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  1. Did the Wilson package on the Compact include a trigger job/spring?
  2. BHG123

    Ladies-Only Shooting Clinic

    Good stuff, Tiffany! Thanks for posting! I wish I could go, but it is too long a drive from East Tennessee. Good luck and let us all know how it goes!
  3. BHG123

    Greetings from Memphis!

    Welcome! From a female shooter in East Tennessee!
  4. There is another Lady Sure Shots event at Shoot Point Blank range this Saturday. Visit my first post for details. This is a great group for beginners, and even someone with experience can learn new things. It is also a great place to meet other women who like to shoot.
  5. BHG123

    for-sale Custom Coin 1911 Grips

    Any idea if these would fit a Ruger Mark IV? I know some 1911 grips will fit.
  6. BHG123

    Hello girlz...

    MrsMonkeyMan2500, Where do you go shooting? I am mostly East Tennessee, out to Oak Ridge. I love my guns, love to shoot, love to train. I do some informal Steel Challenge and Action Pistol. I would like to move into more formal IDPA, Steel Challenge and maybe Cowboy action. My favorite Calibers are .38 special in revolver, 9mm in semi-auto, and .357 magnum in my Ruger Blackhawk. I also have several .22LR guns that are fun, and a 9 round SA Heritage rough rider that I want to try to shoot Steel Challenge with, just to Challenge myself. I like shooting SA revolvers against semi-autos, and coming out near the top, lol! Whenever I get a new gun (I am a gun nerd), I have to do ballistic studies and comparisons, side by side, different types of ammo, and comparisons against other guns of the same caliber. I could write a lot of review articles. And sometimes, (don't tell), but I don't always tell my boyfriend when I buy a new gun. What about you?
  7. BHG123

    Hello girlz...

    Dave, thank you for the thoughtful offer! To better explain my post, I was trying to just point out the differences between what I have seen between what female gun owners are looking for in a forum, vs. male gun owners. Not nothing is 100% one way or the other, just that we tend to be a little different in our motivations and preferences. Yours is a tough questions because I have seen other forums try creating a separate area just for women, and it does not work out because there is just not enough active female members on the forums to begin with. I think Well Armed Woman has a forum for members and they have a lot of members. I looked into joining, but most of the posts were months old, nothing recent and I enjoy active conversation. So, back to what I first said, it may be the male jousting that keeps a lot of these forums going and that would explain why a female only forum does not do that well, we just don't joust the way men do. For me personally, I see a lot of divisiveness on gun forums right now that is very disturbing to me. Those who would want to take away our 2A rights (many are foreign forum trolls) are fueling infighting among gun owners, trying to tear apart the NRA, and they are also instigating other infighting in the USA, brother against brother and sister against sister. Foreign countries can come into our country via the internet and are causing USA citizens to fight against each other. For me, I don't want to be a part of that.
  8. BHG123

    Hello girlz...

    MrsMonkeyMan2500, I know exactly how you feel. Many women I know have a limit when it comes to politics, some men seem like it a lot more. I see it happen on a lot of forums, and I think that is why a lot of women back off. I think we like all the gun and carry related information, but the politics and confrontations are not what most women log on for. Sometimes, I want to comment on the politics too, and the responses I get, I don't think a lot of the guys (not all) realize that we ladies want to contribute, but most women do not want the level of confrontation (rather than discussion) that some men seem to be comfortable with. I have a lot of stress in my life right now, and there are some days where I need to make a conscious effort to rise above some of the negativity I have to deal with. When I encounter a big dose of negativity on any forum, I just don't need it right now so I quickly review and leave. That includes all the gun forums I belong to, I am not singling out TGO by any means, this forum is better than most, IMO. Even though there has been an effort on most forums to isolate the politics, one cannot help but encounter them in the new posts, active topics and similar areas. That's my female perspective ; )
  9. I wanted to share with everyone here, tell your NRA supporting friends. The NRA (us) is taking the brunt of hate, but in all of that, we are getting a lot of new members! In addition we all can contribute to the NRA's mission through a website called smile.amazon.com. When you make your Amazon purchases, do NOT go through www.amazon.com, go through smile.amazon.com instead and a portion of your purchase will go to the NRA. You do need to set up your charity preference on your first visit, though. Put the smile link in your browser, so you do not accidently miss any opportunities to send a bit of change to the NRA. Here is a link to the page with all the details on how to sign up https://smile.amazon.com/gp/chpf/abo...3_1_3501591742 It may only be a few cents contribution to the NRA each time you buy, but if we all are doing it the numbers can add up!! Help spread the word!
  10. BHG123

    Armor for small female

    I would rather carry a well balanced handgun that I have trained with, than be carrying around that much weight in body armor every day when odds are that a mass shooting will not happen. She could develop back problems over time, and armor does not cover the entire body, including the head. A shot to the femoral artery in the leg could be as fatal as anything. There are 37,000+ public and private high schools in this country. There have been roughly 12 school shootings since Columbine (1999- 18 years ago). That is less than 1 a year out of the 37,000 chance that your wifes school will be next, but I have not had my coffee yet, lol, so my math might be off. And then if there is a shooting, not everyone dies, most live. On an interesting note, I was looking at high school shooting stats, and tried to find a starting point for my stats. I chose Columbine, because that was at the beginning of world social media. If I started at the beginning, I would have to go back to July 26, 1764, at least on on resource. I guess schools have always been a soft target. I think the only difference between then and now is that we have better, more prolific media coverage. And maybe future aspiring teachers should be counseled that they are taking on a job that has some danger to it and they should be given a means of dealing effectively with it.
  11. Oh, you are tempting more to think of out west... I lived in Colorado for 10 years, I LOVED the climate and the outdoors. I know it has changed a lot since I left in 2003. I would have to spend some time out there again and see if I can handle the culture shift that has happened over the last 14 years. The climate I would take in a minute!
  12. Congratulations on the quick sale! We are thinking of moving to that area once we sell a house we inherited but I guess our timing is a little off. I would have definitely been interested. You will love the dry climate, no more sinus headaches and many other aches and pains start to disappear. You could have bloody noses for 6 months while your body adjusts to the dry heat, but it is worth it!!
  13. BHG123

    Looking for help, my wife wants a revolver

    There is a ladies firearm event in Knoxville this Saturday called "Lady Sure Shots." It might be a great way for her to get started. There will be other first-timers there also. Here is a link to the thread I started about the event: Lady Sure Shots Knoxville

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