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  1. I bough a few of these for SHTF days for family coms. I have hand helds also. The Chinese put a HP mode in these like exports used to have. I think that will peak at 12w. You Tube has some operational mud on these tiny sets. No big money, no big deal. Mini CB Radio CB-40M 25.615-30.105MHz 10M Amateur 8W AM/FM Citizen Band CB Radio 619317585126 | eBay
  2. there are 161 of them on GB right now. The Italian clones are as close as it comes to the real Mcoy. GB will give you a good idea of what to expect with their Buy It Now numbers. There are a number of discount distributors out the like Grab A Gun and others. Rifles for Sale - Buy Rifles at GunBroker.com
  3. My fav is this one. "HB 1769 was filed by Rep. Bruce Griffey. This bill, which was reported in the media as the "Kyle [Rittenhouse] law" would provide a means for someone acquitted on criminal charges because of self-defense to potentially recover their attorney's fees or costs from the state." Tort Reform isn't dead? Most all industrialized Nations have laws like this for most any legal litigation. Except here. Before Pharma became the biggest DC sugar daddy, it was the BAR Ass. God forbid the little guy cut them out of another filling for cost damages due to a bad lawsuit. At very least my dues are pointed in the right direction with inspired bills like these all though it should be extended to civil cases as the rest of the modern world has it. More money is pee-ed away on litigation in the US than any other nation by a pretty fair chunk.
  4. Hell, if you all are that desperate for primers, rebuild used ones. Find your self some nitric acid, set up a mini distillery of sorts, fume it, cool it, capture it n dry it. If you do your part, you'll have RDX compound in your filter. Paste a tiny mix, put the anvil in, let dry and your done. Thats a VERY basic description out of some reading material any SHTF enthusiast should have laying around. Hi home land
  5. Ammunition plant to open near Texarkana (texarkanagazette.com) Great news.
  6. Yeah, The AC was a stumper, but as I just looked at it again in the picture, I think it was their off way of an AH abreviation. If you use the right leg of the A for the left leg of the H. They went out of business in 06 so probably not any parts to be found by now.
  7. THANK YOU guys Very Much, you dont know how much this was bugging me! Looks like a Sako Action but with a non typical Sako receiver body. I'll look that up now. I can sleep better tonight LOL.
  8. I recently bought this off Ebay simply because I can re purpose stocks if I like it and whats not to like about the look of this rather expensive machine cut full coverage checkering. The thing about it is it has a 1 inch flat to flat, no taper octagon barrel channel with a ram rod channel as you can see the rod retention spring in one pic. It looks to have had a double set trigger in the gun behind a single shot bolt configuration. The bolt cut in the stock is Win model 70-ish but a Rem round receiver type inlet. Only a single action retaining screw. I'm stumped. I'v spent alot of catalog looking to no avail. The Trigger guard and rubber butt pad has a cursive "AC" manufactured into them. So, this is most likely a factory muzzle loading production gun of sorts. What say you???
  9. The cheapest way is USPS Priority mail, Dealer 01 to dealer 01. I did this once and the dealer I used just called the go to dealer to get their aproval its coming from them. You can copy the form off USPS web sight like I did. About every dealer will say its not accepted, but it is. USPS has conflicting rules but this is in fact their policy. "A licensed manufacturer, dealer, or importer can ship a handgun via the US Post Office if the licensed dealer fills out a US Post Office Form PS 1508 and files it with the local Post Office branch where the handgun is to be shipped. You can search the US Post Office Postal Explorer site for specific USPS regulations."
  10. Hold on there slick!.... Before you go putting pressure on that toggle lock, you best have a look at it. The toggle locks on those original guns were pretty hard and anywhere in its history of home loads could very well crack one of the 4 in the gun. I checked one for a guy once that like you, wanted to shoot it. The action worked OK by hand but one of the links were cracked in 2 but the crystalline surface of the crack mated so well it still toggled up and down matching the movement of it sister link on the other side of the bolt. IDK if the new Italian clones will swap locking links. Back when, I found an original link to replace the broken one. So, Yeah you can shoot it even with factory loads since they are watered down big time from the factory and I know on new Remington boxes they even print for "All" firearms chambered in 44-40. Just pop the side plates off and look the link joins over really close. If they are sound, hammer time!
