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  1. I do know Chuck Swan and North Cumberland require only a Hunting License I think called Tier 1 (no other permits - that changed this year). I have life time SR Hunting License and use those ranges. They are like 40 to 45 miles North and North West from Knoxville.
  2. Don't live bear there (I am near Knoxville). Glad you got a range. Did check memberships (expensive I see). Wonder what their hourly rates are?
  3. I use a lot of BBs (CO2) in a basement range. Don't laugh until you try it -- it is good practice (20, 30, even 40 feet (use rest at 40Feet). Do some Point and Shoot practice also. Accuracy of guns (say 4 inch at 30feet, BBs have their own mind to an extent LOL). My CO2 Pistols are simple inexpensive (Crossman and a Daisy). I think the Crossman was like $30 and came with two 20 round MAGS. The daisy at BUDS was like $12 (they had a batch of refurbished ones on a pallet) and BBs load into aslot on top of the gun (18 BBs). . They both shoot good. The Daisy feels more like a real gun (grip), but can only load 18 BBs into a slide on top of the gun. The Crossman has MAGS (20 BBs) and I have 4 MAGS from first gun that finally gave up the ghost and from the new one like the first one. I think over all the Crossman has more Failures When Shooting (BBs sometimes jam, don't load when trigger is pulled back) have to drop the MAG to clear things). CO2 BB Pistols have a bit of a long trigger pull (BBs load into chamber as you pull the trigger back, then you do reach a set point and know when the break is coming). Reset on trigger is all the way FWD. A CO2 Cartridge is like $0.50 and good for 90 to 120BBS (cost of BBs is near negligible and some can be retrieved when shot into cardboard and used again). I think the coating on Daisy BBs is better than the copper on Crossman as I find more corrosion on copper BBs. As you may know, they have CO2 BB Pistols with blow back slides and some feel exactly like a real gun (weight, grip, etc.). They run from I think $60 to $100. The bad thing is only good for about 40 or 50 BBs on a CO2 Cartridge as the slide operation uses CO2 and I think FPS is less. CO 2 Cartridges run about $0.50 each. They even have BB Rifles (Full AUTO or SEMI BB), a friend has one. It uses a lot of BBs FAST and CO2 does not last long.
  4. I should add, I also posted on this site a lot of information on Family Fun Indoor range when I first discovered it. Long posts as I learned more details. Then thought, since they are dedicated to women shooters (primarily) it would be a topic for this Thread. I don't mean to duplicate things, but perhaps you would want to look up the thread I did on that. Here is another link that shows more about the training they offer. They are working on the simulator system (which I know nothing about). http://www.shootingforwomenalliance.com/citizens.html
  5. The FFIR is located where Sevierville Indoor Range was (S I R closed sometime ago and the new owners, Vladimir and Susan, have opened FFIR). Susan is the founder of SFWA, an organization dedicated to Shooting for Women. The Range and SFWA are geared to introducing and education of women (their families and friends, men are allowed as well) to shooting. They offer many classes including Safety, Handgun Fit, Concealed Carry Permits ($40 total CC is very reasonable). Range costs are very reasonable at $12 for all day use, there are year memberships as well. I became aware of the range and dropped by to check it out (lucked out and got in on a year deal for $100 - not always available). I have visited twice to shoot. So, my exposure and acquaintance to them is limited limited, I am impressed with the owners, improvements they have made to the range (more are planned), their friendliness, knowledge, and history (experience). I suggest anyone interested in shooting (especially beginners) check them out and make your own decision. I give the following links (below) for you to take a look (Browse thru the web Sites) and learn more than I can explain here. That said, briefly The business started in 1992 when Susan founded SFWA (as a result of an incident that happened to her - being held at Knife Point and Stalked for 2 years). They had a range in Kingston, TN, and recently moved to Sevierville, TN to open Family Fun Indoor Range (opened n Oct of 2019, I think I have the date correct). BTW, I have no financial interest are other ties to SFWA or FFIR other than I just think they provide a good service (especially for women as they are dedicated to that - men are allowed and included) and want to pass on the information. http://www.familyfunindoorrange.com/ffircontact.html http://www.shootingforwomenalliance.com/mysfwa.html http://www.shootingforwomenalliance.com/ce.html
  6. I found out Stuff Happens no matter how safe you think you are -- ain't no one perfect. As far as guns, maybe keep in safe and never touch - you will never have NEGLIGENT or ACCIDENTAL discharge. Mine was NEGLIGENT and I KNOW IT. I ride MCs, been averaging about 20,000 miles a year since 2001 when I started riding again (total be very near 400,000 miles by end of DEC this year). NO MISHAPS, except three drop it at stop, near stop, or when I tried to go thru a muddy water hole that my friend made it thru and I did not. Ended up on my side in a bout afoot of muddy water. Been lucky for sure, had a few close calls (My Fault), a few close calls (Others Fault), and three near Deer Hits. Just saying - my perfect riding habits can be negligent also.
