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  1. I do not like The HD Voice or voLTE option. I always turn it off because it makes it harder to hear imo. Anyone else? I hope that doesn’t mean i have to turn it on now. Sheezh Also, I hope this doesn’t kill my Cuddielink trail camera system . I need to check it’s G-rating I guess. That would not be good
  2. There are more choices than I thought https://www.tn.gov/revenue/title-and-registration/license-plates/available-license-plates.html
  3. Sorry your dealing with it too. It sucks. Are you leaning towards a particular vax or dump the employer?
  4. Thanks, that’s my thoughts also. I’m just now digging deeper into research about it. I do know someone that developed blood clots soon after getting it, so I have been taking a slow approach to it. I just don’t like being forced to get it or lose my good job It should be my choice. However, I feel the biden admin will continue to mandate it in other areas of life besides my job
  5. That’s good to know since my wife also has an auto immune thing. She hasn’t taken the jab either. Did you or your SO have any adverse reactions to it? I just don’t like the idea of the mRNA and have always leaned towards j&j if I decided to get one at all. There was some earlier talk about graphene oxide in the J&J. Has that been proved wrong or is that really a thang?
  6. Are they still going to offer the special wildlife plates with the bear, turkey or deer? I hope so. I’ll spend a little extra for the bear
  7. Not my choice, but I didn’t really care for any of the choices
  8. Good info about the 29. The 20 has too much grip length and barrel for me to sit normally in a vehicle or conceal it. I feel like I’m trying to hide a fire extinguisher under my shirt lol. In the woods or on the trail, I like the full size. Good to hear that you rank the 29 up there with the 19 because I think very highly of the 19 as well. I read somewhere that the 29 carries like a heavier 19. Do you find that to be the case also? What holster do you carry it in? I need to go put my hands one one. I just have to be prepared for it to follow me home if I do lol
  9. Sounds like we have similar issues with the 20. I love it but I almost have to sit sidewise when I jump in the ranger, tractor or truck lol. When I get on the horse, I almost feel obligated to strap on the single action 45LC though. I will check out the XDs in 45. That a good suggestion. Thanks
  10. I’ve never flown a helicopter, but I do love the hueys. Very cool!
  11. Well my employer just adopted joe’s mandate. Guess I’m going to have to start shopping vaxes now. I have been holding off as long as I could to see what happens to the test subjects first . Now I’ll be one as well since I’m not in a position to lose my career. I have been leaning J&J, but if it’s 100% less government then I’m definitely sold!! My doc recommended Moderna simply because of the higher “protection” percentage. I just want the one that’s least likely to jack me up. I do know a few people that have serious side effect from the shot. What made you choose J&J ? I like that it’s not mRNA and only a single shot (I try to avoid needles in general ). Anything else to consider when choosing one of the 3? Can’t believe I’m being forced to get this in America....
  12. May be just a matter of time until creepy joe mandates them for us.
  13. I’m thinking about getting a G29 to carry OWB around my farm and such. I have a G20 already. I really like it and like 10mm, but the size makes it cumbersome when I drive the tractor or other vehicles. It just generally gets in my way, lol. Sometimes I’ll carry a Jframe or G43 but find myself wanting the 10mm. I have not compared the 29 to the 20 in person. Is there a noticeable difference in the carry size scaling down to a 29? Is it concealable under a t shirt if I go into town? Who has one and how do you like it?
  14. A livestock guardian is a good idea. I don’t have a burro, but I do hear they work. We did have a couple llamas once that would chase a yote, lol. I have some horses now in a different pasture from the cows, and one of those mares absolutely loses her mind if a dog or coyote comes around. She’ll chase it with with a passion (fortunately she doesn’t do that under saddle though ) If I was trying to protect chickens, goats or sheep then I would look at a protective llama or two. If calves, then a burro. I have several newborn calves in the field now. I’d probably sleep better with a burro myself
  15. This is truth. I struggle with the moderation as well. Stuff just tastes so good!
  16. ATN Thor4 thermal scope I’ve also seen an increase in coyotes this year. Some just cruising through the herd at night catching mice. The ATN is also excellent for locating livestock day or night, especially during calving season. They think they’re hidden in the grass, but the Thor “sees“ all, lol. Farm expense as far as I’m concerned
  17. 1873 clone (Uberti) in .45LC. Octagonal barrel and color case hardened receiver. You won’t regret it.
  18. Were these designed with Microsoft Paint or Word? lol. They all look like someone had 5 minutes to come up with 4 designs. I agree that the #4 - tristar watermark would be nice if the watermark was colored red and blue. I would vote that one if it wasn’t so monochromatic. If I have to pick one... I guess #3 - tristar modern. It’s basically the same layout we have now but with a different background picture. Plus it’s red, white and blue. Although I think its too dark with the blue background.
  19. I love the Hawken. I have been planning to get a Hawken .50 kit
  20. Most of the time G43 in IWB kydex holster. Ameriglo Spartan Operator nightsights. It just disappears with the flush mag and feels like a part of me. I always have extra mag as well. I am very pleased with the way the G43 carries. In the woods it’s a G20 with the same Ameriglo Spartan Operator nightsights as my G43. I like having the 10mm in the woods, and I carry OWB in a Safariland ALS full retention holster. Works well for me. I go old school when I’m on the horse checking my farm fences. Then its a Cimmaron SAA clone 45LC in western leather holster. Uberti 1873 clone 45LC in the scabbord of course Those are my 3 main scenarios for carry. I pretty much always have one of those 3 on me when I’m not at work.
  21. I do. I’ve probably killed more deer with my traditional muzzleloader than any other individual firearm I own (bow not included). That’s probably because of the way the season falls, and I tend to get a lot more picky once the modern gun season opens. I love hunting with it though. It’s a Traditions Buckskinner. I also have an inline muzzleloader, but I only grab it during the season if the weather is wet. It’s crazy how accurate you can get an open sight percussion black powder rifle. I DO NOT enjoy cleaning it though
  22. How long before they come out with the antidote to fix what the shot did


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