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  1. Except... The Jan 6 committee is corrupt. It’s a witch hunt to keep trump from running again. It’s a one-sidded story by the usual players. There are Americans being held without due process... what about that. You know they held the doors open for them right
  2. I didn’t even mind some of the mean tweets. I rather enjoyed some of those people finally getting called out for who they really are
  3. I broke my elbow on the monkey bars. I shook it off and finished out the school day. Woke up the next morning with it black and blue . Wore a cast and learned how to write left handed. Kids these days are missing out lol
  4. Oh yeah.... tresspassers I didn’t buy my land so the neighbors can hunt and fish on it without permission.
  5. People that mow their grass and throw the clippings in the street or at the side of my truck while I’m driving on that street. Don’t they know if they only turn the chute the other way, the grass won’t go in the road... Drivers that make a sudden left swerve just before they turn right. It doesn’t help...
  6. I built mine. It’s nice to be able to customize the dimensions to your liking.
  7. I didn’t mean to hijack this thread, so I won’t say much. *Edit: I deleted part of my response since it referenced someone that was involved.* I just don’t believe we have been given all the true facts. I wasn’t there and don’t have anything to do with it, but it smells like the Russian Collusion soap opera or the many other manufactured crisis they’ve tried to sell us lately that is beneficial to one political party.
  8. Jan 6 was a setup. Sure there were bad actors there as well, but we’re being played
  9. I saw a brief headline that it did pass and on its way to biden. Done deal. The 14 or 15 GOP senators got a gift from the SCOTUS. The abortion media rage has completely covered the RINOs voting for a gun control bill
  10. But Delaware gave us Biden, so there is that.... lol No sales tax there if I remember correctly
  11. The hide it should. The concern would be a frontal skull hit on a charging bear. After doing the hard part of actually hitting that moving target with a snub, a good hardcast lead bullet or swc should punch through hide and bone. I would rather have that setup than an expanding bullet when penetration to reach the CNS is more important. Bear spray is probably a better choice for a charging bear IMO, but I still always have a gun in the woods If we had grizzlies then I would want something else.
  12. 357 for me as well. I live on a farm and also spend a lot of time in the woods. I like to have 357 (when I’m not carrying 10mm ). I like the extra penetration of the 357 HC just in case I encounter an aggressive large animal like a bear, hog or mad cow (farm... lol). I also agree with the versatility. Low power 38 for plinking, 38+p or 357 jhp for SD or hot 357mag hardcast for the woods. Lots of choices with the 357
  13. This is a huge reason we needed Trump over hillary during those crucial 4 years of multiple SCOTUS appointments. A lot of people say it makes no difference dem or gop, but it matters a lot. Just imagine if we would of had hillary’s appointments rulling on this instead of trump’s.
  14. My grandfather never cleaned any of his guns lol. Ever. He was a regular hunter his whole life, so he used them a lot. When I got some of his old guns they were heavily used and some probably 50yrs in need of a cleaning. Yes, they were rough (character marks ), but they're fine. I wouldn’t worry about it at all. He loved to tell me the story how he dropped his 300H&H in a creek in OR crossing a log while elk hunting. Sounded like a real chore to actually get it back. I often look at it and think of how many stories that rifle could tell. It sure did need a good cleaning when he finally passed it on. I never bothered to clean his revolver. I figured it’s been a great shooter for 50yrs like it is, why should I mess with it now lol. I don't want to mess with it’s mojo. I clean my own guns regularly, but the way he used his firearms taught me that it’s usually for my benefit more than the gun’s lol.
  15. These pack rafts are pretty cool for crossing rivers and big creeks when combined with a backpack too. Weighs less than 5lbs. Especially useful out west on backpack hunts https://alpackaraft.com/products/caribou?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIh_OOyPe5-AIVdB6tBh1t5gaaEAQYASABEgJU0vD_BwE
  16. I’m still a huge fan of 30-06. Maybe because I load and shoot so much of it. I also really like 270WSM for longer ranges. I have my eye on the 6.8 Western also. Similar to 270WSM but with faster twist bbl
  17. Except you posted it in the “New Member Introductions” thread, so it still doesn’t add to you post count lol. Welcome though!
  18. It’s hard for me to remember all the shenanigans these fools have done, but didn't Obama try something similar? Seems we were on the verge of a ban on M855 a few years back.
  19. I long for the day when most corporations just tell the gov to pound sand when the gov tries to pull their strings for political purposes, but the love of money and all that....


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