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  1. Google Fu will provide you with hours of reading to find what you're looking for. Are you wanting something for varmint shooting, or LR target, etc.
  2. He's hoping he gets a homemade pie as a thank you for the gift.
  3. Wife was late putting one out this year, she waited until we saw a hummer for some reason. Today the pair we have around the house were already practicing their "dog fight" routine for when the young ones leave the nest. LOL
  4. I found some flannel lined LEE carpenter style jeans at WM a year or two ago and wore them fishing several times during the winter. Kept me fairly warm sitting in a cold/open boat in Dec-Feb.
  5. Left lane Larry's or Lisa's as I call 'em, just won't move over to the right lane for anything. People that have to pass me on the interstate, almost take my front bumper off when moving back over to the right lane so they can exit the interstate. What's wrong with pulling in behind me????? When I have a "blind spot Barney", I start swerving in my lane a little bit and get close to 'em, they usually pass me or drop back.
  6. Have no fear, the gooberment people with figure out the best course of action to take, and you can rest assured, sleep good at night, etc., that it will be the best thing for the country.
  7. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/2130726870?pid=871160 This is what I use, mine is 3 yrs old, so I didn't pay that much. Can't shoot the gun with this item on the muzzle, well, you shouldn't fire the gun with the item on the muzzle. Works well, I use it when I change scopes, or remove the scope from a firearm.
  8. We've seen one so far, but wife has not put the feeder out yet. In years past, the "wars" were very entertaining. After the young ones start flying and fending for themselves, the "dog fights" pick up quite a bit.
  9. Would you ask someone/everyone to give up their automobiles if you lost a child in a car crash? Same question for boats, jetski's, ATV's?? People don't "choose" to be in any deadly crash, they are innocent victims in most cases. Those in charge should enforce the laws already on the books, and then determine if more are needed.
  10. I bought a Ryobi Miter saw about 20 yrs ago when building a storage shed stick by stick. I did the majority of work along with a friend who helped with the heavy stuff and when a 2nd set of hands is necessary. Still have it and it cuts just as good now as back then. I also have a couple of circular saws. Get one of the portable stands if you get a miter saw, a real back saver. Get some sawhorses if you go with a circular saw. Both types of saws will cut flesh and bones and don't care if it's at the start of the cut or the end of the cut.
  11. We started out in a 31' Class C, and found out the seating for "senior citizens" sucks out the wahzoo while we spent a month in FL. Came home and traded the Class C for a 28' TT with rear seating for us. One slide with the dinette, but the recliner chairs have heat and massage, and work great. BR is up front, BA in the middle. A good layout and not extremely hard to set up, especially if you get a level spot at the CG.
  12. I can recommend/suggest Bill's Outpost in Maryville.
  13. I have a 10/22 with a "can", and when using Norma TAC ammo, all I hear is the action cycling. Other ammo is a bit louder, but I was surprised how "quiet" things can be. LOL
  14. BUT, you know you're hooked on instagram. LOL
  15. Yeah, Dad was a character in many ways, but a well respected man in his industry. He worked long hours to be successful, and was, but those long hours in a stressful job is part of what caused his health problems. I was following in his footsteps in my professional career as well, saw what the "job" did and changed my career path some. The work environment also played a part. Mom was very fortunate to be able to do the things she wanted to do, travel, church work, etc. with her friends and such after Dad passed away. Unfortunately, she has outlived all of her friends, so she does not have anyone to "hang out with" now, except for my older brother and myself. Neighbors check in on her daily as I live 3 hrs away, and brother lives 20 minutes away. I visit as much as possible.
  16. I lost my father in Sept '98, after 3 bypass operations, the first bypass was done Oct. '73 while I was a Senior in HS. After his 3rd bypass surgery, the doctors told him there was nothing else they could do at the time, but they had extended his life by 25 yrs, so can't complain one bit. He had a heart attack on the golf course playing a round of golf with his friends. His group of 2-4 buddies would get their own golf cart because everyone wanted it that way, and it looked like total chaos when they left the tee box, 4 old retired farts running every which way in their carts to their respective golf ball. They did not pay attention to the "carts on path" rule if the course was wet, they just did what they did. I don't know how many times Mom would tell me that she had to take Dad to hospital during the night because of chest pains, and as soon as they saw the "zipper" on his chest, they admitted him for a minimum of 2 days back then. Mom and Dad were visiting me soon after I had married, and Mom came into our BR around 2am or so, and told me Dad needed to go to the hospital, so I drove them to nearest hospital at about 80mph. LOL This happened more than once, Mom will be 97 in June, and her health is decent for 97, but she is on the downhill slide unfortunately.
  17. Messed my knee up last Nov., slight tear in the meniscus but no surgery, wore a brace for about 4 weeks, and it healed by itself per the xrays. The Ortho doc said they normally don't do surgery except in extreme cases anymore, so your doc would prescribe the best route to go. GL
  18. IF it is anything similar to when our GS was that age, I was NOT left alone with the little booger, no trust from the wife in any form or fashion. LOL
  19. I've not tried "yet", none on the shelf here, but several discussions over at accurate shooter dot com forum. Most comments seem positive, but again, no first hand experience.
  20. jpx2rk


    Prayers and condolences to all.
  21. Mine switched on me a couple days ago from dark to light w/o me doing anything. Kinda like the light for now.
  22. You can get the semi-trailer tag for a trailer, it costs a bit more, but no expiration. If you take that trailer out of state you are good as some states require trailers to be "tagged" while others don't. You may/may not get a ticket depending on the mood of the LEO and situation at the time in that state. I had a "semi" tag for a motorcycle trailer a few yrs back as I towed the bike/trailer out of state, and did not want the potential hassle while out of state. I now have a utility trailer and have not tagged it, I don't see myself towing it out of state. I've used it a total of 2x's in the 3 yrs I've owned it. LOL
  23. I have a Ferris 48" ZTR, 19 hp Kawi, have had no issues other than normal maintenance since I purchased new in '07. I've had the drive belts and rear tires replaced 1x as the only big ticket items, total cost of those about $500. the drive belts lasted 10 yrs or so, the rear tires just dry rotted after 12 yrs or so. LOL I did have a big crack/cut in one rear tire, and a couple chunks of drive belt missing (age related as well) but this mower has never stopped while I have been using it. I do the regular/annual maintenance myself. Mows like a champ. I bought the entry level commercial grade one as I did not want to buy another mower for as long as I was able to mow my 3/4 acre lot. Followed the "buy once, cry once" theory. I clean the mowing deck a couple times a mowing season, it does accumulate clippings due to the design, but it has a couple curved sections to help with the air flow, etc. GL with your search.
  24. All of these pics are "why" I don't carry one of these type knives. I carry a itty bitty little swiss branded pocket knife, takes both hands to open. LOL


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