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  1. I'm curious to know if a Defender or Commander slide will fit on a Colt New Agent (gutter sight) in .45acp? Cherokee Slim
  2. I got the bricks & connector & hose for a propane cylinder. I'll assemble it all when I get time and see what happens. Thanks for all the input.
  3. You may have created a monster here. Why are the "T"'s open on each end? It looks like I could get it all at Lowes. That's just standard fire brick, right? Why doesn't the top photo have something like that?
  4. I shoot Cowboy with Tenn Critr who has a fine lookin' knife on his belt made from a railroad spike. Something like the picture. So I got my hands on 6 rr spikes and want to try my hand at making a knife. No, I don't have a furnace. I do have a propane torch and am willing to waste a cylinder or so. I don't want to invest hundreds in a furnace yet. I'd have to sell a gun or something so I'm not ready for that. Do I have a chance at making this happen? I watch too much Forged in Fire. Cherokee Slim
  5. I remember some time back seeing a video where some enterprising young man hooked up a Glock I think, to a drone and showed it firing. I'd like to find that video so i expect someone here knows where it is. Imagine a Las Vegas Metro PD drone with a chain gun, or a semi auto .50 bmg from Barrett homing in on those hotel windows. Armed drones patrolling high above a crowd may be the future of events like these. Cherokee Slim
  6. The law specifically states that you can have a handgun in your car in a school zone. You just can't take it out of the car. I carried a laminated copy of the law in the glove box when I used to pickup grand kids at school. I never used it but I was ready. Cherokee Slim
  7. Smokey Mountain Knife Works just sent out their first in a long long time automatic knife catalog. It's only for residents of Tennessee. I took 6 Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops auto knives to Peru as gifts to LEOS I either shot with or just came in contact with. I still carry my original one with most of the finish worn off. I may cerakote it but that would double it's value. It's only about $25 new now. Just because I could I got the BOKER KALASHNIKOV in desert tan for about $50 delivered. It's button doesn't stick out like the S&W but it's still a good deal. They have knives from about $20 to several hundred so you can get whatever you want, or aren't worried about tearing up, my big deal. Register your email ahead of time to get their offers and they'll send you a 10% discount. I don't have anything to do with them, I'm posting because it's been a while since I've actually seen them for sale. Cherokee Slim
  8. You would have to legally export whatever firearm you wanted to take there, I took two to Mexico legally, after getting all the licenses there. The US paperwork used to be on the US Customs website, I haven't looked lately. My eye doctor just did it with two hunting rifles when he went to Uganda to hunt so it's not hard, just make sure you have all originals and notarized copies just in case. No one will accept a bribe. But gifts . . . . are another thing. Cash or a "not your best Leatherman" may help. Cherokee Slim
  9. In Colombia not-main stream were the only handguns available. I had a CZ in .22 and another in .32. To carry I was limited to under 9mm but realistically that was .38 special or .32 H&R revolvers. The Army Armory store had a stainless .38 special Taurus revolver from Brazil the day all my paperwork lined up so that was my legal carry gun there. Under 9mm is the rule in Latin America for not police or military. In Mexico it was S&W model 10. In Peru I started with the Taurus .380 and their .22auto, then got a Glock 25 in Lima. You take what you can get sometimes. Cherokee Slim
  10. Max out the credit card in one short three stop trip!
  11. She has spent four high school years in the Navy Sea Cadets. Also taking college credit classes at the same time. Beyond that I don't have a clue.
  12. My granddaughter has enlisted in the Army. I don't know why. But that's another issue. Things have changed since I was a Marine 50 years ago in everybody's boot camp. My daughter wants to know what will her baby will be able to take with her. Cell Phone? Laptop? What about clothes? I couldn't take anything. All my clothes went into a box to be shipped back to my mommy, way back. Will she have telephone privileges if she can't have a cell phone? She has to complete boot camp, then go home to finish college, then off to OCS for an officer's MOS of 30C or S or something. Thanks, Cherokee Slim
  13. Thank ya'll for helping me with this. I got to shoot one, it was fun, but so was shooting the Rising gun THP put in my trunk back in the early 70's. Can anyone give a coherent reason without flames as to why Marines only had the 3 shots in use in recent years? I know we always got the leftovers of just about everything but my Marines are constantly in was zones now and I don't understand why the Army needs full auto but Marines only need the 3 burst. I know, one shot one kill, but that doesn't apply here. So much.
  14. That is exactly what I was looking for. 3 shot burst for dummies. I've heard Marines were only issued M16/M4's with 3 shot/no full auto rifles in recent years. In the Southeast Asia War Games newbies were issued an M14 with no selector switch, reissued one with a switch after a month or so in country. I've never understood the need for a single shot or 3shot rifle for any of the services.
  15. Can somebody explain to me how a 3 shot burst works, mechanically within the trigger mechanism? I understand single shot and full auto, but how does a 3 shot work in an M4/M16 or whatever? Cherokee Slim


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