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  1. xtriggerman

    Colt 1911 help??? ASAP!

    Put the original sights back on, Trigger and period grips and you will get way more for it than the general consensus here as long as the slide markings are in fact original to that frame. As long as the parts are correct for that period, the Colts are high on GB like GS has suggested.
  2. xtriggerman

    Love child of a S&W 645/4516

    Been on a 45 kick lately. I had bought a 645 back when they were still in production and after shooting groups, I knew something was wrong with its obsession with flyers. Some how, Smith bored the chamber out of center with the bore. It was pretty drastic. On one side of the chamber throat, the lands had a long taper cut into the bore WITH some of the groove diam. On the opposite side the lands had virtually no tapered throat at all. they just started at full depth just forward the chamber. The woman at S&W CS referred me to the performance center and after I described the issue, he simply sent me a new barrel flat out! He didn't want the gun or the bad barrel back. Now that was in the early 90's so I don't know whats going on over there these days. Any way, the big 45 was a good shooter with the new barrel but still not great because the slide had its share of walk in battery. Enter everygunpart.com and I spot a parts set for a 4516. Hmmmmm, My mind goes full retard thinking "carry....carry....carry" Well, it took some mill work up front on both the slide and frame but that's actually great because I was able to machine and hand fit the front end to a really nice no wobble mate up. THIS puppy should shoot! Just finished it up tonight and I love it. Smith blew the 3rd gen when they deleted the checker aluminum back strap for that crappy plastic wrap around garbage on the 4506. Sooo, I got the best of the old world Smith in this little guy IMO.
  3. xtriggerman

    Love child of a S&W 645/4516

    Yup, that's just like me, get most of the way done and then The thought gets crowded out with 2 or 3 other projects. One problem is I'm trying not to shoot where I'm set up because the back stop happens to be about 50 feet away from my water well. A lot of lead in that dirt all ready, This year Im going to have to scrape up that surface dirt with the ol 555E and pile it up for stump hole fill. Then the other kinda break on it is I'v not bought any factory ammo in a long time and don't have but a few hundred right now. I'v got to some how find the time to finish setting up a Dillon 550 I have with a B conversion so the 3500 some once fired 45 brass can get loaded with the large stock of 200g XTP HP's Iv got stacked up. This rebuilding of a Century FAL right now has my attention for the moment..... Hey did they ever perfect the cloneing process yet?
  4. xtriggerman

    Good Farm/Family Dog

    From what you describe, you want what is the only dog I would get these days personally. Get a mostly shepherd mix, female pup. Once spaded and loved, she will stay with your home outside or in. I had an all black one (Belgian police type breed) that was an outstanding property dog. Some how she knew the unwanted cars coming down my 700' drive way and when the Jo-Ho's rolled in, the hair on her back would stand up and she was on that vehicle in a satisfying way! They stopped pulling into the drive way after a couple of those encounters. She was only 52lbs but a great dog. Females wont wander like the males and the mix breed bypassed the bad rear legs when older as the papered sheps. tend to have. God rest that dog.... she got a brain tumor & I had to put her down. Good Luck
  5. xtriggerman

    What Does TN Allow?

    25 years of baton training has earned mine a permanent place right next to the retirement plaque. Very good advice from CHL.
  6. xtriggerman

    Single shotgun with wiggly barrel

    Old Single shot break open shot guns are notorious for getting loose since the lock cross pin and barrel lug are pretty soft. The easiest way to tighten them up is to peen the barrel locking lug face back up a little. It doesn't take much. They are about butter soft.
  7. xtriggerman

    Why does taurus get such a bad rep?

    I have a 3 of their RF revolvers and they are a good value as long as you get good ones. There's the rub.... there are bad ones. And the Taurus customer service is some of the worst you will ever encounter. One time I was to get a PT1911 shooting right for a guy from work. It had a barrel with an oval bore just forward the chamber. Looks like it was bent, THEN they machined it any way. It took over 4 months to get them to send out a what they called "new" was a reconditioned barrel. The owner was so ticked about this service of his brand new PT, he told me to go ahead and fit a Ed Brown barrel into the PT. Even after I did that, I still called Taurus every 30 days to see what was up. They lie their asses off about shipping out replacement parts. So my advise is you search for the absolute best deal on Taurus guns because you are more or less on your own with fixing them if you get a bad one.
  8. xtriggerman

    Thunder Beast Arms bipod

    Nice Bi pod. $400 worth of nice!
  9. xtriggerman

    350 Legend by Winchester

    Hitting deer with a 35 Remington works as well as the 350. If flat wall AR mags get launched by like Pro Mag or some one like that, maybe this will get legs.
  10. xtriggerman

