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  1. LMAO Yeah the guy that finds his way through the waterways in the everglades couldn't use dirt roads. HA!
  2. Actually, you quoted it before making the comment. Read the second sentence in that top reply. It says the exact same thing you did in your reply. You just want to argue.
  3. Not a threat. He would still have it presented to him. I'm being careful not to make any threats except in my first post today where I quoted Spots.
  4. Ok, "Spru" wont be there.
  5. Wouldn't matter how I was greeted. You would still have it stuffed in your face even if I did have to leave.
  6. Is that not what I just said or were you so eager to argue with the new guy you didn't read the second sentence?
  7. But you wouldn't take Spot's quote of smashing someone's skull for offending him as one?   What about crossing that property line? Until you trespass me if there is an open invitation to members you cant do shit. FYI I use vehicle cameras that upload live. So your threats are falling on deaf ears.
  8. Hey if it is open to members all I have to do is be a member. If you make it private and only invite a few then that is up to you. I'm also sure you aren't the only one that holds events. Hey I can link a definition too! http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/generation
  9. Absolutely not. Where is a threat at? I just said that I was going to do what I am legally allowed and constitutionally protected in doing.
  10. So I thought about the best way to go about this. I figured I'd just take a note from Spots book and even use a direct quote. I take offense to people who take sides based on personal relationships rather than the black and white rules laid out before them. I also take offense to terroristic threats. With that said "So yeah, I'm probably gonna get a little emotional and bust somebodies [sic] skull". Exact same wording but watch the ban hammer come in now since I'm not the established member making the EXACT same statement. Also since this will probably be my last post anyway: I worked for LegoLand Orlando in the gift store. We mostly made small models like the fire department set but usually had 1-2 large ones as well like the Millennium Falcon. And of course making fun of my career is not trolling as they are established members. For those trying to say that I am making up the definition of a generation: "all of the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively" so if we want to really get technical a generation is 72 years, the average life span in the US. However none of us use "living at about the same time" literally. I use the first bit more, "born...at about the same time". So if you want to argue a definition at least know that it isn't a hard and fast definition. Lastly, I still regard Spots as the definition of a terrorist, well let me rephrase that for you since that is apparently name calling. I still regard Spot's comment as a terroristic threat in that he is using fear, intimidation and ultimately violence because he doesn't think someone should be allowed to do something that offends him...just like at Charlie Hebdo and the Texas Draw Mohammed event. He wants to assault someone because his feelings were hurt. As for me? Damn straight I'll pull a gun if someone wants to fist fight me. Ever heard of a brain hemorrhage? Not going to take that chance so call me a p***y and say the country has been pussified or the "pussification" of the country or whatever. I'm not an idiot like you would be if you are willing to be hit in the head over something as trivial as someone expressing themselves. Anyway, can't wait for one of these "meet ups". I'll watch the forums from work if I have to. I'll be the one that pulls up with a flag burning from diesel smoke stack, not as an anti-US sentiment but a pro-free speech and anti-Spots sentiment. Hope to see you there man!
  11. Yes you are, you said it not me. Yes I did and I stand by it. You are the literal definition of one. And no, how often a generation comes and goes is subjective. Considering most people don't "hang out" with people more than a few years either side of them, to me a generation is about 3-5 years.
  12. Apparently someone doesn't understand that generations come and go every couple of years. Again, not considered trolling because this is an established member right?
  13. Just so there is a cache of your hypocrisy for future generations. :)
  14. What I take away from this is that the rules are only there for new members and not the established members. Even when followed they will be twisted to silence anyone who dares to call out the established members for their own breaking of the rules. Yeah, you guys sound like a great community to belong to! /sarcasm

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