  7. I did do a shoot there today. Hope they make a go of the range as it is one of the more reasonable places to shoot at $12 all day or year membership at $200 something (fortunately, I got in on a deal at $100 for the year). My review (opinion) of the range is summary it is WORTH THE MONEY for sure. It is not up to the quality of BUDS equipment as far as the target movement but it works. One thing is the targets bounce around a bit after you run them to a location. And, the yardage is not marked, the owner said they painted over the numbers on the walls - guess they will correct that (NEED TOO). He and I went into the range floor and did some measurements: The first of 3 yellow line is like 9 foot (talking from where your gun would be when shooting a pistol), the next line is 15 foot, then 22 foot. I paced off another line (think it is at about 47 feet) and another at 57 Feet - longest is 25 yards. Also, It was cool in there and he was prepared to turn on a portable heater. I did not need that and told him to just leave it off, save his energy. I can deal with some minor issues for the Money Difference -- it is nearly half the cost of BUDs and the people are nice. So, WORTH THE MONEY. I had the range to myself - arrived at opening 10AM and was there until NOON. Nice to have range alone, but would like to see them with more business. hope they stay in business. I had a nice visit with the owner, Valdermere (sp), who was manning the counter when I arrived and got me signed in and checked my firearms. I set up to shoot 5 different 22 pistols (some I consider more of TARGET pistols at long range and aiming with a hands supported and some I consider more of a defense pistol for free hand practice and shoot what I call Point / Aim for a quick shot). I also took two pump up pellet air guns (pistol and a rifle) to shoot at greater distance than I can at home (basement range is limited to 42 feet). support). I am amazed at their accuracy at 57 feet and 25 yards. I was there until Noon shooting and checking targets and left at 12:20PM for home (it is about an 18 mile trip from my location which is about 7 miles from Hwy 66 via Boyds Creek Hwy). I used one target (FREE), extras if you need cost a $1 (I think).
  8. Now this is really stupid (worse than what I did). Booby Traps are illegal to start with and then to shoot your self (dead) with your own trap is ---- ??? I am not sure you can read the post on Laws of self defense unless you have a Bronze Membership (FREE). but the E Mail (copy here) Andrew sent describes it. Going to the post, apparently the guy had so many booby traps that the responding officers called in the bomb squad and other experts to disarm things. Today's Post of the Day is prompted by a news story out of Maine in which a man set a pistol-armed boobytrap on his front door, only to trigger the device himself on Thanksgiving Day last week, resulting in his own death. In today's post we explore the various legalities around the use of deadly-force and non-deadly force boobytraps in defense of property. You can access today's blog post at: http://lawofselfdefense.com
  9. I couldn't decide where to post this shooting range information, so, I picked this topic. Might be good under women's topic also as it is a unique range (for women basically). However, men are accepted, read the story and you will see. This range is located where the Sevierville, TN Indoor Range use to be (it closed sometime back). I POST this because it is a Unique Sort of Range based on this statement. The Only Indoor Shooting Range in the Country Designed Specifically for "Women, Their Families and Friends"! Go to their Web Site for more Information. http://www.familyfunindoorrange.com/ffircontact.html CLICK on the links at bottom of the Web Page for their FACEBOOK and MYSFWA (some sort of women's firearms organization). I POST INFO in case you live near Sevierville, TN and want to check the range out. They are nice friendly people, they do offer classes of all kinds (shooting, CC, safety, fitting gun to hand, even a safety class for children 6 and up. And, found out they do allow men (not just families of women). I think the owner of the range is also founder of SFWA Organization. They have done a great job of remodeling (looks like a women's salon). LONG STORY: End result is I did get the $100 year shooting membership, thin because of contacts I made Sat and SUN. A friend that is a member of Sevier County Gun Club (SCGC) sent me an EMAIL for what looked like an offer for a years shooting membership for $100 at Fam Fun Indoor Range. I called the range Nov 30 (offer expired Dec 1) to check on the deal. I found out latte (6PM - the lady in charge had been busy with a CC Class) that the offer was for members of SCGC (the $100 year shooting membership). She said, I could apply online and go join SCGC later (I think that is a $7 membership - I had considered it before, but did not). I decided not to mess with it as I prefer outdoor ranges (like TN Wildlife or National Forest ranges - all are 60 miles from me). However, I told the lady I would drop by to see what they had done with the range remodeling and maybe shoot once in awhile at the day rate ($12 all day price). I stopped by Sunday, Dec 1, and mentioned the phone conversation we had Saturday. After a bit of conversation, she said if you want a yearly membership I will sell you one for the $100 even though not a SCGC Member. So, I thought about it and decided I could do Target Shooting INDOOR RANGE (where you stand, look straight ahead, and aim and at targets some more than normal defense shooting away LOL). Then I could still do my other Outdoor Defense Stuff (move, draw, rack point aim, shoot) once in a while. I JOINED good til Dec 31, 2020 (13 months) and can bring a guest FREE.