    AR10 + M1A = MK36

    $$$$ ouch https://www.sportsmans.com/shooting/modern-sporting-rifles/fn-scar-17s-semi-automatic-rifle/p/p47801
  11. xtriggerman

    AR10 + M1A = MK36

    That's a fascinating piece. Back in 1977 when Springfield A came out with the M1A, I bought one brand new for $379.00 My SN was 006022. If any one here has it, I would consider maybe buying it back. I sold it in about 84 for the new Springfield SAR48. My biggest peeve with the rifle was the accuracy degraded badly after you got most of the way threw a mag. Cold.... clover leaf, no prob, hot, shotgun groups of 4" @ 100. So I looked into National Matching the bedding system and decided it just wasn't worth it. Every disassembly degraded the very finicky bedding over time and would have to be redone. After I bought the FAL, I never looked back since those M1A problems were non existent with the FAL. The AR's may be fine for a lot of folks accuracy n all but I tend to go to extreme in the HD-ness of a battle rifle design and a hot cal like the 7.62x51 in a impingement gas system is just stupid. Put 4 or 5 full 20 rd mags threw the action as fast as you can go and heat in the aluminum action is never a good thing. The FAL is the king of the hill in that group with the HK bringing up the rear. not much in between as far as run em to the melting point. The MK36 gas system is a proven design in harsh conditions and it would not suffer the wood stock accuracy problem of the M1A. It scopes well over the M1A and drop mags is a plus. Not a bad try at a modern M1A but with DSA Voyager FAL's running a thousand bucks with life time warranty, you have to really have a woody for that action design to walk past the 90 country mil spec FAL.
  12. xtriggerman

    My New custom 1911 Holster

    First let me say I had graduated PA Gunsmith school back in 81. It was a 18 month long full time school. Latter on I had a store front full service gunsmith business 82-96. So, over the years I'v tried a variety of holsters. Shoulder, Belly band, ankle and whatever else in between. Finding a good comfortable leather holster is not an easy thing especially since most models would have to be mail ordered and nice Leather has gotten pretty pricy. I'v always been drawn to pan cake style leather. Problem is, try finding that in a cross draw and forget about it. It basically doesn't exist. Well it does now! Thanks to our very own 1911alltheway from right here at TGO, I was able to bring my one of a kind holster design to life. And man am I happy with it! The attention to detail and craftsmanship is first rate. He even put the wrap around curve in it just as I asked. The tension on the magazines is perfect, the thumb snap is exactly where it should be with the perfect tension as well. This is a true pan cake holster as you can see the items do in fact bulge to the inside as well as the outside making it as protrusion less as physically possible. The holster's weight distribution is exactly what I wanted. Sitting belted into your vehicle was all so a consideration that works well with this design. An all in one for my 4 3/4" barrel 1911. A light jacket conceal holster packing 25 rds of cocked & locked 45's that is bulge-less at the swing of your arms. If you have a little bit of a buffet mussel on you as I do, a fit name has got to be the belly button buddy! It started out as a card board cut out sent to Eagle Creek Gunleather over in Paris, TN Like Magic.... here it was only weeks latter! It would be a sin not to plug this guy's work here so if you want a one of a kind built to your spec's or one like my "XT all in one Pancake" drop him a note & make a dream come true! eaglecreekgunleather@hotmail.com
  13. xtriggerman

    Remember about 10 years ago.... when

    Late 80's. I used to sell Daewoo rifles that I would get from this Pacific out fit. The K-2 was $379 dealer back when I started getting them. What a great rifle. Should have got a few of these SKS-M's but wasn't into them at the time. The standard ones were like $79 so the extra 100 was ridiculous for a AK mag-ed one.
  14. Then watch this...... Obviously these guys went after the MC drill team and I gotta say, its close! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0e9JdEFabU
  15. xtriggerman

    Lifecard Single Shot

    As far as the design, I think they clearly put it in the novelty area of carry simply due to that fact they didn't put a ejector in it. It doesn't even have an extractor! They blew it IMO. The NAA 5 shot is way ahead of this folder.
  16. xtriggerman

    R. Lee Ermey, aka Gunny is gone

    How can any red blooded man not bond with this guy when you see & feel the love the man had for raking belt fed bullets into a rapidly disintegrating target. yeah..... he was the "man".... personified! May your many blessings now be realized.
  17. xtriggerman

    Drill Press Advice

    I'll sell you this one for $75. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Ryobi-10-in-Drill-Press-with-Laser-DP103L/205503636 A friend of mine bought it to do 80% AR lowers and the first one got away from him on the deck. It put a slight bend in the chuck shaft. I bought a brand new chuck & shaft but never had time to R&R the new shaft in. There is no damage to the shaft bearings, they are smooth and true. Other than the shaft, its in like new condition. I'm 10 minutes off I-40 exit 322. I have a floor model that I'v had for nearly 30 years so this little guy is just laying around.
  18. xtriggerman

    The DSA Voyager FAL.

