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  1. Always loved these cartoons. Glad to hear they are coming back.
  2. Deadliest Catch and The Last Frontier are both still on. The "catch" is currently on Discovery (new shows) with re-runs on animal planet IIRC. Last Frontier has re-runs on Animal Planet as well, with new stuff on Discovery. I used to watch the last frontier, but grew tired of it. .. I like Life Below Zero, Forged in Fire, Swamp People, Deadliest Catch, Mountain Men and a few others. The scenery in Life Below Zero is fantastic IMO, the characters are so so. I watch the shows for entertainment, as my definition of "reality" is different than the networks. The majority of the scenes are "staged", or greatly exaggerated, and I usually seen things in some scenes that tell me they are not as "in the bush" or "outback" as they want you to believe. LOL
  3. I've caught a few when trolling for crappie on Tellico, most in the 12-18" range IIRC. Always hated to catch one or even see one when fishing as I didn't want to deal with 'em. They will really hit a crank bait, and those treble hooks don't come out easy, and those teeth will really mess up a crank bait as well. I've seen some characters on "Swamp People", those twin brothers, specifically go fish for gar using jugs baited with bream/bluegills on decent sized hooks with steel leaders. Even showed them cooking the fish up in one of their dishes.
  4. Now that took some thought and time to do that.
  5. Yeah, I follow the market to some extent. I follow a more conservative buy and hold strategy, so yes it affects my portfolios just like everyone else, but the large swings from over-reacting to political or medical news (in these days) are un-warranted IMO. Day traders cause a lot of the large swings/over-reactions looking to make a quick profit or to protect their profits. JMO
  6. Day trader by chance ??????
  7. jpx2rk

    TWRA fun

    I run Lowrance HDS units (2 8" units at the console with Insight mapping) and have the down scan and side scan ducer mounted beside the 2d ducer. I can run map/down/side/2d on these units, and have a Hummingbird 8" with down/side/2d/maps on the other side where I sit while trolling for crappie. I don't like the HB maps as they come, the Lowrance HDS/insight maps are good for my purposes. Running the power supply to the back can be a major PITA. I ended up dis-assembling about half of the boat from the console back to the battery storage area but it's neat/hidden and never given me any issues. Take the time to do it right the first time and be done with it. If you're only going to run one FF on the front, consider putting a small lawn mower battery up front in a storage compartment and run your power wiring to it. A small lawn mower battery will run a decent sized FF for up to 8 hrs, if you run more than one (like me at 3, get a group 24 and install it where you want. I have a total of 4 batteries in my boat, 2 group 24's for cranking and FF's, and 2 group 27's up front for trolling motor.
  8. jpx2rk

    TWRA fun

    The state has a "grace" period for renewing auto tags, but not sure about boat registrations. Our county clerk office was open earlier this month as I renewed the tags on wife's car, but did not receive the renewal form from the state thru the mail as usual. I just took the current registration receipt from the last renewal and paid my $$, new sticker in 5 minutes. Don't know if the clerks office is closed now due to the most recent spike in cases or not. Just keep a copy of the bill of sale and where you have attempted to register the boat in the and go fishing. I've heard that TWRA officers have been instructed to follow "social distancing" guidelines. I was loading up from a fishing trip back during the "lock down" period, a TWRA officer pulled up to chat, and asked to see my fishing license. I showed him my license from 6 feet away, he couldn't read any of the info, and asked what date I had renewed my license and I told him He said thanks and drove off.
  9. You could try wrapping some of the PTFE (?) tape around the bottle neck/threads and see if it works, or maybe a garden hose washer if you can find one the right size.
  10. I've got a "knob" on my fishing boat with a 60 hp. Makes it mo better IMO.
  11. WE have two so far, it's been a slow year for watching the little boogers. The ones we usually have are mostly dis-functional as one guards both feeders by chasing off all the others. I think there is a small one but not sure so we could have 3, but it's hard to ID them except for male vs female.
  12. I call 'em the RUST years, not the golden years.. Gotta be tough to be a senior citizen.
  13. I lost Roxy the boxer back in Sept '17, who was my shadow when I was home. If I was out doing yard work, she worried/aggravated the wife to no end running from the front door to the back door trying to find or see me. She would lay at the front door when open (storm door) waiting on me to finish washing the car, or doing whatever outside chore I had going on, or if I was gone fishing or to the gun range. She passed laying right in front of my easy chair, and I got to hold her when we took her to the vet to be cremated. We have her ashes/urn laying on her bed in our bedroom with a few of her favorite toys. I'm still not ready for another one. I think about another one, but still not ready.
  14. It's been a while since the wife went fishing with me, but I would back the trailer in, wife would be in boat when I actually launched the boat and then she would crank it up and idle around while I parked the truck/trailer. She would idle back to the dock and pick me up. When loading up, I would back the truck/trailer down to the water, and then load the boat. She would pull the rig up to the top and park, she didn't have to back up or make any serious turns. It worked fairly well for us. YMMV It would be easier to teach her how to control /drive the boat, from starting the OB when launched to dropping you off at the dock and idling around while you get the truck/trailer for loading. It takes time but just have to avoid the weekend crowds so she won't freak out. Boats bounce off the docks pretty good, and usually just a minor scratch or scuff mark is the only damage. JMO .
  15. Any particular reason as to "why" you want to go down this road???
  16. It's a rough road to travel. Sorry for your loss.
  17. Best wishes for a speedy recovery back to your normal life.
  18. Never had a banana split blizzard but it's on the list. My favorites are the Oreo cookie, Heath bar and Butterfinger blizzards. That way I can enjoy them 2x's since they stick to my teeth for a good while. LOL.
  19. DQ = BLIZZARDS mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  20. The local Wendy's has a similar notice posted about some items may not be available, didn't mention a limited menu. just some items may not be available. But they still have Frosty's.
  21. I was thinking of a cow patty more than anything else.
  22. I've got a Nikon I can make you deal on if you decide that's the one you want. I just took one off a 10/22 that does not serve my purpose (I shoot mainly from a bench) and going with a fine cross hair scope of some type.

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