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  1. Many cite leftist cnn, nyt, npr frequently as truth. Many trusted fauchi, his credibility is waning fast as his lies are exposed. As for individuals, I wouldn't say as I'm sure it would be seen as a personal attack.
  2. Good Luck, I hope you have no side effects.
  3. Speaking of stupid. From source many here trust. Three doses of Covid-19 vaccine are likely needed for full protection, Fauci says - CNN Got the third jab yet??? When does four or five become the magic number?
  4. Those appear to be what the old timers called "usin' ducks."
  5. Wow, 7 months later & still on sale.
  6. #metoo, worn a mask 5 times in a year & a half, all at the Dr. & then it's around my chin. Interesting thing, I ask the Dr's & nurses their opinion on the masks, every response is/was, "we're following the cdc guidelines." No mention that they're a deterrent. Follow the $$$.
  7. Sorry about your friends. Happily all my family & friends survived it. I doubt anyone will try to infect you, but you'll be fine as you had the jab, wear a mask or two & no worries.
  8. I agree & getting your vax was/is your free choice.
  9. I don't know if the data is insufficient or not. There's good, bad & ugly info on both sides of the vax. What I know is personal, family, & friends experience with this flu. I'm glad you & others got the jab, I hope you & the others get as many subsequent boosters that you feel necessary, one every month if you like. This is freedom to do as one see's fit. All I care is that no one tries to force me or my loved ones to get it, that's all. I also hope anyone who got the jab has no bad reactions.
  10. Back to the original subject. Great to see Mayor Jacobs stand for freedom. ‘Knox County will not comply with your mandate’ | Mayor Jacobs sends letter to President Biden (wvlt.tv)
  11. OK. Do you have information to refute her claim?
  12. Victor Davis Hanson: The Death Of Science | ZeroHedge
  13. No argument here, I simply posted info & you right away tried to poo poo it. Because you're all knowing trained health care guy? I guess "trained" people can be gullible also. Fauchi preaches "science."
  14. I don't pay any attention to the Q stuff. Where do you get your info? cnn? msnbc? Sadly, the internet is much more reliable than the so called msm.
  15. Might be, might not, dyodd. Funny to see the reactions of those who drank the kool-aid.
  16. Norm MacDonald passes away… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS
  17. Thanks KM, I misunderstood. Reposted.


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