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  1. Look for the big bore pistol calibers like .500, 454, 45 colt, 44 mag etc.. No one cares about 9mm, way to common and it won't bring much, but .40 and 45 is a little better Don't throw any away, you can take it to the scrap place and get a few bucks. Even .22. Look for .308 and .223 and sort between commercial and military brass. good luck. You never know when you may find a bunch of a rare caliber that is worth a lot. Have a friend that buys 5 gallon buckets and got over 300 .500 s&w brass in a bucket. Jackpot
  2. All out of AR's fro 10.5"-20" barrels. 55-62gr bullets: H335. Don't waste your time with it and any heavier bullets, I tried. Years ago I used a2230 and it performed very similar to h335. Just was harder for me to find so I switched to h335. 69-77gr bullets: varget. I really want to replace this with something as I hate the crunch and ring from compressed loads. Tried imr4895 but it just didn't group as well. That being said, 1/2" groups with varget and 69 smk's is hard to beat. If it ain't broke......
  3. Bass pro will have them, behind the counter. I buy them on occasion from Academy in Johnson city when I don't want 1000 or to drive to Cabelas, but I just sent 6 packs of small pistols back to Winchester for a refund. Must have been a bad batch so I am leary of any primers at Academy. I had around 10% failure to fire rate with them. Really pissed me off because after thousands of rounds of reloading it made me second guess myself and go through all sorts of testing to prove it wasn't me, the guns, or another component. Maybe they had spent time on the floor like previously stated. I hav
  4. We just got an Academy this year.  I wish ours sold it, but that tells me there is always hope.   Thankfully Cabela's came in and the local shop dropped their prices about $5 a pound.
  5. I say go for it.  If I was to do it again, I probably would have bought a nicer press in the beginning, but it has served me well for thousands of rounds.  Lee 4 hole turret, bought the kit but dont use the scale or hand primer.  Bought a digital scale right off the bat to load match grade .223.  Then over time you add parts, like an rcbs hand primer and a lyman 55 powder measure.   I feel like I do save money and its been well worth it over the years.  Everyone here has touched on the benefits (precision loads, weak target loads, experimentation).   I ju
  6. Del-ton are some of the good guys out there. There are some other kit places to avoid. Ordered a kit in January and still haven't got it yet, in case you are wondering one how long it takes.
  7. Wow, everyone here is lucky but me. Called on Day 90. Oh, hang on sir, (click, click in background). Your permit will be issued this week and can take 7-14 days to get to you once mailed. I told the other two guys that sent theres of on the same day to call. One clerk told one of them that she just issued the permit. I am encouraging everyone to go ahead and call. What were they going to do, let it just sit.............. worthless.
  8. 1. They suck. Just send it back and make them fix it. Just dont ever order or recommend them again. I wouldn't have recommended them in the first place. See #1 Anyone looking for AR parts. Stay away from M&A and Model 1 sales.
  9. BigPhil

    Best transfer price

  10. Here is what i had my brother order from delton. should be close to your range. the standard m4 16" kit: get the chrome 1x7 16" barrell for $45 get the m4 flattop with m4 ramps get a yhm light weight free float tube. Optional: upgrade to the badger tac latch. stick with the standard m4 stock and everything else. order it and wait. It will take 4 months. Done, you've got a heck of a better deal than what is out there on complete rifles. You will have just over $800. Same rifle in the store would be $1200 now. you can thank me later.
  11. I dont blame you for not wanting tupperware. I just got rid of an XD45 compact, not that there was anything wrong with it other than I didnt like it. First tupperware gun after having 1911's for years. If you go tupperware look at the Smith M&P. Thats what I wanted but Smith hadn't released the compact yet when I bought the XD. Feels a whole lot better than the XD IMO. I am back to all steel for the time being. I picked an old reliable witness compact 45 steel. That thing is awesome IMO. Fits my hand like a glove. Should have never gotten rid of it years ago, but thankfully got i
  12. If it was me I would go to Hero-Gear. I've never been there, but been to CCA plenty.
  13. kingtone, have one just like it. amazingly accurate once you quit flinching. smooth trigger. it is heavy then some revolvers to carry but it is worth it. You can actually buy a replacement hammer without the thumb grip. Had I known that, I never would have gotten rid of the 9mm version I had 8 years ago.
  14. Depends on your budget. $299 - SKS $699 - AK $999 - AR15 I prefer AR's myself. Buy one and you will know.
  15. Looks nice. I dont need the fancy skin but he got his start making CZ holsters and makes them for clones. Maybe I'll be looking for something for an EAA Witness in the future.........


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