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  1. Caterpillar has oil labs as well for a reasonable price although I don't know what that cost is right now. How you take the sample is important since you don't want to introduce contaminants into the sample. An oil sample will also not pickup large chunks of metal, like a tooth breaking off of the ring gear. Best case would be to take a sample at each oil change so that you have an established base line, if the sample moves from the baseline you can spot a problem very quickly.
  2. I use Frog Lube on my hand planes (woodworking) to prevent rust. It leaves a waxy film on them which is fine on a hand plane or similar tool. Don't use it on anything that moves, screw threads, bolt slides, etc. Never on guns. I have been using Go Juice oil and grease and it is doing what I want it to do.
  3. Unless I wasn't allowed to buy a handgun I would just get an FFL to take delivery. It's only $35ish so not a big deal if you really want the item. You pay shipping either way.
  4. If you don't mind shopping online this stuff is great for my usage. This is the grease not the oil, the oil is good to but very thin. Geissele Automatics ALG Go-Juice 0000 Very Thin Grease, 4 oz
  5. I would check with Echo 3 Armory in Chapel Hill (931) 364-5486. Rich has been around a number of years but now has a new store front opened.
  6. You can purchase a number stamping sets at a reasonable price $10-20, might have to add some freight. Then you can just stamp it in yourself. The electric engraving pencil would be another option but wouldn't mark it as deeply as the stamps.
  7. Hornady Cam Lock puller works very good for me. I had some that the kinetic puller just won't knock out and cam lock made it so easy.
  8. Your advise is sound. A good shooter may likely have no issues with this gun. I do believe it is the gripping of the gun that repeatedly causes the problem. If you limp wrist it in the slightest it will fail to eject. The same shooter can pickup the M&P and have no issue at all. I find it hard to believe that the Glock would be that touchy to grip and yet be as popular as it is. This started the first day we bought it and was bad enough we took it back to the store to have it checked by Glock owners there. It took about 400 rounds before it settled down. It will to this day still not cycle if you have a loose grip. Don't get the idea that I am bad mouthing Glocks in general, just disappointed in this one. Wife just told me I can't get rid of it because it was the first gun I bought her.
  9. Someone will likely own it someday. Like I said I don't really trade guns, I think of them as investment grade assets. But I do expect them to work. I'm not a die hard M&P guy, although I do really like the one I have. Right now I'm shooting an IWI Jericho as my wife has taken my M&P over the Glock. I do understand that Glock has a huge following and rightfully so, however my experience has not been good.
  10. That has sure not been my experience. I have a M&P9 that feeds anything I put through it, the trigger is pretty good and it seems to shoot very accurate. It doesn't matter how you hold it, you can limp wrist it to death and it still works every time. I have a Glock 19 on the other hand that is a POS. I'm not a gun trader but that gun keeps getting closer to the door every time it goes to the range. I don't pack my guns with mud or dip them in water but they have been on the ground and dripping wet from rain several times.
  11. You're in TN. A soft guitar case works fine and everyone in the state seems to have a guitar. My son does this, but I have wondered if this is just about as theft prone a a gun bag.
  12. I have had one of these presses for a year or so.  I really like that you can move individual dies in and out.  This allows me to run it similar to a single stage.  When I decap I just put that die in and run them through.  If I'm running progressive and one of the dies is acting up I can just pull it out and clean it or what ever I need without disturbing the other dies. I've had no real issues with it and have never wished I had went with the Dillon instead, not that there is anything wrong with the Dillon equipment.  Both are very good.

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