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  1. While I haven't been to his Fire making class, I have found Highwalker to be a most gracious instructor. His class(es) are informative, intimate, and very useful. He's a great guy, loaded with knowledge and very generous. If you are available, do not hesitate to attend one of his many FREE informative classes. - K
  2. I've read a lot of Selco's online stuff, and agree, it is very sobering. Book is worth the price of admission I take it? Thanks. - K
  3. That's awesome @abusfullofnuns! That isn't from Adam's litter, is it - K
  4. Yeah, that's a good deal. Wish I had the cake. Do you take installments? LOL! - K
  5. Hahaha, thanks for the tips! FWIW, as of when we left Sunday there was a female still available (we had the choose between the two)? - K
  6. Yeah, give the Tricities area a look (Bristol, Johnson City, Kingsport). Not only is it a gorgeous area of the State, but sounds about the right size. It is a LOT bigger than it looked on the map. Once I went through there (for work), I couldn't believe all that was there. Yet, it's not a 'big city'. Plenty of job opportunities between Eastman Chemical and ETSU, etc., - K
  7. Apollo was the father... gosh I can't remember the Mom, one of his drug-dogs. One of this guy's brother's will be working to keep Athen's (TN) safe in a few years.
  8. Thanks, but Adam @ http://fdk9tn.com/ deserves the credit, he was the breeder, and will help with the training, too. LOL@ TNHawk... yeah, that's why I stayed away from any hound-type dog. We had a beagle once, and she was a great pet, but she was also the last one I'll ever own! - K
  9. Well, Dante joined the family on Sunday! We start training with him in a few weeks. Great little guy... now if he would just learn to go to the bathroom outside.
  10. I've been getting a banner message across the front of my version of the website that says: Emails that we send to you are being returned to us. If our emails continue to bounce, we will stop sending emails to you and require you to update your email address. Update Your Email Address I had been receiving eMails, but I went ahead and updated it. Received confirmation eMail at alternate address, confirmed it, and STILL receiving that message at top of website. Used link and switched it back to original eMail address, received confirmation link, confirmed, and receive regular eMail updates at that address, but am still getting the message at the top of the website that my eMail addy is NFG? Thanks for your help. - Kevin
  11. Found this on another site and had to LMAO... Antifa's new battle rifle. Seriously though, I would buy something like this, just for the looks you'd get at the range! - K
  12. Ditto. The whole Tricities area is beautiful, though I'm partial to Johnson City, and that back road that goes to Greeneville! - K
  13. That's an AMEN TripleGGG... And Welcome Steve! Formerly from Buffalo/Rochester myself. Moving was a great thing! - Kevin
  14. Some nice looking guns! GLWS!
  15. 124 gr 9mm Gold Dots or Federal HST. The 124 gr shoots well in my pistol, and I perform well with it. Based on my reading of the big ballistics test Lucky Gunner did w/ the gel blocks, I like the HST's and Gold Dots. - K
  16. I've owned a few over the years, but will never buy anything but an Exmark again. ... Don't have one for sale, but have simply loved every Exmark I've owned. They are worth the premium. - K
  17. Great suggestions guys, thanks for the info! - K
  18. Yeah, our Golden Retriever x Poodle is a fantastic family dog, kids love him, easily trained, just a great pet. Not so great at guarding. Some friends had a gorgeous brindle-colored Rottweiler that weighed about 110 lbs. The ground SHOOK when he ran up to you, the beast was fearsome! Then the father would start slapping him in the head (gently) and pulling his ears, and he'd roll over on his back for belly rubs! Still, no strangers ever jumped their fence into the backyard. EVER. Was planning on using some foreign words for training the new addition, so as not to confuse the two dogs. I've also found integrating hand-signals is useful. My sister does rescue. Great work, it's really a shame what some people will do to an animal, but I don't think that's the route I want to go here. If your friend has a business send me the link peejman (via PM if you want). Thanks.
  19. We recently (finally!) moved into our new house out in the hinter-boonies. We currently have 1 dog, a Golden-doodle, great family pet.... not such a great guard dog. I don't really want a 'working dog', you know, that lives outside, needs hours of exercise daily, professional training, collars, 'do-not-pet-me' coat when out in public. But the big white fluffy poodle mix we have really doesn't scare anyone (nor should he). There are a handful of large-ish breed dogs we've looked at, many options out there (German Shepherds, Belgian Shepherd/Malinoit, Hollandse Herder, Weimeraner, even Rhodesian Ridgebacks).... But curious what experiences folks here have had? I was looking at Catahoula's, but was told they bark/bay a lot, and like to roam....? We have 3 kids (mostly teens), 15 acres (mostly woods) and hardly any cell service. I want a dog that the burglar hears/sees through the window and decides to go to the next house. I want my kids to be able to stay home alone and when the stranger comes up the driveway, they aren't afraid. I want them to be able to lay down on the floor with the dog, pulls it's ears, and play fetch, tug-of-war, and have friends over without needing a 10-minute lesson on what we DON'T do or say to this pet. Thanks. - K
  20. I've had good luck with Lawman for target rounds, as it's made by Speer (who also makes the Gold-Dots I carry for personal protection). Also in 124 grain! My belief is (right or wrong...), that the target ammo will perform similar to the defensive ammo by the same manufacturer. In fact I can almost recall reading that Speer designs it that way (or I could be BS'ing myself). If you shop around and wait for sales, free shipping offers, etc., you can get it at somewhat reasonable prices, and just make sure you stock up. That Ammo-bot website is useful. I had really bad luck using Walmart ammo (cough, winchester, cough...) not only being dirty, but FTF, stovepipes, and other performance issues. Switched back to 'quality' rounds, nary a problem. Now that being said, would make for a good training exercise to intentionally mix in some sub-par ammo with the hope that it precipitates a problem, forcing you to hone your recovery skills. - K
  21. Inherited 2 from my Grandfather, but don't k\now much about either one. Know of a good repair shop to take them to? I'd like to get them fixed up so I can give to my boys. - K
  22. Testing on a variety of Ammo is important. I played around with about 20 different kinds, and found my rifle seems to like the Wolf Steel-cased stuff in .223. 6" groups at 200 yds on a bench and bags w/ 12x scope. - K

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