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  1. I am in Sevier County. I get up to Oak Ridge from time to time to compete.
  2. Yes, I am still here, on and off. I just happened to be checking in again myself. I have to regroup on this post, it was created in the Epic B.C. (Before COVID). I feel like the world has changed a lot since then, it has for me!
  3. The NRA helped get President Trump elected. They spent a lot of money on that goal, or Hillary would be President now. They continue to back Trump, that is why the State of NY wants to lock up the NRA's money in a lawsuit just before election. That is also why the media is trash talking the NRA, because they know the easily influenced will listen and send their money elsewhere where it will not matter much.
  4. There is a free Ladies Firearms Group in Wears Valley (about an hour from Knoxville) the first Saturday of every month at 10:00a.m. at AK Virtual Arms Training LLC 2662 Wears Valley Road, Wears Valley. They welcome attendees from surrounding counties too. Ladies can bring their husbands, but the questions are strictly for the ladies. The group is run by a female Instructor who takes firearms safety very seriously, is well liked, and is a firm supporter of the Second Amendment. Here is a link to the next event. https://akvat.com/ola/services/8-1-wears-valley-women-for-the-second-amendmen
  5. Tried the new magazine and recoil spring. Both functioned perfectly! I put the 3913 up against the PC Shield again, hoping my grouping would be better with the 3913, but it was about the same as before. I think my problem is the rear sight dots on the 3913 are much harder for me to see than the fiber optics on the PC Shield. I am going to do a little glow paint on the 3913, and make the dots slightly bigger and give it another try. I am almost confident with the gun enough to carry it, except for that little clickyness in the single action take up. I need to check that out again.
  6. About a week ago, I did get a replacement recoil spring and a new old-stock S&W OEM magazine. The new recoil spring was almost 3/4" longer than the original I was replacing, and MUCH stiffer. I do not know if the original was just that worn, or if the new recoil spring is heavier duty. Anyway, I crammed the new spring in, it was difficult, but it seems to work. I shot about 6 rounds in the backyard. It seems to group better, could be just me though. No issues with the new magazine. I am going to try to put more rounds through the new setup this weekend, and do more compar
  7. Yes, the firing pin block safety, good call. I will have to find out what it looks like and check on it. The gun is definitely used, so there should be no breaking in necessary. But cleaning, maybe the safety is what is grinding, clicking.
  8. I tried racking the 380 and new 9mm, side-by-side. The 9mm was significantly tougher than the 380, even if it was not as tough as a regular Shield 9mm. If someone has enough hand weakness, arthritis, etc., the 380 might still be the way to go. I went to buy the 9mm EZ for my students, and backed off because it was not as EZ as I thought it would be. I was wanting something my students could feel confident racking. They would be more confident with the 380, but I personally do not like 380's, so I ended up not buying anything right now. Time to re-think.
  9. I was just talking to a friend of mine a couple of nights ago, who bought one the same as you. He said the slide had known issues with an excess of whatever they coat the slide with, cerakote, paint, I am not sure what it is. He said he sanded some of it off in key areas of where the slide rubs (inside grooves), re-lubed and it works fine. Maybe see if there is anything about that on another forum. I did not listen closely to everything he was saying, so I might not have it exactly right, but it is worth looking into. It sounded like the gun just needed some finishing.
  10. Well, just did a much heavier cleaning around the trigger and safety mechanisms. I put a lot of lube around the long metal parts that connect the DA trigger to the hammer, there was some friction there. The DA trigger pull is still fine, the SA is not "hitching" in the rest anymore, but the reset still has 2 clicks before breaking. I wonder if that is how it is meant to be? I lubed and worked the safety, it is feeling a little better.
  11. Any idea if I spray soak with the Lucas Extreme Duty or Ballistol and get it on the firing pin, are they going to leave enough oil residue to shorten the life of the firing pin?
  12. I just purchased a used Smith and Wesson 3913, in decent condition. It is not the LS, but it is DA/SA. Overall, this is a great little gun, and I think it is worthy of replacing my M&P PC Shield as my carry gun but I want to get the bugs worked out first. I think it needs a little, hopefully minor work and I am hoping someone here might have some quick answers for me. (1) Failure to return to battery It looked like someone did not use it for a while and it needed a clean and lube. I shot it prior to the clean and lube, and I had intermittent failure to return to battery issue
  13. I am not sure what I am looking for a Black Friday deal on, but I will know it when I see it!
  14. One day, I posted a picture of a beautiful Wilson Combat 1911, just to post. The caption was something like "Mama likey!" They had someone call my house, pretending to be interested in buying that 1911. They said I was using "code" for selling a gun and were insistent about buying it. Told them sorry, it is only a picture of something I would like to have. I does not matter what I post, whether it is a Carry Permit class, or just a happy picture. My whole business is flagged as promoting gun sales. I even did a seminar about NASA at my place for kids. FB would not let me pay to adv


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