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  1. Instead of getting the Lee Pro 1000 get the Lee LoadMaster, you'll be glad you did, much much better Progressive Press. Before I done a Modifcation to my Lee LoadMaster I was loading 400rds a hour, after my Mod. I can load 600rds per hour !!!!!!!
  2. Dates have been Edited at the top of page !!!!!!
  3. 284shooter- Don't you mean the Rem. 788 has 9 locking lugs ????? Mine does !!!!! I thought that what they were so Famous for with lock-up and all ????
  4. WHMC Guns Service Dept. 124 N.22nd Ave Humbolt,Tn Ask for Frank
  5. Be careful the Brush bristles are extremely stiff, they will scratch up a highly polished throat and bore. I still use them, but I grind the bristles down on my bench grinder fine rock and put tape over the brush bristles.
  6. Definitely get her a 22 to practice with, in the same confiruration as the S&W .32
  7. G17

    Glock 19....used?

    Found LNIB G19 at the Gunshow $425.00 out the door !!!!!
  8. I carry a G17 daily for SD !!!!! I carry in the SOB w/ a IWB Don Hume Holster (very comfortable) !!!!! Carry with my T- Shirt-Tail out !!!! My own sister, the other day at our family reunion could not tell that I was packing or could no one else at the reunion !!!!!! This is the way I carry in the summer time and in the winter time I carry with a belt or paddle holster on my side with some type of concealment ect. jacket, vest or long sleeve shirt unbutton. C.C.
  9. IDPA Classifer Match this Sunday 2:00 pm at Jackson,Tn Http://www.tnsportsfoundation.org/
  10. I load 38spec 357mag 32auto 357sig 45Colt 9mm 44Rem mag 45ACP !!!!! 223Rem 243Win 25-06Rem 7mm Rem Mag 300 win mag 300WSM 30-30 Win 308Win 270Win !!!!! That's all as of right now ??????
  11. Glock 17 w/ WTS Sevigny Competition sights/ Front sight Fiber optic OEM 3.5lb connector, Wolf Competition Spring Pak Combo,OEM Extended Mag Catch Button,OEM Extended Slide Stop and a 0.25 cent polish job !!!!! Trigger pulling 2lb- 12oz's Sweet and very accurate weapon.
  12. G17

    New Old Pistol

    Yesterday, I purchased a Colt Trooper 22 CTG. Circa 1956 4" Bbl W/ factory Pearl grips !!!!!! I took it to the range today and fired 300rds thru it and gentleman it's a Sweet and Super Accurate plinker !!!! I found out today that only 2200 were made from 1953-60!!!!! I'm not really a Colt fan but it's a pleasure to own and shoot one of these VINTAGE firearms. Chim in and let me know how many of yall TGO members have seen or own one of these Colt Trooper 22's !!!!!! Thanks


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