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  1. This is another social media giveaway but the rifle is sweet. I did notice on the youtube sign in option it asks if they can have permission to manage(didn't understand how this works?) videos so I went via email way of signing in. These types of contest may send some ads to your social media but not sure. You can do the basic email entry though. This is my friends link to the rifle contest(ends in 11 days) and gives me another entry(just being honest) if clicked: https://wn.nr/7ygf3S It'd be cool to see someone win from TGO
  2. They only had 6-7 boxes left but were 333 per box(Winchester HP) for $17+. I'm sure they won't be there long so I thought maybe someone needs any might get lucky and see this before they run out. They also have Perfecta 9mm for $10 and I can't remember if it was .45 or .40 but they are always priced a couple bucks less than other brands and I've shot a bunch with no problems.
  3. (Well, I typed out quite a bit, hit backspace and it caused web page to go back, clearing all I typed :wall: , so I'll try again...)     Kinda funny, I just started looking at the Baofeng's on Amazon last night and been researching ever since, except for catching some Zzzz's. I am on a budget but my plan so far is to get one of the Baosfeng's($25-$62), study and get license. I was thinking about UV-82(accessories?) for starts but might just get the UV-82HP as I've read the antenna is quite good that comes with it and might be worth the extra $$ in long run or is there a newer
  4. Sounds like you've had more than an interesting adventure, welcome!
  5. Seems like they found another batch and one of the $upgrade$ options is un issued. From the reviews, some are very happy and a couple had complaints but I just posted this if anyone was looking for a collectors piece to hold on to for a while. I figured for this price, they'd best be left in cosmoline and either handed down or cleaned up and put in a nice case to show for a year or 20...   https://www.classicfirearms.com/finnish-m39-mosin-nagant-rifle-762x54r-b-barrel   For example: Some of the "plum" barrel orders say they don't seem like plum but just a different shade of black
  6. I've just started saving up for a membership there. I'm working quite a bit now but if I get a break sometime, I'd definitely like to check it out...
  7. I was just curious to see if anyone knew of an area that would allow us to go out and do some target(safe) practice? I'm guessing if there is, it's probably an hours drive anyway but thought I'd take a shot in the dark per say. I know they're more lenient in some counties/states than others. like in parts of Florida, you can just jump in a swamp area and no one would ever know and it's legal ofc...
  8. Vote for Sportsman's Guide and I just bought some .22 from Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore and will report back on shipping time.
  9. I won a raffle on Slickguns and want to put it towards a Henry Survival. I wish I could get a little better of a deal instead of paying Basspro's retail. As anyone ever seen these on sale? I know it sounds cheap of me but was looking at them for $215 the other day. I'll pay the retail but was doing one last shot at seeing if they ever went on sale? Thanks
  10. Well, the flash sale is over... I couldn't get anything this time, hopefully they'll do another when I have some ducats...
  11. I believe it's the top row. They are all .40's but $319 for a gen 3 G22 in VG condition seems worth letting some know.       I've never ordered from here so don't know their reputation on used grades, yet...       http://www.sportsmansoutdoorsuperstore.com/category.cfm/sportsman/used-firearms
  12. Every time I hear a bell, I come out swingin'...   I think I'd go with the Henry AR-7 .22, If it came down to a long travel. I used to move furniture and had to pace myself but also work hard for an entire day, sometimes 12+ hours. This was years ago but I still have the mentality needed to keep trekking for hours and a good steady pace but even the weight of .22 ammo is going to hurt after a few hours along with the other necessities. As for defense, I'm more of the stealth type and was always good at it. I have a buddy to team up with and he has the defensive gun if needed but I'm thi


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