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  1. Back in the 90's when I used to have a full service shop, I had a guy bring in a 375 70 of about "70's" manufacture. He wanted a cheap scope put on and sighted. Despite my suggestion to step it up in the optics, he wanted the Bushnell 3x9 sport view. Yup, you read that right! The gun was given to the guy and he wanted to try it out on a deer as cheaply as possible. So I mounted it up on Weaver rings with a dab of rubber cement in the saddles to fend off scope shift and hit the 100y range with a box of Win ammo off the shelf. The 70 clocked in with a couple of the best groups I ever fired out of a belted magnum. Factory ammo in a bone stock factory gun and its cutting clover leafs like nothing! Threw a freakin Sport View no less.... I all ways felt the 375 H&H was the king of dangerous game guns. And I'v worked on all kinds of bolt guns. Mostly trigger tunes & glass bedding before the whole pillar thing came to being and the M70's are my favorite design of all time. With a crisp 3.25 lb trigger pull on that straight up design...... it just doesent get any better than that. John Moses Browning lamented to his workers over and over, "the simplest design, is the best design". And KahrMan has all of that in that 375.
  2. Doing competent gun work comes down to a person's skill level with tools. There are various levels of mechanically inclined individuals. There are a number of basics, a person should be unflinchingly comfortable with. Reading a Dial caliper and being able to file a true flat onto a surface. Are you prepared to buy a varied number of tools. The sad thing is a lot of folks "think" their basic maintenance auto mechanic skills will carry them threw. And for some it may, but others just end up with a zip lok baggy being dropped of at a Gunsmith shop. So a day or week end may only tell you if you maybe, kinda, sorta have the skill talent to shape, fit and form gun steel. Best thing is buy your self some clunkers and see if you can install non fitting sights, make new grip panels "better" that the originals, learn trigger sear function and the geometery in the various designs. Having the ability to understand the function of each interrelated gun part is a key mechanical ability that not many folks have. Where you fall into those abilities will show up in your clunker reworks!
  3. I see it like this with what little has been discussed of his history. There will be a person victimized by this kid sooner or latter that "should" put him in jail. In a good jail, drugs are obviously not allowed AND the Officers need to be on point with their area searches and body frisking. Hopfully his conviction will get him enough time to cold turkey what ever crap he's on and only at the point of release you cal hope "he" desides to kick his habit and return to the world. untill then, someone has to take his hit.
  4. Iv done a bunch of custom mods to the SKS design. Its like the K98 mauser of mid weight semi autos. Just yesterday I finished up the machining specs so you can use factory ASC AR-type magazines in the SKS. Its for use with the Marcus G9 mag adapter. With this new machining spec, it will get the G9 adapters back on the market. That makes factory mags completely interchangeable with AR-47's.
  5. Look under "Sten,All types" . If they don't scratch your itch, no one else will to this extent. http://www.weaponsguild.com/forum/index.php
  6. I read Carolyn Meadows Presidents column a couple days ago in my Rifleman mag and it made me want to puke on the page. Second sentence " Its an honor to serve as NRA President and also to work along side Wayne LaPierre, Exc VP Chris Cox"..... bla bla bla with a crap load of other pocket stuffers. The only way this out fit will survive IMO is it must be taken over by the very ones who sounded the alarm at the git go. Namely Oly North and the likes such as Alan West. Its going to be a drag out battle to right this historic organization and you need in honesty what Carolyn M said, "TO SERVE" not to be served as the leadership has so gainfully been doing. C Meadows didn't allude to a single issue of why North stepped down. Its exactly this kind of arrogant façade that will turn off the cash flow much faster than if they just came out and explaned the situation and what they are doing to correct it. But Noooo, in NRA world, the Emperor has new cloths!
