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  1. Check with your local sheriff's office. As for "distance" when we lived outside of Portland, TN no such factor was involved. We could see our neighbors and vice-versa, just made sure to shoot into a backstop not in their direction.
  2. I must admit that I've never seen them. Full disclosure: I do have A2ASB (Anti 2A Sign Blindness) ...a constant struggle for my optometrist.
  3. And..."the shooting was an isolated incident"... hmmm....wonder if it was also "mostly peaceful"?
  4. Sorry....I can take my "Thumper" to most any range, whereas you'd have a real problem there with an M79.
  5. I never was much into rifles, but do own a couple .22s and kept an AK47 around mainly for security purposes, along with an AK pistol in 5.56. I recently had thoughts of selling the latter (prices are nutz right now) and buying an AR pistol, thinking that such would be much lighter. But without doing a custom AR build and spending $$$ on ultra-light skeletal parts, they still weigh-in @ 7lbs or so. I decided to instead do a few cheaper upgrades to my M85, mostly because I wanted something "new" without going broke and it's much cheaper/easier (and fun) to make changes to what you already ha
  6. Thanks for the replies. I'm not surprised that I would have to pay more for less...I'm sure there's a maxim/law about that somewhere. So it sounds like 6lb-ish weights in this style are more the norm than I imagined. Live & learn....
  7. ....that you would trust for reliable performance, 5.56/.223 on a budget. I currently own an AK-variant pistol w/brace in that caliber but it's over 6lb, and as I age weight makes a difference...both at my waistline and in my defensive choices. Haven't really been following the newer AR models, so enlighten me please.
  8. Installed these night sights on my G30SF many years ago....tritium still going strong. Great for CC, not so great for range fine-accuracy but that's not their purpose. No regrets here.
  9. Thanks, I check them out on occasion. I DO dig his phone holster....in a manly sorta way.
  10. Exactly what I've been telling friends/family, starting a month or so past. Don't panic but do be prepared. There will be those who panic and that will have supply/economic impact. And of course the MSM stokes the fire. On the local news today it was reported that over 50K hotel reservations in Nashville have been cancelled. Along with other factors, that's a $25M loss in revenue. The economic ripple of this virus will be felt. I'm not a world-will-end prepper but I do prepare in the same manner that I buy insurance, own fire-extinguishers and sensors, and CC everywhere I can.
  11. Rimfires are not reliable....period. I would never trust one for a primary CC gun; maybe BUG. Even center-fire can have issues, which is why I CC a Beretta with second-strike hammer action. Personally, I would look at one of the Smith EZ models or in our case, a Walther CCP (since I already own one in 9mm).
  12. We had our own range when we lived outside Portland, TN....do miss that. Miss our burn-barrel too. As for the rest, TMI. Reminds me, I once applied for a job at the Crocs HQ....wearing a suit..and Crocs. They'd seen it before I guess, didn't hire me but it was one of my more comfortable interviews on record.
  13. Good to hear, however a bit off-base given the topic title...most of us think "range" as more public.
  14. +1. We've lived in SE Nashville for 2yrs now and I sub to one of those "crime watch" sites which shows the reported incidents in my area. Many of those, every week, yet I have never seen a patrol car...ever. I get it....more crime than police...but it's a sad change from where I grew-up. I am thankful to live in such a 2A-friendly state.
  15. Can you shoot that at the range? Most I've been to are pretty picky on scatter-guns.
  16. We own several Glocks among other brands. Been watching Lenny's updates since the start...never met him but he seems like a good dude. Looking forward to visiting the new location.
  17. Welcome to TN.... we escaped from CO after the CA influx. Best of luck on finding your preferred matches.
  18. Walther CCP M2 (nothing wrong with my M1, but the M2 is much easier to field-strip), is an accurate, ergonomic, 8+1 9mm, soft-recoiling, easy-to-rack due to it's gas-piston system. Not a pocket gun but not difficult to CC either. Not a great range gun (heat buildup after 50+ rounds) but fine for carry. I prefer more capacity and hammer-fired so I CC a PX4 Storm SC most of the time. But I keep the CCP for those not-too-distant years when I might need an easier model to operate.
  19. Beat me to it; yes the LCPII is a big improvement; did much the same add-ons as you.
  20. Yah, capacity wasn't my focus as much so as 3-point stability (and a good optic) for those longer shots. Mag-dump rarely/if-ever required, shot-placement is...given armored assailants these days. But we all have to work with the tools at hand, what makes sense, what we can afford.
  21. Exactly.....shot placement. Ok, so a guy survived a .380 round....lots of cases of 9mm survivors (20+ rounds sometimes) too. Do I prefer .380? Not at all. But there are times when that's the best you can do carry-wise, so I don't discount it. Plenty of folk have died from .22 encounters for that matter. And some people (due to age or other reasons) just can't handle more recoil. Better than a sharp stick.
  22. The wife CC's a LCP II. I'd rather that she carried a 9 but women have different clothing/physical constraints, so I make sure that she carries a round that has reliable function/expansion (same ammo that Defender posted). I often add a .380 as backup to my 9 or .45. Decent round with today's improved loads, but not my preference when dress standards allow a larger frame.
  23. Always gonna be haters, even in church. Yah, our church is in Antioch...not that one, but not that far. Very grateful for that young man, indeed.
  24. Maybe in days gone by. In present day, given the escalation of incidents, I think most congregants welcome protection and knowledge there-of. Our church security carries, and most of us know that they do, and are thankful. Doesn't mean that I depend on them personally; my safety is my own responsibility. As for options, there's a plethora of small 9mm fold-able PDW choices out there (SBR or otherwise), pistol chassis add-ons, and even an MP5 can be concealed with a bit of innovation. Yeah, as Security you might need to float on the fringes vs sit'n in the pews but that's not unusual IME.


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