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  1. *Must be used with the triangular A2 front sight assembly with round retaining cap; other gas blocks are not compatible. Factory sling swivel is not compatible and, if equipped, must be removed from the A2 front sight assembly. Doesn't souls like this is an option for my build. No sight assembly. Different gas block.
  2. Thanks everyone. I'm always amazed at the great group of people here and the willingness to help even the most inexperienced novice.
  3. Absolutely new to the AR platform. I'm much more accustomed to a bolt action or single shot. I'm mainly going tongues this for some light hunting and target shooting. Adding a sling and maybe a bipod. The rail system seems the most flexible way to do this.
  4. BigK I think you nailed it. For a longer rail will I need a longer has tube with the free float rail?
  5. Will the rails fit over the gas block?
  6. I changed it because I didn't want to see the sight post in the scope reticle. I thought the post would also interfere with the bdc. I trying to decide between a mid length or full length rail. Leaning toward mid length. I hadn't thought about the weight of a qrail so maybe something else. Free float.
  7. Ill work on posting a pic. I mounted a scope this weekend that's why the front sight is gone and a low profile gas block is in its place. Pics to come soon.
  8. It's the standard/non free float hand guard that comes with almost every ar. It's been awhile since Inhve posted here and can't remember how to post pics.
  9. I currently hate the standard hand guard with a low profile gas block. Can someone tell me what I will have to do/buy to install a mid length quad rail. Also looking for recommendations of where to find a qrail at a good price. Thanks!
  10. Fadex

    AR Build Question

    Sorry. Wrong area.
  11. I currently hate the standard hand guard with a low profile gas block. Can someone tell me what I will have to do/buy to install a mid length quad rail. Also looking for recommendations of where to find a qrail at a good price. Thanks!
  12. Fadex

    EAA Bountyhunter?

    The Rugers are definitely well made...but also over $200.00 more.
  13. Fadex

    EAA Bountyhunter?

    Thanks everyone. Now I just need to find a place with them in stock! Lol.
  14. Great show...sure beats watching OCC reruns!
  15. Fadex

    EAA Bountyhunter?

    Anyone have experience with these?
  16. Fadex

    EAA Bountyhunter?

    Thanks Richard. I've read the review before but am still weary. EAA doesn't have a great reputation for quality and I have read mixed reviews online.
  17. I recently found out about a cowboy action club and range close to where I live. Since everything I own is modern I have been looking for a set of revolvers to start off with. Does anyone have experience with the SAA Bountyhunter in .357?
  18. My grandfather brought something really similar back from WWII. On another note....did they use the background music from "Stripes"?
  19. He's going to have to fill or regrade the ruts out first or it will continue to erode. All of that water is concentrating in those areas. After that maybe (big maybe this late in the year) try hydroseeding and add an polymer to get the seed to "stick" and hold. Then follow up with something like crown vetch.
  20. I bought mine for $35.00 including the hose bib, overflow adapter, and mosquito netting from Cumberland River Compact Cumberland River Compact. They even had the holes pre-drilled. But I'll warn ya that 55 gallons doesn't go as far as you might think.
  21. Thanks guys. I'm always hesitant to muscle parts on my firearms but sometimes it's the only option. After some CLP and sitting overnight I was finally able to get it to budge using a pair of channel locks. OS - That's the exact one that I have. Which light are you using?


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