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  1. Thanks for the help I will give it a good cleaning and see if that is the problem...
  2. I have a bersa 380.It was doing great until I put it up for about five months. Maybe it is something else it will fire one time and it will jam. the spring seems weak but it may be something else.
  3. I left my ammo clip loaded, I forgot to unload it when I put my 380 in my desk drawer.It stayed there for a long time,when I tried to fire it the spring in the clip had got weak and would not pust the ammo up. Question, How long can I keep it loaded with out the clip spring getting weak??
  4. Yes it is the NRA self-Defence liability. I am sure I could not afford the $1million plan....If anyone has the NRA plan or has used it I sure would like to hear from them....Thanks for the input thus far.
  5. I noticed the NRA has a insurance plan but I don't know much about them. Just wondering if many gun owners have extra insurance for ccp?
  6. Looking for self-defense insurance, Does anyone know of a good plan?
  7. I am going west at the end of the week and am staying two nights on a Indian reservation in Utah. I haven't found out if it is allowed or not. Sure would like to have some input by someone who knows or can tell me where I can find out.
  8. It is a new gun have only shot three boxes of ammo. Only had it about 2 weeks. Sorry I hit the wrong key for the Bersa 380
  9. I have a Bersa 380 and fired 100 rounds of Magtech ammo and had only one misfire. I got a box of winchester full metal jacket and it misfired 12 times. Does anyone know what kind of Ammo will do the best with this gun? Sorry if this is not the right place to ask.
  10. I joined the NRA this week. We need some one to help us on the HR45 bill..
  11. My HCP came today!!! I applied for it Dec,10th and got it today..Jan,28th.It seems like a long time. I hope the Hr 45 bill does not pass. IF it does it looks like the HCP is not any good any more.......
  12. In reading about the HR45 Bill if it is passed without any changes the HCP I have will be no good! If this is true I will have to do all the things again......Test,picture,fingerprint,medical records. What a waste...Am I right?
  13. I thought something was up, I have looked on several sites and have found NOTHING to indicate that the law has been delayed. He was just blowing smoke or just did not want it to go into effect. Nothing like a honest Ranger!!!!! Thanks OS
  14. Following the lead set December 30 by a lawsuit by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, two park advocacy groups, the National Parks and Conservation and the Coalition of National Park Service Retirees, announced that they have filed a similar lawsuit to stop the Bush administration rule to allow loaded, concealed guns in national parks and wildlife refuges. Like the Brady Campaign, the two groups base their legal objection on failure of the Department of the Interior to prepare a environmental analysis as required by the National Environmental Policy Act. Here is the total text of th
  15. Just talked to the Natchez Trace headquarters in Miss. and was told the Federal park law for conceled weapon that was going in effect tomorrow has been delayed. He did not know when it will be in effect. He did say if and when it went in effect you can carry the weapon on the Natchez Trace Parkway if you have a state permit. ....This I guess really answers my question from the DOGS MOUTH.. This was my first post and I thank you all for your input. As a new member I have had a blast and will continue to be on TGO......


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