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  1. I’m still full time and considered “essential”. Airline pilot. I feel fortunate to still have a job. There’s hardly any passengers though, so hopefully I won’t get furloughed in the fall. Weird times
  2. So does this pertain the latest stay at home order? My boat is already on the river in a slip. I was planning to do some fishing tomorrow. Dont want to get intercepted I’m not exactly staying at home if I’m on the river...
  3. We just sold a rental house. Had two full price offers, and one of them upped it above our asking price It was on the market a week. We just put the house we live in on the market too. People are still buying, but I’m super reluctant to let a bunch of people walk around inside my house I just hope it sells quick!
  4. Instacart app on you phone works great if you’re in an area that will deliver. You pay a small fee (< $10) per order, and someone shops for you. They’ll bring it to your door.
  5. It wouldn’t hurt to contact the FA supervisor or FA union (unless she works for Delta... no union). Depending on the company, they can have a wealth of resources. I’m a pilot, but my company’s guidance is essentially to self-quarantine and call my doctor. They do offer any assistance as needed though.
  6. I would start by getting more than a couple weeks of food. Water, generator, gas, cold and cough meds....
  7. Agree. We have several bicycles, but we also have 2 good horses. The horses will get you off the road but also are more visible
  8. This site shows a good graphic for tracking the virus. https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6
  9. If nobody is home to bring it, then it’s code brown
  10. There’s a shower near every toilet in my house. Problem solved
  11. I think you’re right about the potential flight restrictions. Airlines will be cutting their schedules as well since bookings have disappeared. I’m a pilot for a major airline, and they’re saying this is like nothing they’ve ever experienced (including 9/11). The economic damage will be severe, but I pray it won’t be crippling to our futures and economy. I’ve had a lot of time off (over a month), but I’m scheduled to work next week. I have elderly parents staying with us right now, and I sure don’t want to drag anything back to them. I think staying away from people for a couple weeks is great advice though. We need to stop the spread
  12. My last gun purchase was a full size 1911. A 1943 model from the CMP Prior to that was a S&W M&P9
  13. That’s awesome. I’ve thought of carrying my own plastic straws to use when I go out there too . FL seems just as bad as CA now with trying to save the environment with paper straws. I sometimes go through 3 of them per drink. It’s so annoying and nasty when a paper straw “gives up” while you’re drinking. Last week, I got some fast food in FL, and they handed me wooden utensils instead of plastic . It’s the new thing in some places and just a small glimpse of the green new deal I guess.
  14. I thought they were too busy trying to manufacture an impeachment, or maybe they need a diversion from that now
  15. I thought that thing was real until I saw the orange muzzle!
  16. That’s awesome! Nothing says yum like a flaming bowl of briquettes
  17. Yep. I’ve known a few Apache pilots. All I’ve known were very conservative, and I feel confident none would ever fire on another American. Bad guys in Somalia yes, Americans in USA no. You’d be hard pressed to find any fighter/bomber pilot willing to do this. I imagine It’d be the same with tanks, etc.
  18. Wow! What an incredible rifle to match an incredible deal. Congrats!
  19. Walmart gets sued if someone falls in the dairy isle, but they’re not going to stop selling cheese. The dairy farmers aren’t going to pay their legal fees. When a business opens it’s doors to the public, it risks suit for almost anything. How does not selling SBR ammo (whatever that is), handgun ammo and asking people to stop OC keep people from suing them? Still doesn’t change a thing. The gun community didn’t do this. A deranged lunatic did.
  20. I’m really not worked up at all, I was just using a word from the post I quoted. I’m a pretty low-stress guy, lol. Concerned is a better word I guess. I agree with all that about businesses, except I can judge them for what they are when they choose to pick a side.... they are making an anti 2A political statement. Walmart didn’t have to do what they did. They chose to. Just as I can choose not to drop dollars in their registers. I actually stopped going to Walmart’s long ago anyway for several other reasons.
  21. Thanks. Have you been casting bullets also?
  22. The coyote won’t notice overkill. Getting killed the 2nd or 3rd time doesn’t matter to him, only the first I’ve only shot mine with a 30-06 while deer hunting. It worked. Now shooter-recoil overkill is valid. Since you have a concern with a surgery, I’d go as light as possible. Suppressed 223 is pretty enjoyable.

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