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  1. It doesn't have to be bad at home for a 15 yr old girl to make a stupid decision!! My 15 yr old niece ran off with her 19yr old boyfriend for over a week before coming home, and she had a good home life and 2 parents who love and take care of her.
  2. no ideal, all I know is they are 6 round and S&W, bought them years ago, sold the gun not long after and just happen to find them in the bottom of my gun cabinet and have no use for them anymore.
  3. I have two 6 round safariland speed loaders for a S&W .38/.357 if anyone has need of them.
  4. Anyone going to the O&W game tomorrow? thinking about going myself if the weather isn't to bad.
  5. Did you see the interview with the guy who found them? He did good but I swear I was looking for a Tornado and a trailer park lol
  6. Well on a related topic, I figured out that the M&P fits nicley into my IWB holster for my G30 --- who woulda thunk it?
  7. Glock 30sf, small hands so full size doesn't fit right. This was my first Glock, bought it from another member here, and has been my favorite weapon ever since.
  8. sorry hadn't been on in a while
  9. I am a tried and true Glock convert, with that said I found a great deal on a M&P .45 compact, so I bought it, took it to the range, and I hate this pistol!! Well not really the gun itself. It's the trigger, this thing has so much play in the pull and no feel on the reset. IDK if it's just that I am so use to my G30 or what? Anyone else have this problem? I've never had a trigger job done on one of my guns but seriously thinking about it on this one, and recommendations would be appreciated.
  10. no debate .45 & Glock nuf said
  11. NOPE!!! I have 3 grown daughters with semi competent husbands, and I still do 99% of the work on their cars, I know if I do it, it is done right, and they and my grands are safe.
  12. Maybe the blood flow it promotes is from the bad guy? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA It has to be the manufactures fault, everyone knows Wal-mart only hires the most intelligent people for their management team!!!!!
  13. Love dogs, hate cats, cats are good for 2 things, catching rats, and target practice. with that said I would not let any animal suffer needlessly that just takes a cruel hearted SOB.
  14. Yeah she's been running 2 miles a day and hitting the weights at the gym 3 days a week, she is in the best shape of her life right now and at 22 and always being an athlete (basketball, softball, and soccer)  in high school, that's saying a lot
  15. no problem I can see

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