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  1. Wow dont see how they stay in business like that
  2. Dixie Pawn in Newport. I never give what they are asking at a pawn shop I look at the price then usually offer around 75% of that, they take it way more often than not lol,
  3. I've been hitting up the pawn shops lately, yesterday I picked up a S&W bodyguard with laser site for $150, and a G43 with 3 mags and Don Hume IWB leather holster for $275. I'm loving it right now.
  4. john455

    My Mother

    Hello guys. I haven't been around a lot lately due to taking care of my mother, after a long battle with Alzheimer's/ Dementia she was called home last Monday. I kept my promise to her, with a ton of help from my wonderful wife, although tough to do at times and never put her in a assisted living home. She passed with me by her side quietly after suffering a stroke a couple weeks ago. I am relieved that her suffering and confusion are finally over. This disease that took my mother away years before she passed is an awful thing for anyone to have to go thru, and if anyone of you are caring for a loved one with this disease just know you are not alone out there. If you need to talk to someone who will understand what you are going thru and have no judgement at all, or if you just need to vent please dont hesitate to contact me.
  5. Well according to the news lastnight, it's not a Chicago problem, the problem is the surrounding states that make it easy for illegal evil guns to make there way into the city!!!! TOTAL LIBERAL BS
  6. Thanks for the info, renewed and upgraded to life time so I don't have to mess with it anymore. I'm 47 so not sure if it will come out cheaper for the lifetime but pulled the trigger on it anyway lol
  7. Its prob on here somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. I've searched online and on here. Can anyone tell me the website address to renew my HCP online please
  8. Some of you on here know my situation with my Mother, but for those who don't. My mother has lived with me for 4 years now, she is 76 and has dementia, at first she was fairly self sufficient, but as she gets worse it puts more and more of a burden on my wife and I. She is now at the point where she can't be left alone at home at all, without fear of her hurting herself or burning the house down. I bought my first gun safe after waking up and walking into the living room in the middle of the night to find her pointing my luckily unloaded .357 magnum at me and pulling the trigger because she didn't know who I was. I have a brother and sister who never come and see her or offer any type of help,When I use to ask they would say they didn't want to ruin their memories of her. With that said I want to ask if anyone on here knows of a website or program that I could contact in East TN (Newport area) that helps caregivers by sitting with the dementia patient for a couple of hours, so my wife and I could just get a small break once a week or something? I have googled it and looked on the internet but all that did was confuse the crap out of me, I have asked her Dr and she set up a home nurse to come out but they just work on memory stuff and I have to stay with her the whole time. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  9. I use to stop and buy one El Duque Cognac each payday, I would smoke it while drinking a Jack and Coke. Haven't had one in years now, just wasn't the same after I quit drinking,
  10. Don't ask DON'T TELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Hopefully that level of STUPID ended with the last administration
  12. Reminded me of talking to my very liberal 1/2 sister in IL!!
  13. Well the season is fubar already so why not let him go until the end and reduce the buyout as much as possible, then s$%^can him after the Vandy game, I don't see us going to a bowl this year after loosing to KY
  14. I see your point, but I view the .45 as protection and the 9mm as an accessory, like a nice belt or watch
  15. I have to give it to JG, he is young and made some bonehead mistakes, but he played his heart out. Took a bunch of hard shots and kept on going. I wasn't a fan of his at first but he is winning me over.
  16. Nancy carries an LC9, she isn't antigun just isn't into them like I am lol. She has had her HCP for years but just recently started carrying full time again after a ex employee of hers kept giving her really hostile vibes. He was a Muslim man from Sudan who resented having to take orders from a woman, it caused more than one tense moment for her, I started taking her to work and picking her until he caused enough problems for her to be able to fire him.
  17. I doubt my wife will ever give up lol
  18. john455

    .357 sig

    Ok, honest question here, I am intrigued by the .357 sig but I have never shot one. I use to own a .357 mag but ended up selling it because the arthritis in my hands made it to painful to shoot anymore. Now I mostly shoot a .45, G30 and M&P. I guess my question is, would the .357 sig be viable for me, when the .357 mag was not?
  19. So, tomorrow is my birthday, and the wife and I were talking last night, and she says: I was going to get you a gun for your birthday, but you just bought one so now I don't know what to get you!! So, I say you can still get me another gun....................... She says: But don't you have enough guns now? (such a loaded question) LOL So, I explain it to her in terms I think she can understand: You have 8-9 purses, if you run across another nice purse, do you buy it because you NEED it or because you LIKE it (she is a total purse collector) She just looks at me with that WTH blank stare on her face, so I tell her to just get me whatever she likes lol This got me to thinking about a few of the other crazy things she asks. me here are just a few 1: Why do you need more than one box of bullets for your gun? 2: You are a good shot, so why do you need to go to the range so often? 3: Why do you need a holster for EVERY gun you own? 4: Why do you need to clean my gun if I haven't shot it lately? 5: Why do you need so many gun cleaning supplies 6: Why do you need a .45 and a .9mm
  20. I thought the same way until the first time I took my G30c to the range, it fit my hand perfectly (short fat finger) and ran everything I put threw it, the trigger was smoother than anything I had shot before, and I was hooked. I still own and like my S&W, Canik, Ruger and now Beretta, but for my personal and family's protection I trust fully in my Glock.
  21. So it's not Butch's fault the Offence can't score, it's because they are all stoned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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