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  1. I got my mother a Nissan Versa, and have yet to see under 30 mpg. It has tons of features, well made, nice driving, lots of room. Really I couldnt find a new car for under 16 grand that even comes close to all this. It had a funny look / clown car appearance at first, but it has really grown on me. Very satisfied.
  2. Very nice. I got my Sig from Eastside too. Great guns. Enjoy!
  3. VandyZ

    The Wall

    Very handy! Nice idea.
  4. I have been to my fair share of cities, and i might be biased, but Nashville is a great city. I know i have felt the same way you felt, visiting some other cities. I guess its just a comfort thing, and knowing the area. But as far as "in general", Nashville really is a great all around city. Most people that visit me, always go on about how great it is. Maybe its because i was their security blanket. Oh well, better luck next time. Give it another chance, its a very likeable place.
  5. I still have ammo left (9mm) from my last trade. I found 2 more boxes just the other day. My intentions were to get another 9, or run them through friends guns. Obviously neither is happening. My dad is flying in this weekend for an early fathers day visit, so maybe i will make it to a range to do some target practice. Last year we went to Guns & Leather when he visited. Its the one time each year i usually make time for guns and golf. HAHA. Pretty sad.
  6. The first picture gave me a laugh, this one almost sent me to the floor. Good job!
  7. Well as my notice tells me, i havent been here in a while and i should post something. Sorry for being gone for a while, work has been pressing me hard. I have not had time to post about firearms, let along fire any of mine in a while. I was wanting to sell one of mine, but I see my post count has dropped by a few, and i am not even very close to 50 needed. I guess i will have to try to be more active on here before i can offer it up. I wish i could tell you i was buying a firearm to shoot, but just wanting some new camera equipment. I thought it made more economical sense to sell someth
  8. VandyZ

    Pawn shops

    +1 The Rabbi found me the sig I was looking for very quickly (and gave me a GREAT deal). Its been a while since I have been in a pawn shop and seen anything worth considering. If you have some sort of fascination with pawn shops, I have found that the ones in outlying areas / towns to be better with guns, but you would have to travel around which you said you wanted to avoid.
  9. I got a punch set (w/ roll pin punches) that had just what I needed at Sears. I think it was $10-$15. I also put masking tape in the places where i had to use the punches. With the roll pin punches, it made it fool proof and easy.
  10. Thanks! It is my new favorite.
  11. No sadly I dont. Sounds like there might be a few provided other members I would bring my Glock 23C (.40), Sig P245 (.45), Taurus (9mm), and maybe the browning (.22). Any of which you would be welcome to try. If it were approved I would bring the AR-15, but its not as fun to shoot on a pistol range, but still satisfying to pop off a few clips.
  12. Well given enough notice I would be in on something. +1 on Anti G-C I have only been to on target once and they did have rental guns back then. If I am there you are more than welcome to use any of my firearms if you have your own ammo. I only shoot one at a time.
  13. Hey all. Well I finally got around to picking up my Sig P245 from Eastside Gun Shop. I started my search very leisurely, but Eastside offered me a great deal on my Glock 26 trade-in and found me a new in box Sig P245 at a great price. I could not be happier with the gun or the service. I took the Sig P245 and my Glock 23C to Guns and Leather on Saturday to do some shooting. WOW is all I can say. This being my first Sig, I can definitely say it wont be my last. It is one of the finest feeling handguns I have ever shot. On with the pictures (sorry for the oil marks). I thought I had it all wip
  14. VandyZ

    AR assembly?

    Well those are the same instructions I followed. It does make a difference to have the correct tools. It makes things go much smoother! Good luck!
  15. I paid i think $155 from del-ton.com when it was on sale through ar-15.com. I tell you nothing about that rifle was cheap. LOL I set out to save money and build my own and when I started picking out the parts I liked, it was clear I wasnt going to be saving any money on what I could pick up say a store bought Bushmaster. Had I found a comparable built manufactured rifle it would have been about 30% more than what I paid for all my parts. So I guess in the end it was worth it. I dont know how much money my rifle would fetch, but I know its as nice, if not nicer than anything I could have go


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