  11. Welcome to some of the stooges walking point for the New World Order. You'll find them sunning in the Democrat party and as bottom suckers in the Republican party. They all share the desire to be materially rich first at any cost to the country or their fellow countryman. Follow the crumbs they leave behind and you'll find it ends in off world places. The NSA, FBI, CIA and others carry their water for them. Enslaved in plain sight. Snowden should have gotten a metal.... But they wanted to kill him instead!! Ha ha.. Rand Paul is putting point man Fauci in alot of heat with the handlers. I expect he will eventually get the Epstein treatment at some point if he starts to break. Not much will change until Americans start loosing this cushy standard of living. Then in confused ignorance lash out in every direction. Just as expected.
  12. Thanks guys, Goes to show you, a little imagination and a decent smith can crank out something that's a one of a kind hand me down for your family. Not to say some of the Collector guns posted here are beyond fantastic finds but this sort of thing is the other side of that coin.
  13. What better way to save some money for a Christmas gift than to just do mostly gun work on a desired subject of the recipient, in this case my son. When we were in Sarco's show room a number of years ago, he spotted this Greener GP shotgun and they only wanted $275 for the danged thing! The gun was glued to his fingers as we checked out the rest of the stuff there. Well, the gun came with a 2 3/4" chambered 30" modifyed choke barrel and it was a take down model that is pretty interesting in its self. All you do is just loosen the screw head there by the forend and hand turn out the barrel. The screw acts as a simply clamp screw closing the receiver ring around a well fit barrel shank. He all ways thought having a Rifled 12 gauge barrel to swap in would make it a Really nice GP gun as was stamped on its side. Numrich had the Mossberg 512P barrel used and I was able to cut most all of the (bad idea) ports off for a handy 18 1/4" barrel length. The scope base is a weaver that I was able to put 4, 8x40 screws into the beafy Mossberg 512 Rifled barrel. And that sits shouldered up to a High Standard pistol rear sight that comes with a 90 degree face as a recoil shoulder for the base and yet is usable as open sight with the orange bead up front. Other extras include cutting the Original barrel down to 26" chambering it for 3" as well as for the 512 and putting a Win Choke II on the end. A 1" Pachmayr recoil pad in lew of the home made plastic thing that was there. A trigger job and fixing the safety so it wouldn't go into safe with each lever drop. Topped off with a 15 oz Vector 1-5 illuminated dot cross hair scope. Then the Rings were extensively worked over also. They used to be one piece with a single clamp in the middle. I cut the unit in half and milled each ring for weaver square cross pins and nuts. Now these rings seat the way they should with no re-zero needed between barrel swaps. All this was Christmas and Birthday gift from me since he turned 28 2 days ago. Needless to say he's thrilled with this General Purpose Greener Martini now! Its now nic named Thor. He's having a good new year so far! He worked the last 4 years in the county jail as a Deputy Sheriff on 6-6 O-clock midnight shift and just started his new gig as Sheriff's Court Officer on days with weekends and Holidays off! even a $1500 bump in base. He deserved something different than store bought.....IMO.
  14. Even at TN's cost of scrap steel running $2.11/LB This guy is pretty ambitious with pricing. Nails it as a joke tho....
