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  1. IDK how others train their dogs but mine would have to be starving to try a stunt like that. Our current Blue Healer will look and stare at people food all she wants but only if I give her a "bite" command will she put people food in her mouth. If my dog ever ate my food without the command to do so, all hell would break loose on the poor K9! Nothing physical of course. But she's pretty smart and knows her place. As far as good ham is concerned my Slavic upbringing puts good prepped Horseradish n Beets on any kind of ham for a sinus clearing explosion of love.... Only place that sells it here is Publics. I used to grind my own years ago. If you like some heat on your food, you aint lived untill you put a good sized gob of Horse Radish on a bite of ham.
  2. I have 3 types of older bore sighters and I really like the mirror idea. Never thought of that! I used to sight in rifles ALOT for customers when I had a business and A bore sighter is not worth all the money they ask for some of these if you know how to sight in a scope properly. Its pretty simple really. Invest in a good sand bag set or better yet is a lead sled where you lock the gun into a target rest that fixes the rifle solidly in place on the table. Put one hit on the target, set the rifle back in place to where it was on bulls eye before your shot. Without moving the gun, look threw the scope and turn your scope adjustments un till the cross hair is now dead on that first bullet hole. The more fixed to the table the gun is while turning the adjustments, the fewer shots you will need. I could sight in a rifle with 3 shots and that was holding the gun just fixed into sand bag rests. Trust me when I tell you, barrels are not perfect in being bore centered or being straight threw the center of the OD of a straight barrel. These "normal" inconsistencies is why any bore sighter is expected to be a paper hitter only. I still use a Bushnell sighter that has a single bore rod with spring on the end and it has put dead on target holes and on some, not even on the paper. Iv never used a lead sled but I,m thinking that would be the most fool proof way to zero on the fewest rounds fired. Bore sighter? .....not so much.
  3. With 4.2 gallons under the seat n 76 mpg, this scooter is my go to for town errands most of the time these days. My trail cam caught us getting an early ride before the leaves popped up here on the Plateau. I got rid of the grass in front of the house last year with a patio and wall. Hopfully, I'll get the screen room extension put up where the ladder is. Dang county raised my assessment by 200K this year!
  4. Antidepressants Are a Prescription for Mass Shootings – Citizens Commission on Human Rights, CCHR (cchrflorida.org)
  5. If unmolested by a prior mechanic of sorts, a pre 64 94 is a pretty fine action. You would have to give much finer detail on exactly were in the loading process you are having trouble. But first start by saying you are using factory new cartridges. Saves us the "reload" merry go round may-bees.
  6. When I was a kid, The neighbor had a big coon in a tree by their house and my friend shot it in the head with a 22mag. that took a section of snout off the critter with the ear gone. It was pretty mad at that point. It took 2 more hits to get it to fall out of the tree and it was still not dead. Pellet gun? IDK about that......
  7. Looks like nice clean Browning-esk edges for the most part except for the extra chunkiness around the mag catch both sides. A range report coming from one so familiar with real Brownings would be of most interesting content!
  8. Lon Horiuchi ..... A bubble in the Deep State septic swamp. Dam shame whats happened to this country. A VERY detailed look into what the FBI has become. Listen to this vid. We should all be extremely concerned for who keeps these people in power at this Bureau. BREAKING: FBI Whistleblower Leaks Document Showing Bureau Targeting ‘News Media’ | Project Veritas
  9. I agree. I think S&W had droped the ball on the production line with some what on the plus side, slide, frame and barrel tolerances. It put the guns in to the maybe a good grouper and maybe not so much. With their revolver reputation of slick actions and reliably good accuracy out of a box, the 3rd Gen was better than earlier Generations but still not competion quality, only service grade geared toward Police & military standards. On the other hand this production thinking was endemic of production Autos of the day. Case in point, I handled a couple Colt Gold Cup 45's that were rattlers right out of the box. Horrible frame slide barrel fits. Nothing more frustrating to do everything right on your part and you get consistent flyer patterns. I think Alloy frame guns are on the come back to a degree. Except this time, the accuracy bar is set higher than it was 30-40 years ago in a production Auto. JMHO That 915 is in fabulous shape! Great lines and super reliable.
  10. Its been 27 years since my wife had that job. What's screaming out at me with that shot is the silence it depicts. Just a quick heads up on a just in case situation. If your son goes colic-ie on you and wont sleep unless hes being rocked in some way or (middle of night car ride), go buy your self a bottle of Gripe Juice. Its a pickle extract that when a tea spoon it given, the kid will drop off and sleep like a rock for a number of hours during the night with zero issues. My daughter didnt have that issue but boy oh boy, Colic = crying non stop cuz hes tiered and cant sleep! Gripe Juice = Angel From Heaven!!!
  11. I spotted this on GB and figured it looked like a nice project gun. It looks like someone polished the steel parts and cold blued it. Despite its looks, it shot well so I picked up a stainless top end assembly on Ebay and a number of stainless frame parts with a full size hammer. I scalloped the slide at the back end so the hammer is easy to thumb back with the new hammer. Did a decent trigger job and the single action pull is holding at 5 lbs with the DBL coming in at just over 10 lbs. The big wide polished PT trigger makes those numbers feel much lighter. A set of modified Altimont non right side decocker grips and bingo, she's all dressed up to go range dancin! For a DA auto, I all ways liked the Beretta inspired steel controls vs stampings as found on much more expensive guns. A more robust & practical slide take down latch system has not been designed to date!
