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  1. The overhead gun racks the police in Kingsport use are lockable with some having an electrical switch that can be hidden. I forget the brand but I think for a civilian to have one would be out there but really neat.
  2. In my neighborhood are two Police cars parked in the street in front of the officer’s homes. Both have overhead gun racks with ARs in them. I noticed what looked like a sling hanging down one morning and that’s what it was.
  3. That is the world we live in. Nobody wants anybody telling them what to do.
  4. Maybe they will come up with a vaccine to cure gun violence.
  5. Bench has wheels he must know how to use that welder.
  6. Hire a professional it’s cheaper than a trip to the emergency room.
  7. When I saw that pistol I thought I would like to shoot it but it’s too far of a drive but thanks for the offer.
  8. I don’t know about Sevier Co fairgrounds but Appalachian Fairgrounds in Gray Tn. Is privately owned. They regularly have gun shows.
  9. The fellow in the picture has an awfully big head. Bad photoshop?
  10. I’ve seen a Knack style tool box mounted at driveway and driver locks box after placing package.
  11. Do they have gun shows in Mexico ?
  12. I’m surprised no one has mentioned Scag. I have had a Tiger Cub for 18 years and have only replaced a couple of belts and battery’s. It cost $4000 when new so it may be hard to get a Scag for $4000 but a lot of the mowers mentioned in this thread would be more than $4000.
  13. I would like to see more pictures of revolvers without flutes especially in the classified section.
  14. Very nice. I have only seen one unfluted cylinder pistol in person and very few on Gunbroker.
  15. When I was little my dad bought me a Crosman BB gun that looked like a M1 and later a Marlin 22 that also looked like a M1. When I was around 50 years old he said he would like to get me a real m1 then asked how much the were. I said they were 6 or 7 hundred. He said that was too much. I said I agree.
  16. What are tomato and pepper plants selling for in your part of the state? A Kingsport garden center had some for 25 cents each. Some were higher.
  17. If your talking about leather around the bottom of the lever I did mine myself. Hobby Lobby or any craft store will have what you need and YouTube has plenty of instructions.
  18. Didn’t everyone do stupid things when you were young ? The difference is some of us didn’t get caught.
  19. gary_boom


    He is a lot nicer guy than I am.
  20. Most of these stars are anti the common people having guns. I might have a little respect for some of them if they would refuse to use guns in their movies.
  21. My wife, before we met, worked at the movie theater when Blazing Saddles was showing, she could quote most lines throughout the movie.
  22. Another warning about sulfur water up here you never know if or when you will hit it. I don’t think I would look at anything without city water.


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