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  1. Thanks. I hadn't looked at Big Tex, but their prices are similar to what you see on Gunbroker, and other sites. If I don't stumble across something cheaper used, I'll probably try to machine the frame for Gen 4, and just use one of my current guns as a donor. Rusty
  2. You're absolutely right about the P80 running up the cost of Gen 3 guns. I'm just interested to see how well the P80 works, and my G19's are both Gen 4s. It's not impossible to make that work, but better to start with Gen 3. As for staying under the radar, no chance of that. I own NFA items, so the ATF knows where I live
  3. Greetings, I want to try a P80 frame, and need a G19 Gen3 for parts. I'd love to find one with a bad frame, maybe a stippling experiment gone wrong. Of course it needs to be cheap. I can get a new one for about $400, so it would have to be significantly cheaper than that to make it worthwhile. I know it's a longshot, but worth asking maybe. Thanks, Rusty
  4. Thanks for looking, but I'm all set for now. Rusty
  5. I've read through that several times now and I still don't know what it says... Their definition of "range" mentions "any other shooting activity", which would likely include air rifles. The only distances it gives seem to relate to ranges that are open to the public, so that wouldn't apply. Thanks, Rusty
  6. I have the survey info, and plat map, and I should be well clear of the county right-of-way. Rusty
  7. Thanks. That pretty much confirms what I've found as well. Nearly all were hunting, but one did state that it was never OK to shoot "across" a road, which is pretty obvious in most cases. These days I shoot mostly high end air rifles, so it won't matter for those anyway, but I do have some powder burners as well. Thanks, Rusty
  8. Greetings, I can't really find a good place to put this thread, so I'll try it here. I'm setting up a shooting range at home, which is very rural. I already have the berm, and shoot pistols on occasion, but I want to clear a lane and put up a shooting bench for longer range shooting. The problem is that the bench will need to be located near (50ft maybe) a paved road, though of course shooting away from the road in a safe direction. I've heard of laws in some states that require any firearm discharge to be more than XX distance from a road, but I can't find any such law in TN. I figu
  9. Make sure you research all the known rust issues. It's getting harder and harder to find a car that isn't a rust bucket. Cheers, Rusty (2001)
  10. Yeah, the milled slide isn't for everyone, but old eyes love red dots :-) I'm just moving away from the full frame Glocks, and my woods gun is now a G29 with the same slide milling. BTW, I think we can consider this sold, pending being able to meet with the buyer. Rusty
  11. Amazingly this is still available. Seems to be no love for G20s around here. Rusty
  12. 300BO scopes sold. Only one Vortex magnifier remains. Thanks, Rusty
  13. Hey, Crossville is remotely close :-) If no one local picks it up, we'll might be able to work something out. Cheers, Rusty
  14. Greetings, I had this pistol listed as a loaded package with an RMR, TB, and suppressor night sights, but there wasn't much interest. The pistol is now for sale for the cheapest price you'll likely find a G20 G4. I'm the original owner, and the pistol probably only has about 150 rounds though it. It's in excellent condition, but it's important to note the following: - There is only one mag included. - There are no sights installed - The slide is milled for an RMR. OneSourceTactical did the milling, and they included a cover plate, but I've just noticed that it's the


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