  12. If those stats are correct, I cant begin to imagine the number of law suits against the Vax companies that would be happening. IF I remember right, Prior to the Congress giving vaccines protection from law suits, The Pharma companies were seeing a huge up tick in awards going out to damaged families. Each company would pre budget millions in advance for awards they knew they could not win. They found it was far more expedient to send those monies into reelection PAC funds and kill the awards losses once and for all. All under the pretense of "its good for you ALL"...... yeah right.
  13. It depends on how far you need to go, If your only about a quarter turn away, yeah I would put more turn on it with blue lock tight. If its tightening to a max amount just shy of zero-ed out, take a deburing tool and finger spin off a tad amount of metal off the top of the hole. "If" your too far off to do any of that and the sight is relatively firm in the treads, just use red lock tight on it at its zero point and let dry for a couple days, trim off the bore tendon and call it done.
  14. Funny how this statistical analysis has been entirely ignored by the News media. Fellin Good about your Covid shots yet!!!! LOL. Some reason the YT link aint stickin. copy n paste it as There was an unexpected 40% increase in 'all cause deaths' in 2021 in YT search.
  15. JD, we could truly have interesting discussions. As to your question, I can only answer it from second hand information. My father was a Kiev Ukrainian who joined the Germans during operation Barbarossa after the German Army wiped out nearly 36 Russian divisions that were placed around Kiev to keep it out of Hitlers hands. It took 47 days to destroy nearly 700,000 men who made up those 36 divisions. Friends of my fathers who would come to the house to drink high balls and such were a Panzer Tank driver and an SS trooper as he himself was a Lieutenant in the Wehrmacht's 201st Schutzmannschaft Battalion. These men fought to free their homeland of Ukraine from the Russians any way they could and Germany had the where with all to do it. My take away from these stories that they on rare occasion would let slip from their lips was, there are only 2 types of soldiers that come out of horrific conflicts. An Atheist killer and a Believer in God. The grey area of the in between if not immediately dissolved in battle, will gravitate to one side or the other as the battles become more distant in life. A great many people need the fear of death to pull them out of that grey zone. The cycle repeats its self over and over again threw history as you all may well know. As God is all mighty and powerful, so is the Ruler demon of this world. When he sees the ability to "own" non believer souls, he will strike out with war threw his own living human staff. Creating Hate within the easy marks (undecided greys). That hate energy gives Lucifer the seed to make more creatures of his own kind and live within the earth's core. The new American generations are ripe for this age old cycle of spiritual classification. Big tech has created a "heaven" in a cell phone and all the other comforts of physical ease. But thats nothing compared to the all knowing knowledge of being in the spirit of God. Kids just havent figured that out yet. But I have it from divine conversation...... its on its way. Christianity is fragmented into confusion today ever since the Pope murdered Cathars into extinction. By now, some who are reading this might be sorry JD ever asked me a question! Well, it sucks to be them LOL. In closing to further answer the question at hand in the larger sense Please go to the 27 minute mark and at least listen to Erica's near death story for the 10 minutes that follow. Judging her from my own life experiences, she is 100 percent spot on in putting an answer to exactly who we are and why we are here.
  16. JD, thank you for the apology but it really was not needed, I for one am willing to take the beat down for moving south from my home of upstate NY to a place more conducive for good jobs/living for my 2 kids if thats what it takes to do. I have acheaved that goal in spades. I all so have stories I could tell and here is one. In the Catskill mountain region from where I grew up Hunting, fishing, Camping and dirt bike riding, a slow and steady infestation of city dwellers became the norm as you have now elaborated to a similar geographical effect. So much so that one import who ran for town supervisor and won (88 square mile district) wanted to put an ordnance in place that would make it illegal to mow your lawn on weekends because the NYC week enders didnt like the noise in their week end retreat from NYC filth. Thankfully, it was shot down along with her position in the next election. Over time, I have come to understand the sound bite term of Dam Yankee is misleading as to describing a certain American population. A more accurate but still flawed overview is found in folks who were raised within dense city populations/suburbs. You all have your own home raised dam Yankees right here in Davidson and Shelby counties regardless of their new arrivals. Over the years, the political race to enrich "diversity" of the populations readily took root in the cities as one part in the effort to eventually destroy this country from within. NY state has 12K more square miles than TN, yet the 13 square miles of its NYC population that is nearly double that of TN's pop. has dictated a annual Welfare cap of $46K to all those who qualify in the STATE. Its probably more by now. Despite the bastion of "diversity" that NYC is (34 percent white vs 66 percent other), its districts are some 84 percent democrat voters. You can refer to the ridiculous welfare payoff that includes percs like pet expenses added to have helped the political swing of the vote. Its the little things in life that matters to many of those folks to quote one of my past state incarcerated inmates.... " Ah gots mines". As a retired State Corrections Officer, I commend the past TN generations of yester year for their views to a certain degree more than most anyone here can possibly understand. Unfortunatly, the complete death of ingnorance only comes after our own physical demise. Untill then, the best way to sum up all this is a quote I use in my signature on another gun sight. " When we get piled upon one another in large CITIES as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe" Thomas Jefferson
  17. ^ exactly right. I would love to see actual statistics of a 4 click SAA that fire a cartridge from a fall onto the half cock position. Basically, I dout that has ever happened with any repeatability. Not to say its impossible but the strike to the back of the hammer would have to be very precise and with enough force to snap off the trigger sear tip that is buried in the half cock enclosed notch and still be sudden enough to light the primer. When I was a teen I tried to ignite a primed 06 casing in a number of ways with a nail,punch and any way you could think of outside of a real in the gun FP. Nothing worked except putting fire to the casing until the heat ignited it. I'll all ways remember how that fired primer looked sticking out of the wood paneling where it embedded its self after the "bang" scared the crap out of me!
