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  1. My suggestion is to try some Vihtavuori powder. In my experience it is the cleanest burning powder there is for semi autos and it meters fantastic. A little more pricey but IMO worth every cent.
  2. Unfortunately that is what they are currently selling for on Gunbrokers. A face to face sale without paying shipping or sales tax could turn out to be a bargain to someone who is out.
  3. Own two lefty Stag Arms. One, the 6L is the most accurate rifle I ever owned. With the right ammo it is capable of .25 MOA. Shooting a right handed rifle is not worth it to me if its also made as a lefty. I want nothing to do with the ejection port opening up directly towards my eyes and face. I try to keep everything in my favor when it comes to safety including wearing glasses.
  4. Was going thru my stash the other day and discovered almost 4 bricks of 22 mag. I did the only sensible thing possible and purchased a new S&W 648. It will be here the end of the week
  5. Dont knock a single stage press for handgun rounds. Its all I ever used since the mid 60's and I never felt they were to slow. I can kill time watching TV or reloading in the workshop. Nothing wrong with being alone for a few hours and assembling a couple hundred rounds of 9mm or 45 acp. If your a competitive shooter I can understand going to a progressive press.
  6. Going to keep my eyes peeled for a used 44 DE. Would make a nice companion to the 50AE. Been wanting one in the gold tiger striped finish but they are selling for astronomical prices.
  7. I give up, must of tried rotating the photo for ten minutes. Every time it appears as upside down. Anyhow, here it is. Brushed chrome finish in 50 AE
  8. Heck, I am not greedy. If someone offered me $100 a brick for .22 ammo would sell off 75% of my stash.
  9. Crazy is as crazy does. I bought some .458 350 grain bullets for $18 a bag (100) 10-12 years ago. Good bullets for the 45-70. Tried to sell them locally for cheap and not one taker. I listed them on Gunbrokers with an opening bid of $9.99. Today the bid is up to over $160.
  10. Ordered the rifle about 10 years ago. Paid to upgrade the wood to AAA and when I opened the box it looked like the stock was made from a fence post. Cooper finally conceded the wood quality wasn’t that good and replaced it. Replacement stock was better but not by a lot. When they first started building rifles the quality of the stocks was outstanding. But every year since they slip a notch or two. Bought a 7mm/08 Classic about 6 years ago and seen better grain on a Remington 700. That was my last Cooper purchase.
  11. Hope I remember them all: LH Savage bolt LH CZ 452 LH Cooper Jackson Squirrel Rifle - 22 mag LH Cooper Custom Classic Ruger 10/22 Savage LH semi auto, think it’s a model 64
  12. I owned three Henrys and never had an issue with any. Also owned three JM's built during the 2000-2007 time frame. Sold every one of the JM's as they were not very accurate and jammed on a regular basis. Have since bought three of the "Remlins" produced in the last 2 years or so. All have been solid rifles with excellent fit and finish.
  13. Cool, Can they order for you or are you stuck to what’s in stock?
  14. Not all vendors are charging sales tax. I got a email from GB a few days ago saying effective 1 Jan 2021 Gunbrokers will be collecting sales tax from buyers of these states: Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Nebraska, New Jersey, Nevada. I was not charged sales tax from a PA dealer on the Desert Eagle I just purchased a couple of days ago. But smart money suggests all states that have sales tax will be on the list as time goes on. As far as 94's go, I think the least expensive one made today has a MSRP of roughly $1200.


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