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  1. I only have one magazine and both failures occurred with the Federal FMJ. I was reading about this last night and one site recommended 1,000 rounds before considering any handgun "broken in". I'll run another handful of rounds through it and see what happens. I'm not sure how much this matters in just 50 rounds but I did not clean the gun. Since the two failures happened at the end of the box I just waited until I got home to clean. It was clean when I got there.
  2. I took 2 handguns to the range today and fired 50 rounds each. The first is a S&W 642 revolver. As expected, it functioned flawlessly. The second is an I.O. Hellcat II .380. It's an LCP clone made in North Carolina. I.O. primarily makes AK's and they've stopped producing this pistol. It was unfired except in the factory. I fired 44 Federal FMJ rounds and 6 Hornady Critical Defense that found their way into the bag. I had one failure in each of the last two magazines. One failure-to-eject and one failure-to-feed. I've heard that sometimes handguns need a break-in period. What would be consi
  3. I know I'm digging up an older post here but mace is also legal to carry in TN without any permit. Great for dog walks when some random animal comes running up to your leashed dog.
  4. This is probably a sore spot for a lot of gun owners: 2. WHAT IS THIS LAWSUIT ABOUT? Answer: This lawsuit is about alleged safety defects in the following Taurus-branded firearms: PT-111 Millennium; PT-132 Millennium; PT-138 Millennium; PT-140 Millennium; PT-145 Millennium; PT-745 Millennium; PT-609; PT-640; and/or PT-24/7. The “PRO” series of each model are also included. The lawsuit asserts that these alleged safety defects may cause some Class Pistols to unintentionally fire with the safety in the “on” or “safe” position when the trigger is pulled and some Class Pistols may
  5. I've had this thought but on the AK side. What is the purpose? A little fun. If I'm going to own it, I'm going to have to consider its application as a defensive tool. Not a hunter, not going to compete. Right or left-handed? Left-handed, right eye dominant Operating system? It seems like semi is the sensible choice. On the marksmanship team, we used bolt action and there's something I like about that. However, for possible defensive applications, it doesn't seem like the best choice. Budget? I'll spitball $5-800 I will say, there's a lot that I rea
  6. I want to buy a rifle. I was on the marksmanship team in high school. I went to the range a few times with my dad who was infantry. It's been about 10 years now, but I want to get a rifle. The problem is which one? I'm completely overwhelmed with all of the options. I'll likely only buy one rifle to go with my one pistol, so I want to get the right one. Something accurate, easy to maintain, fun, fairly budget friendly. What would you recommend and why?
  7. The product NcoMark is referring to is called HUM. Not only does it provide the GPS services, it functions as a roadside assistance service and helps monitor the vehicle function through the OBD2 port and remind you of regular maintenance necessities. For phone apps, there are several. All require location services to be on. You can use Android Device Manager ID you know the Gmail info on the phone. It will display an alert on the phone saying it's been located. You can also try Lookout mobile security. I'm not sure if it alerts the user. With any apps, the trick is going to be this: Are you
  8. I have a .380 pocket pistol with a single magazine. It's a 6+1 and my first handgun. A friend of mine has a 9mm and his magazine spring seems to be much stronger. In the interest of taking the strain off my magazine spring I've been leaving the mag with 5 rounds in it for home defense. Is there any benefit to doing this?


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