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  1. that's cool.   Hey, how did you embed the video?  I didn't see the option
  2. nah, cmon. You're over thinking it. You could just get stranded in the woods for a short time and find trash to use to get through.   Besides, deciding to welcome death might be a bit easier with some 2-liter cordage to hang yourself on  :cool:
  3. Cool concept.  What say you?   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGP5AfknhIs
  4.   Surely you haven't forgotten about ancient Rome. The people were yelling to the officials to sell them the corpses from the arena as meat.
  5. Post some pictures!  I'd love to see those
  6. Food. We had a bunch saved up in the basement. Then my wife and I both unexpectedly lost our jobs and, well I am so thankful we had the food then. We just no longer do.    Money is coming back slowly, so time to slowly start filling the pantry back up.     Our water storage is pretty sad too. Only about 100 Gallons at best.       We have guns and ammo for days though!
  7. So I see a lot of posts on best shtf fiction books, but what about movies?  What's your favorite shtf movie, OR which movie do you find the most realistic?     Personally, my favorite is Road Warrior   But one of the most realistic would be The Road
  8. I don't know if anyone is still monitoring this list, but a few of my favorites are   Blogs The Prepared Ninja: http://www.thepreparedninja.com/ Prepper Website: http://www.prepperwebsite.com/   Stores Black River Outpost: http://www.blackriveroutpost.com The Ready Store: http://www.thereadystore.com/
  9. Much like the word 'cracker', I don't find anything offensive about ammosexual.    But, if they are going to discriminate us for being ammosexuals, then we should point out how small-minded they are for being ammophobics. Ammophobia is a disease spread by ignorance.  We're here, with gear.  Get use to it!
  10. I don't typically Amazon so I can't compare, but an awesome USA made brand is Atwood: http://www.blackriveroutpost.com/Atwood-Paracord_c_119.html   The colors are always bright and don't fade.  It's never snapped on me either.  Good stuff
  11.   That's actually a good question.  Mentally preparing for a possible EMP has led me to accept the loss of standard electronics, but I hadn't given thought to personal defense electronics.   It seems though, only circuit boards and sensitive electronics would be in danger of an EMP.  Not basic battery powered electrical devices, yea?   (someone offer me some comfort here)
  12. Very cool.  Definitely like the double monkey fist (I refuse to refer to them as monkey nuts while showing interest in them ;) ).   A 'how-to' would be greatly appreciated


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