  10. The holes in the wall are patched. Bullet size holes and I filled them with DAP from a tubel(it's pink when you apply it and turns white when dry). Fortunately our walls are white and sort of rough texture, so it blends in. Also, the damage is low on the wall and not noticeable (one is behind the computer desk the projectile went thru. The bullet entered the tread mill cover (plastic) and pretty sure judging from angle of travel that it hit what I call a Flywheel on the Motor Shaft. That Flywheel is metal (steel likely). I could see no other damage and the Treadmill works. Saved a few hundred $$$ there. I did not find a slug of lead anyplace. I did have a sliver of copper and lead that I picked up and disposed of the time it happened. As I remember that was two relative thin spread out pieces about size of a nickle. It was a Hollow Point Defense round. I am a Lucky Guy the way this turned out, the projectile even missed all the electrical wires behind that desk (Wires for Computer, TV, Phone, WIFI Router, etc.). I have to be lucky to live 81 years when you consider all the many things I have done. Still riding MCs about 20,000 miles year on all kind of E TN Backroads. Even the wife has ACCEPTED (I think). She even encouraged me to take an Indoor Range Membership (on a special $100 deal). I prefer outdoor ranges, but decided to do it at $100. That leaves the only thing left is "My Shame" and concern for what I did.
  11. Folks, I really appreciate the replies and now glad I took the time to post this despite my embarrassment over My Negligence. Your inputs have been considerate and EYE OPENING. OMEGA's Post with links to other accidents (negligence I think involved also) was eye opening also. I am FWDing those links to other folks. If I could post pictures on this site, I would show the path of the bullet (pictures I took of Bullet Holes). I did post them on a TAURUS Forum (easier to do there). I can tell you I will never forget this (it is a very disturbing bit of negligence on my part). Not to inject Humor in this serious situation. However, one good thing is, I don't have many years left to have this on my conscious (I am 81 but in good health Physically and Mind, I think Mind. Maybe live another 10 years LOL).
