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  1. Yep, that looks like the creature! At least they’re killing other bad bugs. I killed one the other day, and it was a substantial kill. The propane torch was close by, and I thought about it!
  2. I have seen a new kind of super scary ant around my house. Very large, bright red and black stripes. Killed one the other day in the garage. Looks like it could do some damage if it bites
  3. I’ve had the little blisters too. I always figured ants but never caught them in the act
  4. I love my 6.5 grendel for distance. Load up a harder bullet with less expansion, and it won’t tear up pelts either. Great round imo. Works well with a can too
  5. The mineral blocks are good, and I’ve used the liquid Deer Cane also with good results. Normally I just use the corn and get lots of pics with deer and raccoons dining together. Sometimes I’ll get a pic of a deer trying to bust one of the little bandits lol. I don’t mind them as long as they stay out of my barn
  6. Had the trifecta a couple years ago.... tick balls, chigger ankles and poison ivy arms all at once. About as miserable as i could be. Then i made the mistake of over using topical ointments that irritated my skin. Had to go to the doctor and cry uncle on that one I was in the weeds and woods behind my house yesterday checking a fence. I wore chest waders. I ain’t playing no more lol
  7. Read one second after but not the other two. I need to order them. I also read his “Day of Wrath” book. Scary stuff and frightening how quickly everything could come to a stop. Especially after seeing how people reacted to a pandemic from Covid.
  8. I don't think that hog ever heard the advise of don't play dead if a black bear is mauling you. Fight back!
  9. When you see the cubs, it’s the bears you don't see that concern me the most.
  10. Diesel still seems to be available where I am. Plus I have a supply of it stored for the tractor. I could fill the truck with that if I have to. I think it will be short lived though
  11. I love the 20 but I’ve been thinking about getting a 29 also for backpacking.
  12. I’d love to see some of these states that are passing laws that are designed to “protect” the 2A from the feds welcome companies that build parts, receivers, etc. If all these restrictions go into place, then allow them to continue production, sell, protect them and thumb their nose at the BATF. Poke them in the eye! Let the states flaunt their power in the face of the Feds! We all know it ain't gonna happen, but wouldn’t it be something to see the states tell the Fed to come and take ‘em. If the current trend is not stopped the Fed won’t stop until they are all illegal.
  13. Nice looking Sig! Interesting about your G20 recoil. I have a gen4 and don’t find it bad at all.
  14. Love my G20 gen4. G20 when I can and G43 when it isn’t practical.
  15. Looking at that picture you would almost expect a little flag to pop out of that barrel that says “BANG” LOL. Better than nothing, but I agree that I’d opt for a little more gun after that.
  16. I’m terrible at identifying trees and vegetation, but I have an app for that I’ve been using it for about a year on iPhone, and it’s pretty cool. It’s called PictureThis You just open the app, take the pic and it knows the answer. Will identify by leaves, bark, fruit, stems, etc. It’s actually been pretty fun learning what stuff is, lol. I think I paid a small fee for it but definitely worth it. Trees, grass, weeds, vines, flowers... anything
  17. Can we propose a resolution to sell Memphis? I know TN wouldn’t get much for it, but there has to be another state that wants it, right?
  18. I took down a dead tree with it once that I didn't want to risk a chainsaw on. What a “blast”! Lol Super loud. If you ever use the stuff, keep your distance. I was 150yds from the tree.
  19. If the media would just report the facts they might learn that black cops kill black and white people too. I put a lot of the blame on the media (again). Chaos and panic wins ratings and political seats. The media loves to fire things up and keep it going. They love to brew the controversy. It’s really too bad that some of these folks don’t take the effort to learn the truth and think for themselves. Or maybe they just love the controversy too. They should just let them burn it down. That will show ‘em!
  20. I only read the first page of this thread, but now I’m hungry! It’s after midnight here in the east, but I think Steak N Shake is still on Covid hours .
  21. wow. Hope everyone’s feeling better. I bad stomach bug is no joke.


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