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  1. When I lived in SD, I walked into the Sherrif’s office filled out a card stating that I had no criminal record, signed it, paid $10 and walked out with my ‘temporary’ permit (receipt). The real permit showed up a week or so later. Took maybe 5 minutes with the wife and two kids in tow. Of course, now they are constitution carry, so no need to jump through hoops to freely exercise God given rights. One can only hope that TN isn’t far along behind but with the current batch of ‘conservatives’ I won’t hold my breath.
  2. LEDs don’t last as long as they would lead you to believe, but if your existing lights are adding to the heat in your house like mine were, you will be pleasantly surprised. However, be careful because some produce an irritating light, either to stark white or even blue.
  3. I normally make sure I am very concealed but one hectic Sunday morning of getting the six kids and my wife to church, I completely forgot to tuck my gun when I tucked my shirt, leaving me open carrying without realizing it. It wasn’t until I went to go in a store afterwards that my wife noticed and asked if I wanted to tuck it. Funny things is I talked to several people including a police officer after the service and not one person mentioned anything about it. First time ever open carrying. Doh!
  4. I have a Fenix PD32 something that I got 5 or 6 years ago with an extra battery. I have had no issues with it and it is very bright. It will light up anything in my back yard. Draw backs are the brightness selector which has 5 or so settings, which may be nice for every day use but could be an issue in a tactical situation. It does roll. It will not stand up. Battery life is crazy long. I’ve never had it fail I just switch out batteries if I feel like I’ve used it for very long and throw the used one on the charger. Also, I have noticed my pocket getting hot and somehow my flashlight was on. It could have been my error or one of my kids poking the button. Doh! Cost me less than $100 with a spare battery. Charger can charge two but the flashlight uses one.
  5. Get a good belt. I use a Mitch Rosen express line (quality but not fancy). It has held up going on 4 years. I make my own leather holsters but do have a few kydex that I use depending on the situation. I don’t think there is any way around ending up with a box of holsters. My favorite is an own leather holster I made for my full-size 1911. It is similar in design to Milt Sparks Nexus. The leather/kydex cross breeds intrigue me, but I have not used them yet Also agree that the holster must fit the belt, however some are specifically designed to shift. Personally I would rather the discomfort then have to constantly adjust my gun. Good luck finding that perfect holster and I pray that you have a lifetime of safely using your God-given right of self-defense that can never be taken away from you, just infringed upon.
  6. it looks like Huey's took the "No gun" sign down. I checked all the doors because they used to have it. Did I just miss it?
  7. I got my first permit when I turned 21 in FL. It was a 90 day wait until you could get it after photo, fingerprints, application and fees were submitted. At 90 days and 2 weeks, I called to ask about it and they said the FBI spilled coffee on the fingerprint cards. I reminded them that FL was 'shall issue' and that my permit better be here quick. It actually showed up the next day. This was more than 20 years ago. Bob
  8. I have taken the training twice because I moved out of state a few years ago and my out of state permit expired 6 months before I could find the time to attend the 8 hour course. I have 5 young children. I can tell you that I do NOT remember anything worthwhile from either class. Not that it was good. What I do remember is my training from childhood and handling firearms on a daily basis. Yes, don't put your finger on the trigger if you don't want it to go off. Don't point it at anything you wouldn't want to shoot. Leave it in the holster unless you have a reason to remove it. Keep it out of unauthorized hands. Sure there are plenty of people that are not Safe with a gun, but an 8 hour class will not make them any safer than they were before, unless it is their first time around guns. Those of us who grew up with them, are either untrainable anyway or already more than qualified. For me it comes down to a God given right to defend oneself. The constitution only reiterates the fact that the right is already ours. Enough said. Stop trampling on my rights or anyone else's. they screw up, punish them. BTW. I scored 100% on the both tests and had 100% on both shooting scores.
  9. Mine stay in the holster when not being used. I have both kydex and leather holsters that I made. My main carry is a 1911 which is rarely out of its leather holster. I have never seen rust on it. Bob

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