  15. "Use what you got layin around" has new meaning in my shop now! Khyber Pass "Enfield" Martini Henry Cal. .303 Hotchkiss Special - Other Collectible Guns at GunBroker.com : 919756709
  16. This is why I'v been watching what India has and is doing about this pandemic. Their Health ministry has now clearly taken a stand against big Pharma publicly in this article. Covid-19: No antibody cocktail in revised treatment protocol in Bengal | Kolkata News - Times of India (indiatimes.com) This aint gona happen here in cash cow America. So if this isnt going to be the "go to" for the average Joe Indian, what has been working there to be so cocky to turn a nose up at the costly treatments? Explained: India's Covid-19 treatment protocol | IndiaToday Has this been working you might ask??? As with the common Flue, some are bound to kick the bucket, I'v grown to more or less trust the India stats over anything you get out of the US based Health Czars for obvious reasons. India COVID - Coronavirus Statistics - Worldometer (worldometers.info) In any SHTF situation Mil spec weapons, ammo and long term food stands toe to toe with medications. My personal; choice here was to do a direct order to AGM allgenericmedicine (India) for 100 Ivecop 12mg Ivermectin tablets. At $1.55 per pill shipped, I have SOMETHING that reportedly works against a variety of Viruses, deadly or otherwise if need be. It would come as no surprise if Pharma, has Congress shut these out of country direct med imports down with a new importation rules. Pharma, Like the Federal Government has grown into a massive organization that consumes Billions of YOUR dollars just to stay alive. Whats new is the controllers over them have had enough of the population explosion and will be pulling the strings harder than ever for illness, food shortages, fake "insurrections" and even Wars. Just how much more money they can make from it all while still culling the heard is the challenge of interest for them. JMO.
  17. Derf is right with project guns. This is one I got from GB for $240 as a stripped barreled receiver. Not counting the love of labor, I got about 500 into the gun including the China scope. Sold it as a few bucks toward the next tinker job. Marlin 336 35 Remington Trapper / Texan style 1950 mfg - Lever Action Rifles at GunBroker.com : 912892612
  18. Thank You Federal Government for a declining dollar built into the fabric of "their" promissory notes that are in fact owned by a private company called The Federal Reserve. Who here works in a job that has built in cost of living wages that are not negotiated by their Union or company owners for joe 6 pack? Most al Federal jobs are joined at the hip with annual cola's. Being the leading world currency, the US could have done a better job of stabilizing the dollar's value. Instead, they gave that trump card to China as a favored trade nation decades ago turning our economy into a house of cards. Now, with the Feds using private bank owned green banks as free confetti, you aint seen nothin yet in the way of inflation! Some 30 years ago when I had a full service shop, a big GS near by had a sale on blued Ruger mini 14's. $199.99 each. That was about 20 bucks cheaper than any of my wholesale distributors. So I went over there and bought 5 off the bat. Marked em up to $260 and they were gone in 2 weeks, I went and bought 5 more, Again gone in a couple more weeks. Back in those days a bunch of rough cast parts with a Ruger label wasnt worth a hard case to hide it in IMO. Today, I dont know whats so great about these Henry's at their asking prices. Fit & finished is OK but certainly not what was built here 50 years ago. I shake my head every time I see one of those Henry's sporting their non tapered barrels. Every single American Lever gun had tapered barrels untill Henry decided its not worth the extra profit give up. My hats off to the Italians and Japanese. They never basterdized an American classic with a rebar straight barrel where it wasnt supposed to be. I typicaly dont buy new guns, period, aside from that 1873 Pietta recently pictured here. If you want to save as much money as you can on a gun of sorts and happen to have a good Gunsmith you can trust, troll GB using "Gunsmith special" hit words. Sometimes a sleeper will roll threw there that is a simple fix, but a gamble no less. Its like a loto ticket.... A winner will be your ability to weigh the odds into your favor.
  19. Those are fire from open bolt sub machine guns. The big bolt stop trigger bar is a dead give away. The top one with the trigger forward the mag well is mostly a direct descendant of the Uzi at first then Mac then Cobrea. You can see an Uzi down in the lower left hand corner he probably used as a guide. The bolts up in the top left hand corner are very similar to these sub gun bolts. The second one down is built for a slow rate of fire due to the receiver length behind the ejection port compared to the faster fire rate of the short tube one below it. Yep, that ol boy has traded em for shooting spit balls at the cock roaches in his cell! knuckle head......
