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  1. WFM

    Remington tac-14

    In my prior post I was actually referring to the Remington V3 auto, not the Tac-14. The Tac -14 is very similar to the Shockwave. Watch the 3" shells.
  2. WFM

    Remington tac-14

    I have a Mossburg Shockwave in 12 ga. and it is very manageable with 2 3/4" shells. It is not fun at all with 3" shells. Like Garufa posted, the Remington Tac 14 is V3 auto version, different ports are opened or closed depending on the length of shells you choose making it much more manageable with 3" shells. I would love to own one.
  3. WFM

    ad closed Kahrs for sale *SOLD*

    Four bad Kahrs? My only experience with Kahr is a CM-9 that I purchased about 7 years ago. It has been perfect right out of the box, I know they recommend a 200 round break-in to be considered reliable, but not a single issue from the first shot. That was about 1500 rounds ago.
  4. I have been hearing and seeing them here in Columbia.
  5. I would send it in, I have had a couple of experiences with Kimber's service department and they have gone beyond my expectations.
  6. WFM

    Single stack or subcompact?

    I carry a Kimber Micro 9 with an extended 8 round mag, plenty of grip length for my big hands and just over 15 ozs. easy to conceal. It has been completely reliable.
  7. WFM

    Hello from Lebanon TN

    Welcome from Columbia.
  8. WFM

    Prayer request for my Daughter

    Praying for a complete recovery for your daughter.
  9. WFM

    Chattanooga Barber

    Welcome to TGO.
  10. WFM

    G96 Synthetic CLP

    Seems like new cleaning and lube products for guns come out each week, and I am sure they are good products. Having said that, after almost 60 years of cleaning my own guns, I have never used a gun cleaning and or lube for guns that did not work, old or new product. Maybe some a little better than others, but they generally all work. I just stick with what has worked for many years.
  11. That's odd. I've read many poor reviews in American Rifleman through the many years I've been receiving it.
  12. I read American Riflemans review on the Spectrum and they didn't give it a great review. Hopefully your experience will be better.
  13. WFM

    Kimber EVO

    Of course the Micro 9 is hammer fired, not striker fired like the Solo or EVO. Having said that I have been carrying a Micro 9 for two years and it has been perfect, it is accurate and very easy to conceal. At just over 15 ozs. not bad for a 9mm.
  14. WFM

    Kimber EVO

    I would have to wait a while before buying a Kimber Evo. The only other striker fired they have ever made is the Solo. It did not turn out well and was discontinued in 2017 because of all the problems with it. They make a great 1911 but the jury is still out about how this new striker fired pistol will perform. By the way, it is a great looking pistol.
  15. WFM

    New guy from Dickson country

    Welcome from Columbia, Tn.

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