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  1. bump. driving from knoxville to clarksville saturday morning. i could bring this with me.
  2. a few items for sale. located in knoxville, tn. will ship and accept paypal. first up. Brommeland max con v XD45 holster (all but 5' tactical). i love this holster, but no longer have a XD. For what its worth....i carried a XD9 in it. it fit....but the model only shows to fit the 45. $100 Shipped SPF Here is a BCG i dont need. its a r guns bcg. ive got a little over $130 in it. Test fired 10 rounds to check function. cleaned and put back in safe. $120 Shipped SOLD Last is a pink set of AR15 furniture from TAPCO. includes pistol grip, vertical grip, fo
  3. mossberg 930spx. purchased first of the year from buds gun shop. ive put 100rds or less through it. this is the straight stock model without the pistol grip. newest version with the round knob on the bolt. ive shot several different kinds of birdshot, buckshot, and slugs through it. ill be honest...it has ran great on everything BUT winchester universals. there where a few hang ups on the winchesters. (ive heard this is common) $625 OBO. $550 FIRM Located in knoxville, tn. Not looking to ship or travel across the state. thanks TGO
  4. Looking for some 50 cal ammo cans. Im located in knoxville, tn. thanks tgo!
  5. here is my current setup. ive since added a VERY powerful green laser to the right side of the quad rail with a pressure switch. really helps get get on target. i can group decent at around 50 yards with just the laser. [URL=http://s195.photobucket.com/user/TwoStrokeMafia/media/1-1_zps7237b19e.jpg.html][/URL]
  6.   no i dont. i had it wrapped in paracord , but the charging handle was snagging it. ill probably buy a foam cover so i can get a more comfortable cheek weld on it. 
  7. kind of off topic, but didnt want to start a new thread. my ar pistol is 9mm so its kinda irrelevant on what you guys are talking about....but   my only gripe with my ar pistol is aiming the thing. i started off with a laser mounted on the quad rail and now ive got some flip up sights. i can do a cheek weld on the buffer tube, but its kinda funky. thinking about going the SBR route because of this. what does everyone else use for sights? 
  8. looking for complete 5.56 bolt carrier group. located in knoxville. thanks tgo!
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