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  1. 1.4 M subscribers I don’t know what to think.
  2. I have tried winter wheat and turnips together with good results but you have to keep the deer out.
  3. Health dept doesn’t charge for the test but the tax payers are paying for them. Nothing is free.
  4. I forgot , next to a wedding ring a safe is probably best money I ever spent.
  5. Big safes won’t go thru interior doors. I would put it in the garage, bolted down with a switch going to your alarm system. Throw a blanket over it so it looks like a safe with a blanket over it. I would want air to circulate underneath safe so I would use spacers with B7 grade bolts.
  6. Taurus 38 5 rounds,ex cond, w/box, 95 rds target ammo $300 firm no reply to do you still have it, Kingsport area. Would consider 22 lr pump or lever action on trade
  7. Ruger MKI 22lr, 1 mag,100 rds ammo, fair cond some spots in bluing near blbl end $2OO firm MKI not II no reply to do you still have it Would consider pump or lever action 22 lr on trade
  8. I wouldn’t count on the local sheriff knowing the law. I would call the county attorney or a private attorney. Like I posted about Sullivan Co. it depends on who you are ,who you know, and who your neighbors are.
  9. Good to see that someone cared enough to bring their children.
  10. Several on broker site selling high
  11. Messing with the FFA has some pretty stiff penalties. Years ago a drunk shot an airplane approaching Tri Cities and got 5 or 7 years federal time if I remember correctly
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