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  1. lol and I'm sure the next one will be awesome and I'll stick my foot in my mouth.
  2. I'm sorry, it was not my intention to offend anyone or to be mean spirited. But it wasn't an enormous show (like I heard from word of mouth) for the first one at least and I'm sure it will be bigger in the future. I guess I was just a little disappointed from all the hype of waiting and saving up for it to happen for literally weeks. I guess that's partially my fault for looking forward to it so much. I was mainly looking for firearms. I do see a lot of potential for future shows imo. Especially when Smyrna isn't having one anymore. Sorry again if I offended anyone.
  3. I found out I like 100% ripstop cotton. I found a pair of my husbands BDU camouflage but they are baggy at the waist on the smallest buckle but the crotch actually isn't that bad in these but I don't know if all standard military issued pants are the same. I regularly wear a 27 inseam with shoes but these are 29.5-32.5 inseam but I can make them stay with the tie, so I am guessing that's regular length? I think short starts at 26.5 so I will look for that and a smaller waist and maybe they won't sag so much. THANKS!
  4. Great, thanks everyone for your help. I went to Greene Military today. (I have never been before they have a very good variety of holsters, it's a nice store) I tried on the womens 5.11 and found what size I needed and they are super comfy but they only had the 100% cotton which is ok cause I found them cheaper online. I wanna find shorts too but the womens are probably really short. Anyways they are just what I was looking for,thanks again!
  5. Those look nice, is that what standard military slacks are made from? I'm afraid of high cotton pants. I got a pair of women's lowriders dickies (like the mens) and when I got them I noticed they were reverse percentage of cotton than mens dickies were(the womens were higher in cotton and the mens were lower in cotton), and they didn't last long at all. Thanks!
  6. They might be, but I don't want to look like a butch. And being that I have curves like most women and my butt is bigger than my waist, mens pants typically cling to our butt and are too baggy at waist/crotch. So they have to opt for a bigger size in mens to fit over hips, thus causing the sagging crotch butch effect. Most high rise for women have a cinched waist or low rise for women sets right at hips so I don't have the gaping waist sagging crotch problem. I have seen park ranger women with pants fitting their body, so I know they are out there somewhere. Finding womens clothes is f
  7. Green,black or brown. I figure some of you might have some good brands? maybe? I am looking for heavy duty military type cargo pants that are for WOMEN. or even ones with no pockets like israeli scout pants. (I don't want a sagging crotch so low-rise or high-rise works) I also have a hourglass shape so they can't be restrictive like mens pants. Thank you so much for your help!
  8. Great Thanks, Yeah I have seen white ones at the Smyrna GunShow for 25$ Do you think I could jog with it on? Do you have to wear an undershirt most of the time?
  9. 1.This site is dominated by men who can not give personal experience as a female gun owner. 2.Answers to questions on firearms since you don't get as many responses in here. TGO David is correct,but it leads back to the problem cycle-posting in the other forums.
  10. Yeah, I saw that on the news. Words can't express how sorry I am. Welcome and thanks for spreading your story and the bill.
  11. That's because it is dominated by men and if you wanna get a good answer you have to post in the other forums, except for the occasional men lurking in the women's forum. and all the women are on womenandguns.com But it would be nice to find local people!
  12. does anyone have any good or bad experience with these? do any of them come with a thumb break(I am not sure if the kangaroo small does), or do they hold the gun tight ? I have a J frame. I would be afraid the elastic would stretch out eventually in the holster part. Thanks!
  13. My father-in-law is a mason, and a Christian- evidence of true conversion is a new creature born again. Not someone who is vulgar and all kinds of awful. You are to be different from the world. If you love the world, you will lose your(hell=death) life. If you hate the world, you will keep your (eternal) life. God does not want your crumbs, he wants all of you. You can not serve two masters. And if you are not for God, you are for Satan. And you might not even know it but Satan does. 24"No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other,


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