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  1. I'll second TN Silencers. Good guys,, will help or do all the paperwork, at least they did.
  2. jpx2rk

    Red rider

    I have a Crosman 302 IIRC 22 cal pellet rifle from my "younger" days. I sent it off for a complete rebuild as the seals were 50+ yrs old, etc., and neglected. I shoot it a couple times a month now to keep the seals lubed, etc. Killed a few pesky birds that didn't know to keep quiet with it too.
  3. One spammer buys your email address, and then sells it to another spammer, endless cycle, so you never get off the lists, just like my 97 y/o mother and the endless catalogs she receives. Those paper scammers kill a couple trees a day with their catalogs.
  4. The executor of the will/trust should consult the attorney representing her as executor to see what documents should be executed to legally transfer the firearms. If your sole intent is to sell them upon receipt, it may be easier to sell them in the state of domicile (MN) as part of settling the estate. She has a fiduciary duty to do everything in a legal manner, not the beneficiary.
  5. Wife got the tree out and in place yesterday but no ornaments on it yet. Light are on tho, and a few other "items" are starting to show up. We/she went thru old xmas stuff last week while I was cleaning out the shed to make room for more "stuff", so it's coming, I know. ETA: Got the ornament boxes down from storage today, wife went out to the shed to get some other ornaments and "it's starting to look like Christmas" here. She also mentioned she may take it all down before Christmas as well. LOL
  6. 7 people in a house would definitely run up the light bill. I feel for you with all the lights on, wife is home most of the time, and the lights are always on. Even the rooms she hasn't been in for 4 hours. Front door is open so the dog can look out and monitor "it's domain", no matter the temp outside, 95 or 45, it's open so the damn dog can see outside I did tint the storm door glass so that helps a little. Drapes and blinds open as well. She doesn't see the electric bill, and doesn't worry about it either. LOL
  7. VIN #'s are a matter of public record if you know how to find it, think of all the extended warranty junk mail you receive for the NEW car you bought 6 months ago.
  8. IF the gun was built on the Savage 110 action, you can buy the parts needed to rebuild just the bolt, such as the ejector and related parts, bolt head, etc. BUT you need to know what caused the damage first, otherwise you are not going to have a safe firearm.
  9. Best wishes to all, times have changed for us all as well in some form or fashion.
  10. I assume the mag is out of the rifle correct when you try to insert the bolt? Did you get the mags mixed up? I know they should be interchangeable, but sometimes those things just don't cooperate like they should.
  11. One bolt is probably not fully "cocked", tho both look to be cocked in the picture you posted. Just my guess. GL
  12. Fall Creek Falls, any of the other state parks would be nice day drives/trips.
  13. I've seen several discussions on attempts to "kill" a primer, and most, if not all end up with "use a hammer to make 'em go off" if you don't want use 'em. The various methods I've read about include soaking them in just about any liquid (oil, ATF, water, etc.,) for varying time frames, and they all still went bang. Get your least favorite hammer and PPE, find some concrete and give it a smack. Or, prime an empty case and see if the firing pin will set it off, no great loss either way.
  14. I like some mustard based sauces, Narvarro's in Englewood has a pretty good one with good BBQ as well. Jordan's BBQ in Cleveland has good samichs, and the 'nanner pudding is always welcome in my mouth.
  15. Knoxville PD held a training event at West Town Mall this past Sunday evening. I was a bit surprised to NOT hear of something bad happening from it.
  16. Might consider finding someone who deals in "estate sales" and let them look at it. They will know whether it is worth anything or not. Some of the older costume jewelry might be worth more than you might think due to the age, and possibly who made it, etc., My brother and I are going thru mom's things now since she is no living in assisted care. Some of the stuff she has will sell like hot cakes according to the estate sale lady we are using.
  17. Nope. Ran out a long time ago myself.
  18. Sad to hear the news. I remember watching him on TV years ago. Most of the one's I remember are on the senior tour, or have retired from the tour completely. Another sign of my aging as well. LOL
  19. Google Fu will provide you with hours of reading to find what you're looking for. Are you wanting something for varmint shooting, or LR target, etc.
  20. He's hoping he gets a homemade pie as a thank you for the gift.
  21. Wife was late putting one out this year, she waited until we saw a hummer for some reason. Today the pair we have around the house were already practicing their "dog fight" routine for when the young ones leave the nest. LOL
  22. I found some flannel lined LEE carpenter style jeans at WM a year or two ago and wore them fishing several times during the winter. Kept me fairly warm sitting in a cold/open boat in Dec-Feb.
  23. Left lane Larry's or Lisa's as I call 'em, just won't move over to the right lane for anything. People that have to pass me on the interstate, almost take my front bumper off when moving back over to the right lane so they can exit the interstate. What's wrong with pulling in behind me????? When I have a "blind spot Barney", I start swerving in my lane a little bit and get close to 'em, they usually pass me or drop back.


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