  12. I post this in SHAME and CONCERN about what I did in hopes maybe refresh everyone's safety. BTW, I have a Post similar under the topic on this Forum regarding a Recoil Rod question that I was reviewing when the discharge of my 9MM G2 happened. Just thought might catch more eyes as a separate Topic. It's a bit long presentation. Monday Evening, a member had brought up an issue with a gun (same model as my PT111 G2 9MM). He had noticed his Recoil Rod could be pushed out past the front of the frame when he had the gun broke down for cleaning. I thought that sounds normal to me as the Recoil Rod has to go out the front of the slide when firing the gun to allow the slide to go back. He had in fact said the gun functions OK. Anyway, wanted to verify my thoughts. So, I decided to break my gun down (remove the slide to verify all this). I was at my computer desk. Here is the breakdown procedure for INFO: remove the MAG, check Chamber to make sure no bullet in the chamber (always need to do RULE 1 even though I never keep a bullet in the chamber), then push the slide back about 1/8 inch and release the keeper buttons, let the slide back to normal position (the keeper buttons stay released), then pull the TRIGGER to release the striker (not all guns require that - many do). The Trigger Pull releases the striker and is the final step to pull the slide off the gun (break it down to expose parts for cleaning). THAT REQUIREMENT to pull the TRIGGER is the ONE BIG reason to MAKE SURE the CHAMBER is EMPTY (and in my opinion somewhat a safety issue). BTW, the PT111 has a chamber indicator on it. You can just look at that and know the chamber is empty - I did not do that either. I am not STUPID (dumb) about Rule 1 (gun unloaded) when handling. Do it all the time every time I clean or pick up a gun (except for this incident ). SO Being so SMART about that, what happened??? NOW THE BAD CARELESS PART. The final story is; after breaking the gun down, I verified what the guy saw that you can push the Recoil Rod with your thumb and see it go out the front of the slide. Having verified what I thought, I put the gun back together and put the MAG in and put the gun away (nothing in the Chamber, I never Carry with one in the Chamber). I decided to watch the Recoil Rod come out the front. So, I picked up the gun and manually pushed the slide back, of course it did protrude out the front. Then I released the slide, guess what a round loaded in the Chamber when I released the slide as I had the MAG in. That was the first part of the BAD. Then a bit later, I decided to break the gun down again: Took the MAG out, DID NOT CHECK THE CHAMBER. I guess figured I just had it apart, or just did not think ( VIOLATE RULE 1). Got to the step to Pull TRIGGER (release the striker). Gun went off (loud and scared the crap out of me). Only good thing was that it was pointed in a safe direction due to the way I was sitting and doing the operation (more by accident than by my thoughts). The bullet traveled at a down angle to my left (due to the way I was holding the gun getting ready to remove the slide). The bullet went thru front of a drawer (bottom edge) of another desk, and thru the top back of a lower drawer (top edge). Then thru the back of the desk, thru the wall into a bedroom. It then hit the treadmill in that bedroom (low about 4 inches off the floor and front about 6 inches from the edge) where the heavy part of the tread mill is located. That stopped the bullet. Just to say what could have been- had the gun been level, and a bit further pointed east, it would have went thru a TV, the wall into the adjacent bedroom and out the window of that bedroom. Then who knows what? Killed someone? I was lucky and Needless to say, I was UPSET and still I am still UPSET. My wife (gun hater) was REALLY UPSET, that has been smoothed over to an extent as EVERYONE makes mistakes. ONLY GOOD THING - HOPEFULLY I learned to practice (100 % of the time) something (Rule 1) that I all ready knew and have always practiced.
  13. They must like the guns (two reports in 2 MONTHS). They are different reports, the NOV one has the accuracy table (not a big deal as I am not worried about accuracy at 25 yards other than to know the guns shoot reasonable well).
  14. Oops. Glad the damage was minor. Thanks peejman. All I can say is it was a very Nerve Wracking and Upsetting experience. I still feel so bad about my mistake, negligence, or what ever you want to call it. It is bad enough as it ended, just thinking about what it could have been is constantly on my mind. Think it will be rest of my life (at 81 years old, not much left I guess despite being very healthy for my age). Where Bullet Went and Where it could have Went (disturbing), if you have time to read. I was lucky the path it took. There is another computer desk to the left of mine. So the gun was pointing left and down angle at about my desk top height when I was pulling the trigger to release striker (then slide comes off). MAG was out but that gun fires with MAG out. Anyway the bullet went left and down. Hit the lower 1 inch of the middle drawer in that desk. Then hit the top 1 inch of the lower drawer (it's a deeper drawer). The back of that desk is against the wall. So it went thru back of desk, then the wall to the back bedroom. Treadmill sits next to the wall the bullet came thru. Hit about 4 inches above floor into the side of the treadmill near front of treadmill. Hit the portion of the treadmill in front where motor, etc., is located. I have not seen under treadmill as need to nearly turn it up on end. I do know it did not work when I plugged it in. Think some speckling paste to repair holes in wall sheet rock. And, need new treadmill I iamgine, have not investigated damage on it. . Had gun been level and slightly more pointed east, would maybe gone thru a TV screen, the wall, and out back window of the back bedroom. I am still on nerves about my mistake.