  20. I used that particular sight since it had a variety of information that pulls from the general idea of what is going on in India. But really, do your own research and not just by going to those ass a nine fact check sights. gezzz thats so childish for the masses to swallow BS guiding the lemmings down their pre planed path to a great view of the ocean. There is ALOT of specific details on India's use of Ivermectin and how their own Gov fought its inclusion even to the point the home issued kits were sent out with only 3mg tablets to prove it wouldnt work to the people who advocated its use. Now, is this all true? maybe.... but certainly enough going on to dig deeper if one is so inclined. I guess all these basic vids are all BS but good for ha haa's india ivermectin - YouTube
  21. These guys got some nads! Funny this is a near verbatim description of Ivermectin protocol. Looks like they tweaked the compound a tad to call it new & their own. I bet there sick about putting out a new drug thats not law suit free like their Vaccines. But looks like their pretty safe with this one since the out of country evidence is mounting on a lack of damaging side effects. They know their cashing in on their Paid off Gov studges has about run its course. NO ONE greases the wheels in DC like Pharma can & does. Used to be the BAR Association affiliates years ago. Indian state with 240 million people completely eradicated covid with ivermectin | The Most Revolutionary Act (wordpress.com)
  22. Zero deaths reported from omicron on the news today. ho hummm..... Oh, as for Zero Hedge? Its one of some dozen different various sights that put the PDF letter out. Zero Hedge Didn't write it. I never pulled that sight up before but the PDF content is in fact the same as the other sights. So who gives a rats ass who floats it? Funny how some folks put an invisible turnakit around their info sources yet the ones they may use package it more appealingly. When really, its the same crap, different stink. Like I all ways said, you have to dig threw a pile of ####e to find a seed of truth. In the end, with a discriminating, yet unbias ability to discern various points of view, you just might hit some form of jack pot in this manure business call mass media.
  23. And here is the Mother of all Covid assesments I'v ever read off the net! Thing is, some of this has all ready been proven to be quite factual. As for the rest.... 17 pages of source Foot Notes are included in the original PDF link. Incase it doesn't come threw, Its called the Spartacus COVID letter. Some interesting angles for sure! "Damn You To Hell, You Will Not Destroy America" - Here Is The 'Spartacus COVID Letter' That's Gone Viral | ZeroHedge
  24. I'v been looking out for a nice SA 357 for a while now to complete a 3 gun set and this one popped up on GB at a discounted price. I was rather mesmerized by how the CCH finish took on a completely different color placement solely determined by the engraving pattern across the top strap. So, despite the crappy white plastic grips and Hold your breath on how bad the Transfer bar trig was going to be..... I bought this Davidson's special Traditions Bill Tighlman Pietta. And yup, the trigger was worse than I could have imagined. In this first picture, you can see how far forward the skinny trigger is in the guard. Half that rearward distance is all take up to get the trans bar up infront of the frame mounted firing pin. And then you get a crazy amount of sear drag under a heavily over cocked hammer notch angle geometry. So, I hit EMF up for a Alchemista model low, wide spur firing pin hammer and extra wide trigger. It took some frame milling to get the new hammer to work and nearly 1/4" of weld added to lengthen the trigger into a newly egg shaped trigger guard to give me an extra nice full bodied trigger to finger fit. Those pictured grips were what I thought might fit but didnt on the Pietta but were an easy fit mod on the Uberti Stallion 22. I ended up fitting a Altimont set of Walnut grips onto the finished work. The groups were light 357 reloads 30' off hand on the left and Fiochi 142g FMJ at 45' off sand bags. Funny how the factory hot loads shot nearly 3" lower! The revolver is exceptionally tight in its lock up timing and fit to frame. Its capable of much better accuracy due to my 2 shooting handy caps that happened to be squinting like crazy over my glasses to get a relatively usable sight picture and the hopefully...... maybe short lived tennis elbow in my right arm that I stupidly let our new Blue Healer dog put in me by trying to satisfy her insatiable apatite to play tug of war! She's 40 lbs of Jack Hammer on the end of a loop rope........ much to my new found ailment, off hand shooting is not what it used to be.
  25. If you intend to hunt with it, I would look for the replacement. Hate to see you loose a needed follow up shot with a fail to feed.


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