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  1. Funny thing to me is this "gun control" crowd they showed protesting this last weekend looks similar to many other groups we've seen since back in the pu$$y hat metoo days. If you hit the mute button and change the AR buster signs to MY BODY MY CHOICE signs it the same sheep running their mouth about whatever social media site got them panties all in a froth. David pencil arms Hogg still trying to squeeze a few more minutes out of tragic time which is his life at Parkland. Who GAF at this point. @Links2k told me not to worry so I'm sticking with that until further notice
  2. I've seen the reviews but haven't used theirs. I can tell you I'm terrible on hand sanders because apparently I want to bear down so hard it shortens the life of the sander lol. This is particular to my wood finishing "projects" that come up from time to time. The last large job I had I was thankful Harbor Freight had an awesome return policy :). I'll be very interested to hear your review @GlockSpockafter you take it for a long walk across some hardwood :). As for the batteries my rule is NEVER let go of batteries. I have them stuck in various places so I don't kill one then have to walk all the way back to my main charging station if I'm in the middle of doing something. For instance if I'm trimming and the battery dies I simply reach into the car for one off my impact, the trunk for the bigger impact pack, or off the blower usually sitting in the shop. I don't know if you have one of the usb chargers that slide on to the pack but they are quite handy for keeping you electronics charged when out away from your car. This is it https://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-Power-Cell-Phone-Charger-Cordless-Jobsite-Milwaukee-18v-Battery-Adapter-Tool-/123562328671 They also have the power supply adapter but I've not made the leap on it.....YET.
  3. Up for sale is a NEW unfired Ruger SR1911 Commander This was a short run model (#06729) produced in 2016. This was their standard (#06720) CMD/commander 4.25" model that included a factory set of Crimson Trace laser grips complete with the Ruger logo in high gloss walnut. The grips are what make this model sought after now because while you can still get CTG grips for this model and the full size apparently they are no longer offered in the configuration offered here. As you can see in the pics its just as it left the factory complete with warning stickers about the laser, etc. $1500 East Tn Trades would be limited to collector grade S&W's Colts Marlins etc
  4. I dont have the ratchet but my buddy that set my path toward Fuel swears by his. Its limited as you can imagine due to its size but its good for most tasks you would encounter around the shop. He carries his in his car. I keep my small and large impacts in the car at all times. Ive bailed more than a few people out with roadside flats with the big impact. And I treat my small impact as my do all wrench when on the job
  5. Don't waste your time, hes an agitator, nothing more.
  6. None to part with at this time. Ill keep a watch though
  7. Congrats. I have the same setup sitting in the safe. Getting much more difficult to find in that setup these days.
  8. Yes that's a good point GS. This combo comes with a 9 ah pack and while I've used a 5 ah pack in a pinch to run it properly it will take a 9 ah or higher. Mind you string length and gauge makes a difference also. I've also found too long a length and it triggers an overload on the system and will only run intermittently until its shortened.
  9. I bought an additional combo deal and ended up with an extra powerhead I don't need. This is brand new unused. It will come with the horseshoe handle it's just not in the picture. $100 in a FTF transaction and I'd really prefer not to ship it. I can get it as far west as Lebanon or meet up when I have to travel for work. This does NOT include anything else but works with all the FUEL series 18v batteries and accessories including the string trimmer, pole saw, and hedge trimmer.
  10. Careful, that kind of talk can make you the "new proud owner of"
  11. For you @GlockSpock RED POWER ! at The Rural King
  12. Monday bump. Chattanooga trip coming up soon for all you noogans
  13. And just like clockwork..... https://nypost.com/2022/06/05/philadelphia-mass-shooting-leaves-at-least-two-dead-13-injured/
  14. https://allthatsinteresting.com/marvin-heemeyer-killdozer


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