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  1. I thought this was funny. WARNING LANGUAGE NSFW Sums up the divide with a little humor IMG_2518.MOV
  2. Yep. I’m glad I won’t be needing any gear anytime soon. I can see a body armor ban coming for everyone except police, security and military. Thanks for the great suggestions.
  3. My instagram and Tictok feeds are very simple. Side by sides, soldiers, airplanes and dogs. It’s boring, but it still addictive. I try to limit my exposure to a few minutes. Social media robs you of life and productivity.
  4. I wouldn’t put too much trust in the news or a police report. If I’m on the jury, based upon the information available the homeowner is going to jail. Stay in the house and call the cops.
  5. Who realistically expected something like this to pass even in Tennessee?
  6. No, those are the words of an aging man who is obviously in decline, but heads and shoulders above the racist traitor/insurrectionist that previously held the same office.
  7. I have astigmatism, so I use the affordable Vortex Spitfire AR prism scope on my rifles that don’t have lpvo’s on them.
  8. Nice. I may have to take closer look.
  9. Welcome to TGO. Another P365XL daily carrier here. Enjoy!
  10. I get you. My wife’s high speed every day. If she stops moving, she falls asleep and gets angry. I wouldn’t dare try to change her. Fortunately we both enjoy beaches. It also appears that you enjoy what you do for a living. Outstanding!
  11. Yep, and had chores.
  12. That sounds like a HR issue. Who hires a person with no skills for that kind work unless you intend to provide intensive training as it seems your employer did. I’m not knocking having to work hard. The pandemic has shown that we need essential blue collar workers. My point is that things change, and not everyone has to break their back to be successful. Before I retired, I despised that mindset. There’s nothing wrong with giving 100% effort at your job ( that’s the contract that we enter into when we take a job), but insinuating that younger people are less than, because the world has changed and it hasn’t kicked them in the behind like it did some of us doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable producers. One thing about having a trade skill, most of the time the jobs pay well. My point is that some young people want no part of that, and it hasn’t turned them into slackers. I never want my kids to have to pick up anything heavier than a pen at work. I’ve already done the heavy lifting for them. My kids didn’t get off easy. They worked at restaurants, pushed baskets and cleaned toilets at Kroger. Those experiences taught them that they would rather smart as opposed to working hard. So far I’ve produced a journalist, an aspiring professor and a medical coder. I couldn’t be more proud that for the moment they won’t have to break themselves physically to be proven worthy and deserving providers of milk.
  13. He bought that learning. F*cking bold or incredibly stupid individual.
  14. I totally agree with you on #2 & #3. On #1 I feel that young people want to define a new path to their individual happiness. A path that doesn’t require them breaking their backs and body trying to achieve the American dream. There is no shame in the often times tough, but fun upbringing many of us older individuals enjoyed/endured. That being said, I admire the fact that many young people know that they can have enjoyable and fulfilling lives without enduring calloused hands and broken backs. Twenty or thirty years from now the same young people that we criticize will probably be talking about how easy the youth of that time have it. We’re just getting old and times change. That’s a good thing.
  15. You would win brother.
  16. Good luck in your search. I’m currently driving a 2013 Ram Laramie 4x4 with only 87,000 miles on it. Collierville CDR hounds me weekly trying to buy it for just under $30k. I won’t be selling. The new trucks are nice, but not nice enough to pay current prices. Hell, it may take me another five years to hit 90k miles unless I take some short trips out of town. I wouldn’t want to be in the market for any large purchases at the moment. @Erik88my wife thinks she’s going to get a 460 so I can chauffeur her around while she works, but she’s sadly mistaken. Or maybe I am.
  17. GLWS! I’ve been wanting one of these and two more Ruger LCRs, but I have another obsession and I rarely shoot anyone. I still love the last unicorn that I got from you.


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