  7. Ha Ha... here we go again. I like constitutional carry also and let the bodies fall were they may! As a person quite familiar with non country raised folks, It will be interesting to see if the negligent discharges surge with those citizens that want criminals to fear them because they have a gun. Beyond that desire..... they are so ignorant about the physical attributes of a firearm, it would make your head spin! I'm taking dumb, stupid, AH in the highest degree. And there are a S*** load of them living quite happily in their city controlled environment. As our overall rural populations decrease and suburban areas pick up that migration, yeah, a certain type of population control may not be a bad thing! The bigger picture shows those folks are also spread out all over. Maybe the average rural citizen knows the difference between a 22 and a 30-30 but still may be lacking in the ability to educate them selves in the safe handling of a carry conceal weapon. The mind set is alive and well..... how many times have you been forced toward the shoulder of the road driving your vehicle because some jerk was hurtling a 4000 lb missile at you? Training or no training, stupid is a common human attribute. Making it easier for all types of folks to put loaded weapons in their pockets has a good news/bad news rider attached. Just how that balances out in the long run may not benefit the 2A crowd. Lets say Hilary won.....as she held the pop vote totals, Supreme court goes left, deaths by CC handgun stats go up or are cooked, That's there in for anther thumping of the 2A. a bigger turd sandwich that what may have happened if they just leave the 38 state Concealed Carry requirements as they are. I think a better win may be just expanding the current 38 states to all 50 and be done with it. Constitutional carry is technically correct, I get that, reality is we have degenerated from the days when you had to own property to be able to vote. My wife works in child care. An awful lot of kids are medicated and way, way out of control. The Law has more or less mandated a slow death to what we old guys knew as personal responsibility and the way to teach it to the young. That's just reality the way I see it.
  8. Well, It could very well be a hoax, God knows there have certainly been plenty in history. But.... tick tacs that can fly circles around our best military equipment and travel over 500MPH under water according to our Navy personel? Its time to maybe hold out with yae or nay until the rest of the testing is complete and see what those labs find. There are ET's according to Col. Corso in his book The Day After Roswell. With an open mind, anything is possible so lets see what else becomes of the testing. https://www.gaia.com/article/unearthing-nazca-an-update-on-the-nazca-mummies And hey, I'm half White Russian! ...... and your right! once they get to drinking I wouldn't believe a dam thing that spills out of their mouths!
  9. The bores had some pretty rough spots so shooting it was not a possible solution. Fluid steel in that shape would be maybe OK with a real good spin polish & hi speed hone but not with the laminated bore. I'm not one to cut good barrels either but the condition AND the 14 inches that I cut off took nearly 2 full pound off the 32 inchers. This thing "was" the definition of unwieldy! Now, not so much. The now 8.5 lb weight is actually nicely balanced now. I love the over sized receiver. The picture is a 16 gauge build on basically a 12 g size receiver. The big 10 comes alive in the side by side shot. A 30-30 round is all of puny inside the 10g chamber. I'm not too worried about a 30-30 hand fit to this garunga!
  10. Well, my choices would be the 45-70 but the 3, 45-70 barrels I have are really nice octagon take offs. Now the other side of the pressure story that's seldom added to the equation, is recoil forces upon the breach. If this was a different lock up design of less than best quality soldering in the chamber end I would not go the hotter 30-30. The 30-30 recoil forces upon the breach face is not the problem. The only issues I can see is more than likely a bushed FP hole for a smaller FP tip and monitor head space, but again, the extra large surface area of the hinge pin and hardened lock plate are all built for moving 1 & 1/4 oz shot along at a fair pace ahead of the BP explosion. Most of todays factory 30-30 loads are not quite optimal pressures. Just as the factory 45-70 is a whisper of what the hand loader can do. So, At worst, IMO, some head space may become evident with steady use since the breach lug is not a heat treat hardened surface. I would wring it out with a couple boxes, measure for head space and if no change, put it away for maybe an around the house blaster.
  11. I don't know what it is exactly with rabbit ear doubles..... they just speak to me in some mystical way. I have a Doumolin 16g and now this new acquisition from GB for the rather decent price of $221 shipped. Its a 10g tank that I promptly cut down to 18.5 inches. The bores are about 75-80% . The old Damascus cannon has just the tiniest lock up movement over its strong dual under lugs. I intend to line the bores as a 12g and 30-30. Theres plenty of meat in the barrels to bore out for a 12g lining and I'v got some SS 308 blanks that I'll turn to light weight and bushing it in with aluminum. Top it off with a quick change lateral sliding rear sight for either barrel. The sad part is it falls in line with some other projects ........ still waiting for that illusive "time" thing to come around! My addiction exposed.........
  12. Well, I'm mostly familiar with NYC since I baby sat their lesser and career criminals for over 25 years. Had some eye opening discussions with my "good" inmates many times. Don't be naïve to think the American dream is achieved by all inner city minorities in some normal fashion. Upstate prison bids stacked up like sleeve hash marks give BIG street status. NYC has population half the size of this state that young girls fawn over the richest street dealers just to get at least one baby by them. Again that "fatherless baby gives the girl big status because of who fathered it.... and no other connection needed. That inner city society is NOTHING like what country folks here think goes on. I worked Bedford Hills, A female state prison with full maternity ward for birthing. Women commonly hand out a monthly pay out to multiple bar room fathers to bump their welfare checks up past 46K annually. How about fathers that don't even want to know their offspring's names. You can replace every TN resident with NYC minorities and still have some to go around. The city voting habits want to be taken care of in the here and now..... screw the future. The intellectual catch fraise of these genius's goes like "I gots mines" . Seems other large cities are not far from this particular form of social behavior.
