taste. Glocks are just what I prefer. Especially for an EDC. And I have gotten now to where I don't carry my 29. I carry my 20. Meanwhile Monkey carries in his boot and elsewhere. It truly boils down to comfort.
  10. Nah, it's kind, but seriously we've got it covered. I am just parting with it because I honestly don't like it. I much prefer my G20. I know it sounds nuts, but it just feels better in my hand and I am way more accurate with it. Could all be just in my head, but 10mm is where it's at for me. The only .45 we have that I like is Monkey's old Springfield Armory 1911. He has a Les Baer, but it's a 4 1/4" and I prefer 5". We're all just weird with our own preferences.
  11. Nah, I make do. I raised $1,100 from word of mouth and selling part of my stamp collection. But thanks for the offer. Use it to buy ammo! That's why I am selling this one. I don't use it and he needs to be neutered. LOL He was in really rough shape when Mr. Monkey found him so the $1,100 went to antibiotics, wound care and a special diet because he was skin and bones. We've had 40 fosters in the last year. I don't mind parting with a gun I don't use to fund the care of the dogs! Thinking of selling my DPMS Gen II SASS also. But she's big, beautiful and black. So Glock first. Glad to hear you are well. Even with bad feet (Monkey) can relate for sure. He found a paid of Twisted X boots that seem to help a lot. So now I have a Monkey in cowboy boots. Which I never thought I would see!
  12. We just got a Redbone Coonhound who was dumped in a cemetery. And a French Bulldog who was going to be put to sleep because she has double hip dysplasia. We're up to 17 dogs and 2 cats now. At this point, I've given up on having a "normal" home. Hope you are doing well!!
  13. Not hiding! Just busy. Lots of dogs needing help up here. I also deleted FB. Still on IG though! Next time we're down your way, I'll reach out. Maybe we can grab a meal together. Depending on the whole COVID mess. Hope you and the Misses are well and doing good!!
  14. Glock 21 SF with Nickle Boron Slide. 6 mags (1 has cosmetic damage from curious coonhound, but still fully functional). Less than 100 rounds through it. I have used it in target practice only and just prefer the G20 over it. Located in Cookeville area. Asking $650.00 for everything. I also have a OWB holster I will throw in if you need one. Please have Tenneessee HCP to present at sale.
  15. I sold my G17 and forgot I had 3 new in packaging Magpul PMAG17's tucked away. $39.00 for all 3. Located in Cookeville. Can mail via USPS Priority Mail if you live too far away to pick up.
  16. This makes me so sad. I used to watch it every night with my Grandma. It's on Netflix and I watch it with Monkey and scream out the answers. It just won't be the same without the best Canadian ever hosting.
  17. I am selling one Glock 17. NiB-X slide. I have 4 mags for her and a owb blackhawk holster that I am throwing in. She's had less than 100 rounds put through her. I just really prefer 10mm and find no joy in shooting this. I'm located outside of Cookeville and can meet in town. Asking $625 for her. I also have ammo for her if you need it, that will add to costs, but we can discuss what you're looking for and price if interested. Must have TN HCP to show at sale.
  18. I am glad to see you are. So are you in Oak Ridge, or do you just do your shooting/target practice there?
  19. Oh Doug, I am sorry to hear that. BP issues are no joke. My friends husband ended up in the ER recently because it got so high. He is now off work for 3 months because he had 3 seizures while in the ER. Please keep us posted. I'll be saying some prayers for you today.
  20. Well I feel like a jerk now. It has been ages since I have checked in. I peek in from time to time but I never saw this and for that, I am sorry. If you're still around, I'll be more than happy to answer. We live close by you, I'd say about an hour (?) from you just outside of Cookeville depending on who's driving. lol I am fortunate enough to have a neighbor with about 400 acres who let's us shoot down in a field on his property that backs up to our house. I have another neighbor with a more "range like" setup down the street that I do to on occasion when I want to rifle shoot. I am a lot like you, I love my guns and shooting time. I need to get into the habit of doing it weekly again. I have been behind a lot due to the rescue/foster work I do and other hobbies. I prefer 10mm and most of MY guns are Glocks with the exception of Black Betty, my 1911. I have several Glocks but I am thinking about selling my 17 and 21sf because I just really prefer and feel most comfortable with my 20 & 29. They are my "always with me" guns. As for disclosing the purchase of new guns, he pretty much catches me every time. LOL I haven't purchased anything in quite a while since I have pretty much everything I need. However, if I do sell my 17 & 21sf, then I will be buying an additional 20 for myself. LOL because, why not? That one I won't have to sneak in because I just grabbed a really nice knife for him from Willis. I'm going to renew my membership. Hopefully you are still around!
  21. Good on you Mac for remembering Mike. He had a heart attack in his black Jag while driving home. Left behind an amazing wife and 3 kids. I went to one of the tattoo benefits raising money for his family and got some really amazing ink added by great artists. He was a really good dude.
  22. Doug, I am really sorry to hear this, each one hits differently. We found out that the beginning of covid that our oldest dog, Gibbs has a rare brain tumor. So we're slowly prepared for the changes to come. However, given how many we have, we won't be adding after we say goodbye to Gibbs. Are you only looking at specific rescue? I know if you are willing to drive a bit further, you might be able to expand your availability. ARC has a rescue base in Lebanon and they just brought up over 30+ dogs from Louisiana. I know Nashville Human has taken around 10 from them already. Also, if you're willing to drive a bit further, Smith County, White County, Warren County and Crossville all have shelters that are usually pretty full and the adoption fee includes all necessary vetting (vaccines and spay/neuter if needed). I'll be happy to help you look if you need it. Also, I know you said 2-6 years old, but have you thought about senior dogs at all? I have fostered some pretty amazing ones. You'd be surprised to at the energy they ooze once they are happy and safe in a loving home. Just a little food for thought. Let me know if I can be of help.
  23. I'm late to the party. But we stumbled upon his motorcade while we were heading in to town, it was pretty awesome to see. Marine 1 and 2 were here as well as 3 incredible Ospreys. There were Secret Service and probably every LEO in Putnam County. I honestly didn't know we had so many bike officers either. We got to watch him leave for town. Then we found a spot close to CHS where they landed and got to see the motorcade come back and then the 5 aircraft take off. Pretty awesome. They just made everyone get in their vehicles while the motorcade was arriving and during takeoff, but it was a pretty awesome sight.


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