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  1. I may cherry pick, but its these 2 incongruous statements that are the backbone of my objection... The CDC is viewed as an "expert" with anything but anecdotal info, agreed? Than why did they suggest last year that upwards of 96% of the tests were false positives? Why do they continue to use data/results from a test they themselves have invalidated? Why do they market mRNA gene therapy as a 'vaccine' when it confers neither immunity nor lasting protection? As a former zantac user (and prilosec, and...), I find it baffling that educated and intelligent people ignore a history of graft and corruption and blindly follow instructions from this gubermint agency despite evidence to the contrary, because (the talking head on the tee vee said) they're an "expert"?! They have proven themselves beholden to the drug industry time and time again. Throughout these last 2 years they're a walking contradiction, and despite the fact they issue guidance 180 degrees from previous on a whim, people still listen. Reminds me of folks that defend wife beaters. Yeah, THIS time its different. We've ALWAYS been at war with EastAsia!!!!!
  2. sub·jec·tive (səb-jĕk′tĭv) adj. 1. a. Dependent on or taking place in a person's mind rather than the external world: "The sensation of pain is a highly subjective experience that varies by culture as well as by individual temperament and situation" (John Hoberman). b. Based on a given person's experience, understanding, and feelings; personal or individual: admitted he was making a highly subjective judgment. 2. Psychology Not caused by external stimuli. Huh. So, direct video evidence you consider "subjective"? Got it!
  3. They know. They've known all along. They're hiding the truth. Why? I could have accepted ignorance was at fault (I don't believe it, but, it would save some peoples lives). This is criminal. They KNOW it kills people, refuse to report it, and continue to push it. Harder every day! Go stick your head back in the sand if you want to. You can take the blue pill.
  4. Neat stuff! Theres a fellow out by me that has a bunch of that old stuff in his yard, has a meeting at his place every year... funny hearing the old engines with the whoosh whoosh whoosh and pop! May be useful knowledge some day!
  5. I was always fascinated by foreign currency as a kid. Slight bent toward numismatics I guess, but was just 'neat' seeing the different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs of international currency. Great gift to bring back from a trip for a kid. Here's 32-cents worth of foreign bills and coins, and a magnifying glass. Kept me busy for hours!
  6. Yep, its one of many examples in our world today, but the moment "the science" was used to shut down debate, rather than foster it, I became aware of the true nature of this whole shebang. I feel sorry for those that are blinded to reality by their own psychology. I get that accepting the reality of our world today can be painful, but the clue-bat hits pretty hard when it finally makes contact. Accepting it now or denying it later, doesn't change the fact that it is what it is. Shrug... I've come to accept that some people don't want to change their version of reality. Plato's shadows is a great allegory here. You can't read that and not think of whats happening today. Written thousands of years ago. People never change.
  7. Give Jeb the night off.... LOL! A machine gunner of the Mobile Riverine Force with a Mk 21 during the Vietnam War (Photo: Wikipedia)
  8. An American infantryman covering his squad members with an M1919A6 while the others move Vietnamese children out of the line of fire (Photo: historicalfirearms.info)
  9. See if the link will work... M1919A6, note the bipod and the buttstock (Photo: ww2aircraft.net
  10. Looks like up over a berm (out of frame)?
  11. DING DING DING DING!!!! Winner winner chicken dinner. Now you're all on the hook, for life, or the clot shot kills you with the spike proteins you programmed your own damn body to produce every time you catch a cold. Brilliant move!!!!
  12. Lieutenant Val Browning, the inventor's son, demonstrating the use of the water-cooled M1917 in France (Photo: Army Heritage and Education Center)
  13. Yes, they are trying to force people to get a vaccine that does not immunize a person! You need 4 doses to make it work, pinky swear!
  14. https://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/311368 According to data from Israel’s Health Ministry which was published in a report by Channel 12 Sunday evening, fourteen people who have received a third dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine were diagnosed with the coronavirus at least seven days after receiving the third dose. The ¥₩$%*&$@@ booster doesn't even work!
  15. I had some repair work done at Joe Neubert on Kingston Pike in Bearden.. you'd never know the car was hit.
  16. I read (listened to the audio books, I drove a lot for work..) a whole series about a family in and around that area, piqued my interest in the area and time period. Forget the author, but couldn't get enough at the time.
  17. He's like a crack dealer, I swear.... gorgeous guns!
  18. I like history too, wha podcasts? Currently slogging through tbe History of Rome, but its so repetitive. Theres a fight, rome loses, they fight again, rome wins, the end. Next week rome will fight again!
  19. Looks like an Exwife in 7.62!
  20. Not to derail the thread but, uhhh, hey man, heads up. Might want to take some off the table here.
  21. Great illustration, I see your point exactly. That being said, it is the exact opposite conclusion I have come to. I would rather the fedgov blast me in the face with brake cleaner than take that shot. I believe most of the shot-resistant people feel the same way. Whether they have specific religious or medical objections, want to see more data/time, or are tinfoil hat nutjobs is frankly irrelevant IMO. It should be my choice, not a government mandate. ALL the other issues being thrown around merely distract from the core debate surrounding individual sovereignty over ones mortal coil.
  22. I'll second the comments suggesting a common caliber. You've got to remember your audience is larger and wider than a bunch of TGO gun nuts. You're trying to appeal to a broad base to sell more tix. If someone approached me today asking to buy a gun raffle tix for 5 bucks I'd be all over it. If you told me the gun was .223 wylde, I'd just give you the 5 bucks. If it was 300 BO I might maintain intetest. Outside that, 5.56 only, keep the rest. Simply not interested in owning one.


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