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  1. I think the best kind of fight is one that I never get into. Therefore, I'd rather the guy see that I'm not an easy target and move along.
  2. The breeze may accidentally expose your weapon. Or you may choose to just make it know that you are armed. Technically that is not brandishing, which IS illegal. From Google: brandish - wave or flourish (something, especially a weapon) as a threat or in anger or excitement.
  3. I'm due in May. I've thought about it, but I may do the $50 in hopes that Constitutional Carry will pass by my next anniversary.
  4. I haven't been to a Bill Goodman show in many years, and I was disappointed in the last one I went to in Lebanon. The 'boro and RK in general always has good shows tho. I'll probably end up going to the 'boro on Saturday.
  5. TN HB1424 (https://legiscan.com/TN/bill/HB1424/2015) was just introduced to lower the lifetime from $500 to $200.
  6. I set a colander inside of a shallow bucket full of water while keeping water running into the bucket. I then agitate the cases by hand under the water. Plenty of water keeps the pins from sticking to the brass and the pins fall right thru. I also use a mesh strainer to remove all of the dirty water and then again to pour all of the pins in after separating.
  7. This isn't surprising knowing that this is the same one who uploaded a video to YouTube with another unnamed TGOer shooting darts through a blow gun with a primer taped to the end.
  8.   The problem with the die hard 1911 fans it that they are going to pay a lot more than $1300 for their custom guns.   I'll have to say I have never had the opportunity to fondle an STI to see how the fit and finish is. But I own several CZs and can speak for their performance. Straight from the factory they are some of the most accurate stock guns you can find. I have an SP-01 Tactical that is an awesome shooter. I've shot it in IDPA and I can typically hit head shots at 7-10 yards with little effort and I definitely do not get enough practice to call myself an expert. I've shot
  9. No feeding issues with the semi wadcutters? What gun?
  10. This is why the second amendment is such a huge target. It's a lot easier to control a population that has no power to resist.
  11. I had a Savage 93R17 for a while and it was a blast to shoot. I don't varmint hunt, but I've seen videos of rabbits being shot with it and there wasn't much left. I've shot at soda bottles full of water. If you lay it down and shoot the top of the cap, it will splay the neck wide open and there is no exit hole. With those ballistic tips they are quite devastating.   It is very accurate out to 100 yards or so, but like a lot of others have said, a little wind plays havoc with it because it is too light. It also drops off significantly after 150 yards or so.   My problem with it wa
  12. I can't see too clean ever being an issue. Brass cannot hope to scratch steel or carbine without the help of some foreign material. I wet SS tumble and the only concern I have is possibly shortening the life of the brass since the media is harder than the brass and I know it's taking material off to get it that shiny. I would disassemble the die and clean it. Run a cotton swab thru it and see if it drags on anything. Clean it with non-chlorinated brake cleaner and then VERY lightly lube it with a dry lube and see if that helps.
  13. CMP sells used Daisy 853's for $100 with peep sights. I have 2 of them and they are really nice shooters. VERY accurate. I've been toying with selling one since I recently bought a PCP gun but haven't brought myself to part with it.
  14. If nothing else it makes it less serviceable.
  15.   Good point. My Dillon has a grease zirc but the oil question got me thinking about my Lee. The soap in grease will definitely help keep it from drying and to keep it in place better.


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