  13. Too young for EBT and too smart to hold a job..... ho hum. And the neighborhood only sees one of their disrespected "robin" hoods gunned down. Like I'v said before, these cities are fatal cancers to the root of our social liberties. Only the book of Revelation will tighten this all up. JMO.
  14. Hey, Its a Dillon..... just call Dillon, they will guide you over the phone with anything your not sure about in its operation. CS on anything with a Dillon name on it is what the company built its reputation on. After you talk to them, let us know how they treated you.
  15. Good article! Ha, I half expected to see Wayne Lapierre get hit off on something or other... I think the bottom line of this is sort of like the old High Standard story. Manufacturers rely on bulk out going sales to distributors. So its the outfits like Remington that very well may bite the final bullet in this case. We will see.........
  16. Hey, I just got this and if its true, this is a huge shock wave to the industry. Liquidation of millions of dollars in guns and related stuff is going to put a hurt on the normal inventories of other retailers. Unless some outfit scoops this entire inventory up only to hold wholesale on it, things can get interesting on the open market. Back in 82, my distributor was Ellet Brothers! Sorry to see it all fold up like this..... June 12, 2019 On Monday, a major American firearms dealer which staked its future on the election of Hillary Clinton in 2016 declared bankruptcy and its intention to liquidate. United Sporting Companies Chief Executive Officer Bradley Johnson admitted in a court filing that USC, which was founded in 1933 as Ellett Brothers before merging with Jerry’s Sports, Inc. in 2009 and formally changing its name to United Sporting Companies, Inc. in 2010, hiked its inventory before the election of Donald Trump. They figured that once a Democrat was elected, gun sales would soar because of the Democrats’ typical hostility for guns and avowed determination to restrict gun sales. The court filing stated: The Daily Mail reported of Johnson, “ … he said the Republican Trump's unexpected win over Democrat Hillary Clinton was a factor in net sales falling to $557 million in 2018 from an average $885.3 million from 2012 to 2016, with an accompanying glut of inventory.” Other reasons cited by the company for its bankruptcy filing included Bass Pro Shops' merger with Cabela's, Gander Mountain's bankruptcy, and Dick’s Sporting Goods’ losses, all of which meant that USC had a harder time because vendors and manufacturers were less willing to extend credit to them. The company stated it had between $100 million and $500 million of liabilities. USC’s stock included Remington, Ruger, Browning, Winchester, Smith & Wesson, Glock, Bushnell, Sig Sauer, Springfield Armory, Hornaday, Henry, Magpul, Armscor, MotorGuide, Minn Kota, Lowrance, Federal, CCI, Taurus, and Leupold. USC has 20,000 independent retailers covering all 50 states. According to the Post and Courier: The majority owner is Wellspring Capital Management, a New York private equity firm that’s bought the business in 2008 and is now facing a lawsuit over its handling of tens of millions of dollars in borrowed funds. Prospect Capital Corp. is alleging that the $160 million in financing to provided Ellett Brothers in 2012 and 2013 was never invested in the business, according to the complaint it filed May 23 in Lexington County. At the end of March, The Daily Wire reported that according to Bloomberg, Dick’s Sporting Goods, the country’s largest sports retailer, lost $150 million in 2018 after the company decided to stop selling assault-style rifles and high-capacity magazines.
  17. 56's will require the highest rings made and in some instances, that still wont be high enough on non tapered barrels. Another factor is, is the tube long enough to put you in the best eye relief. 2 pc bases make that more critical than multi slotted one pc bases. I was a dealer when the entire bigger is better at light gathering debate raged in the late 80's. Leupold made the case again & again that its in the coatings rather than diameter of objective lens that determine illuminating ambient light transmission to the eye. Regardless of the science back then, "looks" won out at the scope counter. Maybe things have changed since then but keep in mind, if you like a comfortable cheek weld and a fast target acquisition, I'm not sure you will be happy with a 56.
  18. The early Ithaca guns with integral barrel front sight base & splinter forends remind me of the C3 Corvette I never bought..... Sleek, yet beefy where it should be. Am I alone in seeing this?