  15. Course all ready a lot of info on these two guns on the FORUM, but I thought this a good review and includes accuracy tests at 25 yard range. https://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2019/11/20/tested-taurus-tx22-g3-pistols/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=insider&utm_campaign=1119
  16. I just broke down my PT111 G2 (2016 purchase that shoots reliably). Guess what, it is the same way as your gun. I push on the rod and the rod goes out past the frame. As well as the hollow tube am that the rode goes thru. The spring hits the frame and and stays in the gun. My opinion it is designed that way to allow for slide recoil (all the rod and the hollow tube has to come out of the frame). LESSON LEARNED: The BAD News is I discharged my gun UNINTENTIONALLY while checking this. The GOOD News is I did not shoot anyone or myself. The projectile went thru a desk, the wall behind the desk, and hit the tread mill solid part of the frame where motor, etc., is located on the other side of that wall. (stopped it - thank goodness). As careful as I with guns I messed up. I had verified nothing in chamber and took Mag out. You have to pull the trigger to release the striker. Then broke it down (no problem). Then verified the recoil rod can be pushed out the front of the frame. I put it back together. Then decided to check what the rod and hollow tube does when you rack it. I NOW assume that is when I loaded a round (obviously had the MAG back in). I decided to break it down again, took the Mag out. Then when I pulled the trigger to release the striker to take the slide off, GUESS What. FIRST RULE - Make sure Gun is unloaded. GOSH I feel terrible and fortunate (nothing serious happened except the tread mill is not operational). I tell this hoping someone else learns something - I sure did.
  17. Carrying is I assume for the purpose of Self Defense. Good I think as we have reverted to the Old West days, but two things come to mind. 1) One of those is actually two things in one: A lack of skills on drawing and shooting in a situation (most of us are not really trained); A lack of knowledge on the Legal Aspects (which is likely to be the second battle if one makes an error in any of the 5 elements) 2) The second thing is, the chances you will ever need to Self Defend is a low probability. That said, there is always a chance and a reason to CARRY (like my friend says, and I agree, I feel better with a CARRY). Not sure exactly how to put in words what I am thinking except for me it is to be as comfortable in method and also to have a Non-Deadly force at hand (belly bag has room for all that). PS: An after thought is all the DANG issues of different state laws and where you can carry and where you can't creates a problem make a problem in CARRY. GROAN. Like having to leave the gun in a car to go into someplace you desire to go in that has a No Gun Policy.

    Rural King

    By The Way, RK Prices not bad sometime. That said, I would check Smoky Mtn Gun & AMMO, BUDS, and Floyd's Golf and Guns before buying anywhere else (AMMO or Guns). I say anywhere else, but I am referring to the area of East TN near Knoxville (the ones I mentioned are in Sevierville on Hwy 66 south of I-40 XIT 407). Maybe not practical to check there if live far away. A BUDS bonus, BUDS has a shooting range (nice one) and you get 30 minute FREE Range Time with any gun purchase (new or used). Also, on used guns, can shoot (10 rounds for $10) and if you buy the gun, the $10 comes off the price. Same with new guns, you can shoot the rental for 10 rounds for $10 and if buy the gun, apply the $10 to purchase. It has to be a model for rent on the range. Course, they will not let you shoot a new gun before you buy it (has to be a rental model at the range).
  19. Marty had some good ones. I prefer a sissy Fanny Pack (wear as a Belly Bag in front). It's big enough to carry lot of stuff in it.
  20. New Tricks for old Dog is a good thing. Probably fun to shoot, play cowboy with single action revolver. Enjoy.

    Rural King

    Also, one in Knoxville (Halls area) and Maryville.
  22. I get the impression from some reviews that it's a tight fit for phone and pistol. Like I said, be nice to see it in hand before buying.
  23. Holster (phone and pistol) INFO that my son sent ($10 price range). I am not interested, maybe someone is interested. I certainly would not want to buy one without seeing it first and making sure a subcompact would fit in it. Another thing is - it would not be a fast draw and subcompact would be 6 to 8 rounds. All that said, it would be a good concealment if you desire to Carry. Lot of legal issues involved with a Legal Defense of a Self-Defense issue (better meet all the 5 Requirements). There are several models shown on EBAY in conjunction with the link ($ 10 Range). Look at this on eBay Concealed carry waist pack holster for compact 9mm & 380 subcompact pistols guns
  24. https://mailchi.mp/a243986f6e95/save-25-on-a-new-taurus-g2c-with-our-season-of-savings-rebate?e=5ae4f45654

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