    Well, I loaned some bucks to my son so he could own one of these Voyagers and this is it. We put 20 rds of LC threw it and had to shut the gas hole off all together to get all the rounds threw the gun but that's not a surprise sine this early 2000 LC is on the weak side. As a matter of fact I got the rounds in trade for some work on a AR10T that absolutely refused to cycle this ammo. I did everything in the book to get the AR to run it and failed. He sold the AR. This FAL is very cleanly built as the pictures show. Weighs in at 8 lbs and 10 oz. The trigger was 10+ lbs and about 1.75 coils off the trigger spring brought it down to a usable 7.5 lbs. We just blasted some water out of the brook behind my garage so no accuracy test. It "looked" like a chrome bore but maybe the chamber mouth was just polished...idk. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the receiver latch lever is bottomed out. I like a little break in space on the latching lug but hey, it was still a relatively firm locked up. Clearly, this is the BEST thousand bucks you can spend at Aimsurplus.com on a battle rifle right now. Handles like a dream!
  19. A while back I posted a new purchase of mine at Buds of the Star BM9. A great buy for a all steel accurate mid size 9. Problem is spare mags are running about 35 bucks or more by the time you put shipping on them. I found that with a little tweeking, the Promag KAR 02 mags can run just fine in the BM. These 10 rounders need 2 things done to them to get them to work. 1) the body of the mag needs a very slight squeeze in a basic vise to reduce its thickness by about .008" . That will get the mag to be very nearly a drop free mag and still have a freely moving follower. 2) the slide stop step on the plastic follower needs about 1/16ths shaved off or else the slide will lock back with one round still in the mag. That's it. Center fire systems has these mags for $15.99 @ free shipping if you find $99 worth of an order. Who doesent like cheap for a play toy?
  20. xtriggerman

    New addition

    Wow, a 5 screw 44spl. What a great pass me down. Make sure nothing in that holster like the snap can get anywhere close to the cylinder. A real gem of an American treasured classic...... You Lucky dog you!
  21. +2 on the 92 or even Taurus clone.
  22. xtriggerman

    Died in June

    Being dead is an interesting topic. Back in 76 I had a 19 year old brother that had a hi way head on with a dump truck that was driving with no lights on at night. My brother was on a Honda 360T SS. I was there & saw it happen & needless to say, it was a horrific mess. The very next day, I walked into his room to see how he left it and .... there he was! He was sitting on his green chair with his knees pulled up to his chest, left arm around his knees and crying out, "it was stupid!" "so stupid" "I can't believe I did something so stupid"!!! All the while he's hitting himself with his right fist. Flat out crying in tormented anguish. The thing is, I could partly see the chair threw him as he agonized. Being only 16 at the time, I freaked the F out and bolted for the CJ5 my Dad had for plowing snow and I was gone until late that night. For any one who doesn't believe in ghosts.... think again.
  23. xtriggerman

    Most effective 30-30 ammo for deer?

    Back in 82-96 when I was a stocking dealer, I used to carry Rem 170 CL (cheapest) and Win 150g HP in 30-30 and if you want to reload the brass don't buy Remington anything. They have the absolutely worst brass in the industry. I preferred Win or Fed for that but I have to say, every one that tried the Win 150 HP's came back for them year after year and swore by them. The hydraulic shock inside the boiler room from those HP bullets was reportedly pretty impressive. Time & time again my customers said that HP dropped the deer in his tracks every time. I still have a few boxes of them in my own stash!
  24. xtriggerman

    Cold Barrel Shot Testing

    I'm not sure what your after. In a properly bedded barrel, the average hunting rifle should hold a group with the first shot consecutively. The factor that more often than not determines POI off a cold barrel is to have a some what freshly fired bore vs a cleaned bore. Powder residue contains graphite. Ultra light barrels along with extra long barrels put a lot of value in a perfect bedding. Basically, if the barreled action is bedded right, the first 3 shots threw a cold barrel should not have much variation. After that, barrel weight and cartridge powder capacity will be the spread contributors as you apparently all ready know.

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