  19. My 44 JP Sauer and Uberti Stallion 22 convertible
  20. The 22 WMR is clearly one of the greatest calibers ever. It can do just about everything common circumstances will demand. everything from head shot small game to deer and HD in a pinch. My all time favorite in the mag is the Marlin 57M. I have one and sold several back when I was wheeling & dealing. My 57M has out shot my brothers New Henry lever in side by side bench. If you have never handled the Marlin "Levermatic" as it was advertised, its like no other lever ever designed. It has the shortest lever thro of anything ever devised that spits bullets. While operating the action, you never move the web of your hand from shooting grip position to work the action. You simply move your fingers down and back up and you have ejected and reloaded in the absolutely fastest lever movement ever. When I was at work once we got to shoot bullet proof plexy type glass that had just been newly installed in the control room. While 45 ACP and 38spl's were bouncing off, the 22 mag was imbedding just like the 357M rounds. I once had an old timer bring me his 57M with a broken firing pin. He bragged about how many hundreds of deer he did one shot kills on with that gun and swore he would never use anything else. I was more than skeptical of his claims especially after he said he did chest shots! I had asked if he was hitting them in the head (that I could believe) but he said just shoot where you would with any gun. Well, one thing for sure, the gun had seem ALOT of firing due to the hammer to bolt hit contact peening that eventually crystalized the pin into submission. He was sure happy to get his Marlin back. Weeks latter I run into a guy that knew the old man and he assured me what he said was true. The old guy would eat venison all year long jacking the meat regularly ever since he knew the old guy since he was a young boy. Putting a jacket around that small frontal area bullet and driving it at the 22m of "just right speeds" does everything humans want out of a old fashion bullet projectile. It wont be my deer gun of choice any time soon but its nice to know it can do that if need be in a SHTF situation. The only down of the 57M is it normally runs with a heavy trigger but it can be cleaned up and I put a shoe on my trigger and got it at a nice no creep pull. GB usually has one or 2 floating by to folks in the know of these great old guns. I'm shocked at how the values of these 57M's have shot up. Back in the 80's & 90's they were 275-325 guns maybe pushing 400 if like unfired mint. And now? Check GB for your self.... Heres a action all the way open shot. You can keep your bolt guns in this cal..... I'll keep my 57M until the great beyond! PS, Oh, don't confuse this with the Marlin 57 22LR. They use the same lever design but the LR has an aluminum receiver and they are prone to cracking in half at the recoil shoulder. The 57M's have a strong steel receiver that locks up the bolt nearly identicaly to the Savage 99 actions.
  21. That's a sweet job! I think the way you did the tooling really captures a western look yet not overly done. Tastefully done to a Tee!
  22. Actually, the practice of not dry firing a 22 is the traditional thing to do but from a modern design point of view, not all ways true. For instance, The Ruger 10/22 design will handle moderate amounts of dry firing along with the Ruger MK series of pistols. The firing pin designs of today have rather large strike bottom out features that ensure the firing pin tip does not exceed the majority of the rim head space when fully extended. The problem in a modern design comes from crystalizing the firing pin with "excessive" dry firings and in some cases, dimpling the chamber face could happen with over use of dry firing a rim fire gun. Even some designs that may be like a new-ish Marlin 39 should not be dry fired simply because its in fact an old design and those pins are not robustly designed in the first place. So if you want to be non technical, Don't dry fire RF guns..... but some designs can handle moderate amounts just fine.
  23. I think you have it backward. They will make contact when "we" are ready! People are seriously afflicted with stupid. Why would any one who is far more technically capable than us want to talk to a species that has serious trouble electing real leaders (64 mil for Hilary ). My reading on the subject suggests they are here all ready and dealing with certain Government people. We, the people have a way to go before knowledge of them is released and taught in schools. But like I said, releasing those Sailors from their non discloser signatures after the event is a major turn around.
  24. This Vid has a lot of info never released before by the guys that were there. What is a fascinating figure is the Submarine attached to the Nimitz group tracked the tic tac at 500 knots (575 mph) once it entered the water. Is that wild or what? My take on these is they are planetary vehicles that use the planets magnetic field for propulsion. They use some sort of opposing field of energy that isolates the inhabitants from gravity and can act as a cloaking shield of sorts. Another interesting and newer Naval pilot encounter is further along in the second secure team vid. Letting these guys talk = huge turn around from Gov black ops Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRgoisHRmUE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88vCTg38Ze0&t=630s

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