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  1. Oh come on, they need something to chop those day old donuts into bite size morsels!
  2. I'm in for a two tone. Next lowest number available.
  3. There is a place off the town square in Huntingdon, I'm thinking it's Mallard's. I've never eaten there but they did cater an event I attended in the area about 5 months ago. The food was good and I heard a local say it was an area favorite.
  4. I totally understand the not posting photos. I was just yanking your chain. If anybody out there is wondering, that's his happy look!
  5. The Korean M1 Carbines were to be reimported and the best I can remember O did put a stop to back in 2013 by executive order.   On the other hand the 1911's are housed here in the US of A and attached to the NDA Act makes things a little different. 
  6. The photo of the guys in the back of the truck or on a wagon look as if they are praying on there way into battle.  I see no photographic evidence that a dove was seen or on this hunt?
  7.  I have 3 Geissle triggers.  Two of them are two stage installed in Bush Master XM15 High Power Service Rifles. The other one is a single stage set at 1.5 lbs. in a Space Gun.  I like them!
  8. I can't name one, I watch several.  In the catagory of gun reviews, Hickcock wins by a wide margin.  For entertainment value Barry and Eric at Moss Pawn occasionally make me chuckle but I lean toward  22 Plinkster,  maybe because he's my hometown Youtuber.  In the catagory of improvig my pistol game and learning technique Jerry Miculeck is the man.  Then there are my scattergun personalities, Todd Bender, Gil Ash, Harlan Campbell and the late Leo Harrison.  I was a competitive High Power shooter for years and currently coach 10 meter Air Rifle, so I have to check out Kirsten Joy Weiss on occasion just to check her technique.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeQC1oeGauc
  9. There is a Best Western in McKenzie. If your route is by way of I-40 Exit 108 there are a couple of motels there as well but it seems like I remember it being a little over 20 minutes to McKenzie. Betwen I-40 and McKenzie you will pass through Huntingdon. There is a motel e as well but I can't remember the name of it. Not a chain but it appears well kept and clean from the outside. FYI there is an awesome shooting sports park in McKenzie.
  10.   Just an FYI.  I hope you are already aware of something found under prohibited acts in the current TWRA regulations, item 5 in particular.     5.  No Person shall make use of bait to take        wildlife unless the bait has been removed and        any electronic feeder disabled at least 10 days        prior to hunting.   So if you want to be legal, make sure you cut off the well fare corn to the critters 10 days before climbing into your stand with a bow, crossbow or firearm.  Game wardens have a way of finding yellow brick (or corn) roads.   Rizzo
  11. If you are not satisfied with the Square Deal or decide to get rid of it to move up to the 650, I will gladly pay you what you have in it if I hadn't already filled the need.   Rizzo  
  12. A gallon of kerosene or enough in a plastic container to cover the magazines and let them sit over night.  Mineral Spirits works too.
  13. Yeah reinforcing the barricades seems logical to us and still leave what if scenerios for future episodes.  The tractor trailers used to keep the walkers in the quarry appeared to me as to have unblocked space under the trailers.  Did anyone else notice this?    I'm not a walker expert and just started watching as of last season. 
  14. The second photo looks to me as if you can see the pin in the trough at the bottom of the buffer tube. It appears to me there is enough space that you could with a lot of care and determination get a very small cutting tool on a Dremel up in there and cut the pin and then work it out. I could be wrong about the photo. There also appears to be some gab between the buffer tube and the adjustable polymer stock. I would also try to compress this stock slightly to see if the pin will push out enough to get a bite on it and work it out.
  15. My one and only firearm purchase at Wally World I completed the 4473 on the computer at their sporting goods counter, therefore a digital record.
  16. If you get the urge to try out your BFA and turn money into smoke and noise, Western Stage Props in Lost Wages Nevada actually has some in stock.  Not cheap, but they have it.    http://www.westernstageprops.com/military-ammo-blanks-7-62-39-sks-ak-47-p/saak47.htm     Rizzo
  17. Since this thing took a fork in the road I'm here to tell you all you got it all wrong. Here's a 1969 model, ain't she beautiful? Rizzo
  18. I've had the pleasure of attending a luncheon that Senator Green was the speaker. If you are in the area and able to attend I highly recommend. Dr. Green has some very interesting stories and he does a very good telling them. Rizzo
  19. I received an eblast from AIM Surplus recently for Glock 19 LEO trade in w/ minor holster wear and 1 magazine  $359.95.  If you really think you want a Glock, buy it!   I went to their website and the image they were using was of Gen 2's
  20. An upward trend in ammo prices, again?
  21. I don't patronize place that prohibit carry.  However, if I'm with a group of people and don't want to be the odd man out or make things complicated about where the group is going I ignore the sign and keep it concealed.  If the need arises and I have to take action, I don't plan to be the person wishing I had my carry gun.  I'm willing to let the jury decide my fate and postpone the trip in a pine box.

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