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  1. One day, I posted a picture of a beautiful Wilson Combat 1911, just to post. The caption was something like "Mama likey!" They had someone call my house, pretending to be interested in buying that 1911. They said I was using "code" for selling a gun and were insistent about buying it. Told them sorry, it is only a picture of something I would like to have. I does not matter what I post, whether it is a Carry Permit class, or just a happy picture. My whole business is flagged as promoting gun sales. I even did a seminar about NASA at my place for kids. FB would not let me pay to advertise it. Nothing to do with guns. They just completely refuse me paid advertising FOR BEING A GUN OWNER/BUSINESS.
  2. I was doing a little thinking about this small business Facebook dilemma last night. I think Facebook is the best way to reach locals in this area, unfortunately. It is a constant circus of trying to outmaneuver Facebook for a Facebook crime I never committed. You see, what I do here in Wears Valley with a firearms simulator (no live ammo, no working guns) is prohibited in foreign countries. Facebook governs us, according to what is legal or not in Communist countries, read the small print. I just wish everyday people were aware and would find something else to use to communicate with each other in the States. Tourism and people outside of the area, Facebook helps, but there are other better ways.
  3. Everyday I risk loosing my business page and clients on FB. There is a FB backup feature. I use it, and download that information to my hard drive. I do not know how easy it would be to re-upload that information to a new business page; I have not tried it yet. Depending on the infraction, you can put up a replacement page. But if you are not careful, they could decide to take down your whole identity, personal, business and it all. A regular website is much safer. I have not had too many problems getting into Google searches, although, they won't take my money either for paid ads, unless the ads are so stripped of firearms terms, that you barely know what it is I am advertising.
  4. FB is not even owned by Americans. Some of their first venture capitalists were Chinese. That is interesting, because the Chinese barely let their own people use FB. It is a huge data collection avenue for countries that do not like us and want to disarm us. They censure us, and push the leftist disarmament agenda. Because it is "Free", small businesses, like mine, without a lot of advertising capital, get sucked into it. Nothing is "Free" on the Internet. There is a price.
  5. No matter how hard I try to give them my money (on my business page), they will not take my money and insist that I am either selling firearms (I am not) or encouraging people to buy firearms (maybe a little, if you consider firearms safety training encouragement).
  6. Glad you asked! I do TN Carry Permit Classes. Just today, my FB post to advertise a TN Carry Permit Class was reported as "violent" content. I hate FB, and would not be on it if it were not for my business. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get out of it, but I do get a decent amount of business from it. FB will not allow my Business Page to do paid advertisements for ANYTHING, even a totally un-firearm related event. They just flagged my Business Page, and anything associated with it is "selling firearms". (BTW, I do not sell firearms with my business.) The big shut down on advertising came when I "Appealed" their censure decision. That was the worse thing I could have done. That gave me the big flag on my business account. I could go on-and-on, work arounds, trouble with left-wingnut admins, it is a big time suck. I am wondering if I spent less time trying to figure out how not to be shut down and censured, and more time on a different advertising media, I would be happier and have more time to enjoy the fun parts of my business.
  7. Yes, she needs to practice the draw. I will not use a shoulder holster because my boobs get in the way of the draw, too far a reach. Wrangler Q Baby Jeans have big belt loops and deep enough pockets for pocket revolver carry.
  8. Got a Norinco! Awesome gun, I have a new favorite du joir! Thanks for all the great tips!
  9. Now I am wondering about Riley Defense, AK's manufactured in the USA in Charlotte NC. Anybody have any experience with them? I am thinking if all the parts are built here to be compliant in the first place, no replacing, swapping, etc., theoretically shouldn't the gun work more reliably?
  10. I see a lot of negativity about Century Arms, but I am seeing as the WASR Romanian Cugir as being considered decent components. I think there are some Century WASR and some non-WASR. Would that make the Century WASR a decent, reliable gun? I want reliable and nothing I have to carve away to make it work.
  11. There are a couple of nice AK's like you describe on Atlantic Firearms. I know nothing about them and I am hesitant to purchase because of that. Any experience with them?
  12. You might need to tell me the best way to do that. I do not have a lot of experience wood staining, I am betting you did a light, fine sand first to remove any finish, and then a rub of a stain?
  13. You might need to tell me the best way to do that. I do not have a lot of experience wood staining, I am betting you did a light, fine sand first to remove any finish, and then a rub of a stain?
  14. I know someone who might have one of these. What is a good price?
  15. There must be a run on these right now, many are out of stock. Is it just the AK's or is there a run on all semi-auto rifles right now? Century's seem to be the few that I can find in stock for the configuration I want. PSA has a few in stock, but mostly polymer and pistols. I wanted the metal with wood furniture, although a folding stock might not be bad if that is all I can find.

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