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  1. Ive had 3. The colt diehards are not happy with the finish. Its a CCDW gun not a show piece. Very smooth trigger in both da/sa. Accuracy is more than acceptable for a snub 38
  2. My guess is that Savage was betting on a Hillary win. It is amazing how much wholesale inventory changed after the election. Allocated rifles are now being begged to be taken. I expect rebates this year from the manufacturers
  3. you underestimate the colt collectors paying stupid $$ for all of the other colt DA revolvers lol
  4. Im betting the street price is double MSRP. Just a hunch
  5. As an 07/02, I think this has a high probability to pass, but it will be a while. Nothing in .gov is fast, and there are bigger fish to fry. It could get tagged onto something else though.
  6. 22 is plentiful in Kentucky. While not back to Dec 12 numbers, its pretty easy to walk in a see a wide variety
  7. From what I was told they fixed the truck and did it again successfully. I had a Raptor at the time and thats what brought up the whole conversation.
  8. That was a guy out in his Dad's Raptor IIRC A guy local to me knows the driver.
  9. I didn't really see anything new ITAR wise. I think this is a result of everyone and their brother writing the DOS DDTC regarding ITAR clarification similar to everyone writing the ATF/NFA over the sig brace. They got tired of getting bombarded with letters and put out a public letter.
  10. I think they have 9 left, Gentry's General Store in Harned, KY, Comes with all the goodies the AIM ones did.   http://www.gentrysonline.com/products/yugo-vastava-sks-rifles-un-issued-7-62x39-with-all-the-goodies   Just passing along info     ***EDIT*** Looks like online price is $412
  11. about 5 rounds with a S&W 460 XVR will cure most recoil and concussive sensitivity from a handgun


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