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  1. Saw a post on another forum where CCI SRP & BR4's were available at Sinclair's, but high $$ as well. Did not even go look for the price as the OP said they price was "expensive". LOL
  2. Were the prices "reasonable"?? Post 'em if you can remember any. TIA
  3. One of the Knoxville TV stations had a clip of the "news" but quickly moved on to other issues at hand. LOL
  4. Prayers for you and your family. God speed for a quick recovery.
  5. You'll probably catch up on all the "things" you want /need to do around the house, but be careful, it can get expensive doing some of those "things" you have in the back of your head. Once all of those are done, you'll start finding other things to do, whether it's still mowing the yard, the leaves, new landscaping, etc. Remember, some can be $$$$$$. Eventually, you'll say to hell with it all, and just go to the gun range or for a bike ride. Everything you think of "to do", you can do it tomorrow, or the next. None of it is going anywhere until you do something about it. Enjoy
  6. I prefer the white background option with the tristar. The blue background would indicate a "blue" state to me, and don't need to give a bad impression like that .
  7. PSA: Best observe all speed limits in that part of the state.
  8. Prayers for your son and all in the family.
  9. Daughter actually had one of the foot pegs from "a" mini pocket rocket stuck about 3" into her mid-thigh, still has the scar, no t shirt tho. This happened a few weeks after the honeymoon IIRC. No injuries noted on the night, but the majority of the people there would not have known if they were hurt or not until sometime late the next day. LOL
  10. Daughter's wedding had 2 or 3 kegs and a couple of those mini pocket rocket motorcycles thrown into the mix. Was held at a friend of the grooms house, so... IIRC, one pocket rocket cycle did not survive. LOL
  11. I have had 2 or 3 yaks, the last being a Nucanoe which I liked the best as I put a small 30-35# hand controlled trolling motor on, did the extended steering mods, etc., fish finder. I enjoyed all of them but the Nucanoe the most as it was least "harsh" on my lower back due to the seating position, a bit more elevated than the other brands listed above, and I didn't have to be concerned about the wind as much. Wind can be in your favor or against you, so...... I found a small boat trailer and the Nucanoe rode on it, towed, launched and loaded almost like a small tin boat. Never had to lift the hull, etc., everything rode in the nucanoe with some bungee cords to hold it all in/down. The hulls are somewhat heavy, awkward to handle but if you have no health/back issues, putting them in the bed of a truck is not hard, but loading it on a small trailer is a snap. You don't need a small truck if you go the small boat trailer route as the trailer is the heaviest thing in the whole setup. They also have some of the pedal models, which may or may not be your style. Most dealers have "demo" days, or they used to before C19 came to be.
  12. Glad it went well for you, hope for a speedy recovery and good results.
  13. Would probably cost too much $$$$ to get rid of him in the first year. And it's always a "re-building " year, don't cha know.
  14. NOT FAIR. But I definitely like the idea of that. I am only 2 miles/5 minutes from the range where I shoot RF matches, so I can't complain too much, but I do have to use the truck to get there and haul all the associated stuff. LOL
  15. All of the "fast food" places give a new meaning/definition to the term "fast food" as it used to be defined. LOL. I also pay in cash when going thru the drive thru, and like to confuse 'em with the exact change or close to it. About half the time, I have to tell them how much change I should receive back. LOL. Wife tells me I'm being mean, I reply back I'm trying to help that generation move up the corporate ladder. LOL
  16. Good read, sounds like a good trip.
  17. Guess that's what I get for mowing the dang yard today. LOL. NIce work again GT.
  18. Actually you have to be faster than just "quick". LOL. Nice work again GT.
  19. I have a RCBS CM "lite" that works good, I use it for the really high volume loading when I get ready for a Pdog trip out west, rest of the time I use the 505 for loading those load development loads.
  20. I taught my GS with a 10/22 at the plinking range at the range I belong to. The plinking range allows any target except glass ones, has some rough benches at a "formal" firing line, safety lights, etc. This environment allowed me to have some defined grounds as to what's safe, and what's not safe. Also covered the range rules set by the club, etc., Granted the GS had a BB gun, but had just used/shot it around his house with no damage or incidents before his first trip to the range. After his initial "shock" of the loud report of the 22lr, he proceeded to do "mag dumps" with the 10/22 so fast that "meme" could not keep up with the reloading duties. LOL He learned the rules the first time, and on later trips, he always remembered them, he always waited or asked about something if he was unsure, never bolted downrange, no muzzle sweeps, etc.
  21. IMO, a RK is a suitable LD touring bike IF set up for it. I put a Corbin saddle w/ backrest on mine, a low to med height windscreen and lower wind deflectors on the forks. I rode this bike to Daytona Bike week from East TN, a mix of 2 lane and interstate. Interstate traffic is a bit different with the big rigs blowing you around more than 2 lane roads. Wind buffeting/noise at 70 mph was not bad and tolerable making a 300 mile day easy to do IMO. I usually split a trip to Daytona up over 2 days just cause I wanted to enjoy the trip. Ear plugs reduce the wind noise and still allowed me to hear traffic on the interstate. I even towed a Bushtec trailer behind the RK for a couple yrs as well, so you can really pack "heavy" if desired. I still have a travel bag that slips over the backrest pad and will hold enough clothes for a week if you pack right, and don't have to have a clean shirt twice a day. Is a RK a good as a full touring bike, I can't say because I never had a desire for a full fairing bike nor ever rode one, so take what I say with some salt if desired. LOL You should decide what style/type of bike you want/need for the type of riding you want or intend to. Just day rides, or wanna go cross country, to bike week, etc.
  22. I was in RK at Sweetwater this past Saturday, they had 556 ammo, limit of 1 or 2 at $125 for a box of 150. Norma 22lr black box was $7/box, don't remember a limit on the 22lr.
  23. As I stated in the other thread, I had several Suzuki Intruder 1400's, which are the chopper style, and one Boulvard 1500, all good bikes. Moved up to a HD Road King, did some engine mods to it before I even rode it and was tickled to death with it and it's performance/ride. The RK is a step below the full blown touring bikes with just hard saddle bags, no touring trunk or full fairing. Weight was around 800# +/-. The HD handled better at slow parking lot speeds than the Suzuki's did, and rode better overall. I had a 2000 MY, with air adjustable shocks on the rear which they stopped offering soon after I got mine. Engine mods made the bike run like a scalded dog, and could cruise the roads in E TN with "authority".
  24. Reportedly, the F150 with the 3.5 EB twin turbo engine has the "V8" sound enhancement thru the radio speakers as well. I have a '18 F150 3.5EB, and can't hear that V8 growl thru the speakers. Don't particular care either, the truck does what I need for it to do, and has been very dependable to date.


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