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  1. Just a bump to see if anyone has one of the takedown models they'd be interested in selling. The non-takedown seems to be available, but I specifically want the takedown version. I've got a few local shops that I'm watching, but nothing so far. Fortunately, I'm not in any real hurry. Rusty
  2. Fair enough. Reasonably priced Glocks have become pretty rare these days anyway. After I replied to this, I happened to noticed that lots of manufacturers have started to produce G3 slides since the last time I looked. I ended up ordering one, so I'm all set. Good luck with your search.
  3. If you happen to find a complete Gen 3 G19 at a reasonable price, I'd probably split it with you. I would like to have the complete slide. It would have to be Gen 3 though. Good luck, Rusty
  4. Still looking. I realized that I've had in-stock notifications for this turned on in Bud's site since August, so either they haven't received one, or their notifications don't work. It seems the standard (not takedown) version is reasonably available on GB, and other sites, but not the 4924 takedown version. I've even seen some of the "lite" versions, but either overpriced, or with goofy colors on the barrel shroud.
  5. They're different for sure, and I actually figured people would have purchased them and found no use for it, so maybe I'd find one second hand. I might have been wrong about that. I've seen some on Gunbroker, even at fixed $499 price for the takedown version. That of course still leaves shipping and FFL on top of just finding one locally, unless the seller happens to be in the eastern half of TN. I did talk to a local shop that I've had good luck with, and they said they aren't seeing many Ruger handguns, and haven't seen one of these in quite a while. I'll keep in touch with them, and Bud's, and maybe one of them will come up with one before I have to start thinking of buying from Gunbroker.
  6. Surprising how many people seem to have these, though I know I'm late for the party. I have exactly no use for it, but that may not stop me.
  7. Thanks. I have no idea why I need one, but apparently I do
  8. Ad no longer needed. Found a new one at a reasonable price. Rusty Greetings, I'm casually looking for a Ruger 22 Charger Takedown in East TN. I've seen some odd colors, but I'd want black. It also has to be the takedown version. Thanks, Rusty
  9. Found what I needed.
  10. I'm still looking if anyone happens to have any of this in East TN. Rusty
  11. Found what I was looking for. Rusty
  12. Thanks for the comments. I sold mine 2-3 years ago, so converting to the AR mags isn't an option. The ability to use AR mags I already have will make this worth trying again for me. Certainly nothing urgent, and I'll be happy to just buy a new one when/if they get in stock anywhere. Rusty


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