  18. Just bought this homely looking 40 last week and like the way it handles. So, I'm doing a stainless rebuild of the gun as I write this. Taurus PT940 PT-940 Comes with one magazine - Semi Auto Pistols at GunBroker.com : 927526269 I use a Kahr K40 as a in population carry when conditions are right and the problem with them in this cal is the left side of the web frame cut would stab the base thumb bone joint. The fix on my stainless gun was to just cut it away and resurface it. My son complained of the same hit in the web so a solution was needed. It looks suttle but made a big difference. I'm getting into loading Lehigh coppers soon. Should make the 40 a sizzler with a bit less recoil. I only buy 165's now.
  19. Welcome to the forum. Funny thing is, I share your same exact sentiments about folks crowding into a nice ol layed back part of the country side. Difference is, I'v been being bit by that bug for the last 25 some odd years (before moving here) with a different line drawn around me on a map. One difference between this Yankee and some of the locals is I was hell bent on buying an existing home that ended up being about 27 years old back then instead of building a new local eye sore. Seems I'v left that new construction work to a good many locals with new found wealth! Go figure......
  20. In some ways, your right. The vintage Winchester 1894, will have a smoother feel working the action and is a stronger action as far as about never building head space within its 40K psi ranged ammo. But for the average hunter with minimum mechanical skills, the Marlin walks away with the prize in simplicity of bolt removal and smallest number of action parts. Especially in the era of mercuric primers, A Marlin 1893,94,336 owner can pull the bolt with 1 lever screw removed and make a exceptionally easy job of cleaning the bore from the chamber end within seconds of picking up a screw driver. The Winchester is a 30 minute PITA to do a bolt removal unless you do it as an often practice. Also, I like the fully enclosed marlin underside over the drop floor Winchester and the sold top side ejection over the over your head ejection of the Winchesters. Who docent love the Winchester 92's fabulously slick actions? Its well deserved but an old 1893 Marlin wearing 26" tapered Octagon and crescent butt recalls glimpses of those frontier BP muzzle stuffers that had tamed the wilds of this great land............. and a cross bolt safety didnt have a dam thing to do with it!
  21. There's only one way I carry a pocket knife these days. The German Linder rides in the everyday black sheath and the bigger Gerber International is my work in the woods / sawmill carry. I'm old school with lock backs. Back when I worked at Schrade in the 70's, lock backs were popular. They still are with me. Both of those knives have the thinnest of blade configurations for an easy razor edge to maintain. Its hard to find thin blade lock backs in the style I like. I was thinking of selling my BMW GS650 but the wife talked me out of it! When we first met in 1986, I had a bright metalic orange Honda 750 four. Back then she only weighed 109 lbs so the ol inline 4 banger didnt stagger too much with her on there when it was time to hear it howl its "lets get lost" song. It had hard boxes on it so packing a pic nic way up in the mountains was a no brainer. It was only 10 years earlier my older brother got killed on a bike when he hit a dump truck head on at night while passing another car. The dump truck was driving with no light on. Despite our backs not handling much more than an hour in the saddle at a time, Yeah, I'll keep the beemer.
  22. Your Dad is a smart man. The SKS collectors go ape over them now as you may well know.
  23. OMG, that top one is it in my tastes! The handle work with the shape and heavy rivets and white accent is soooo sleek and smooth but with a kick ass attitude blade. Do you still have that one?
  24. Dito on hopes of your wife's full recovery. Clearly, your talent building knives surpasses any thing I'v ever seen! Just out of curiosity, did you ever build those 2 blades I grooved for you? Good luck on the home projects, I know the feelin very well.....
  25. An important part of the snubby equation that newbs need to be aware of is 2 or 2.5 " barrel vs 3. Both my j frame guns wear 3" barrels simply due to the fact making a clean relatively fast ejection comes with the 3" barrel ejection rod. Not so much on a snub's short stroke ejection rod. Alot of folks that buy a snub nose go to smiths and want to know why they have to finger pick out the 38 casings half the time. My long nose snubs Rossi 88, Taurus 941, Taurus 94 w/ 9rd mag cylinder


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