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  1. had one for years. they work well and have a lot of stuff to look at free.
  2. i still keep a rand mcnally road atlas in my truck. sometimes you need old school to get when you need to go.
  3. We shoot rain or shine. The firing line is covered. Don't let a little water stop you from a great day of shooting.
  4. Targetsports.com is the place I use
  5. This Saturday the Chatuge Gun Club in Hiawassee Georgia is holding two NRA Lever Action Metallic Silhouette matches. One match will be the lever action pistol cartridge match and the other match will be the lever action smallbore match. Practice starts at 10 am and the first match will start at 11 am. Matches are free. We do not charge a match fee at the Chatuge Gun Club. Show me a club that holds NRA matches that does not charge a match fee. Awards are given out after the match along with five in a row/ ten in a row pins. After the match a group of shooters go out to eat. It is a family affair with Silhouette shooters. We have fun and love to shoot. Bring a lunch; we take a lunch break between the two matches. Also, Chatuge Gun Club will have NRA Hunter Pistol Metallic Silhouette (pistol cartridge/straight wall pistol cartridge) and NRA Smallbore Hunter Pistol Metallic Silhouette (22 lr/Smallbore) matches during the lever action matches. A third and fourth relay will be added to each lever action match for pistol shooters. Pistols can have/be open sights, scopes, and/or red dots type sights. 12 inch max barrel length with a safe trigger. Course of fire is the same as lever action. You think you are good with a pistol come out and find out the truth. We put new shooters with an experience shooter to show them how things are done. We don’t throw you into the deep end. Metallic silhouette shooters and matches are easy going. We have fun!! We help new shooters to learn the sport. We have a mix of males, females, and kids shooting the matches. It is a family fun shooting sport. See my other posts for detail information of NRA Lever Action Metallic Silhouette shooting. See http://www.chatugegunclub.com/index.html for information about the Chatuge Gun Club. Hope to see some new shooters.
  6. here is a good site to see what a smallbore rifle silhouette targets look like. http://www.riflesilhouette.com/index.html it is going to be a great day on saturday. come on out.
  7. it is going to be a great day this saturday, break out the 10/22 and come shoot some steel. you don't need any high dollar rifle to shoot smallbore metallic silhouette.
  8. Boxer is the way to go. I am on my third one. They are great with kids. Easy to train. Will be on watch 24/7. I cut the ears on my boxers. I like the old school look. It also makes them look mean. My current one is a inside/outside dog. All ways by my side.
  9. This Saturday there will be two Smallbore Rifle Silhouette Matches at the Chatuge Gun Club just outside of Hiawassee, Georgia. One 40 shot Standard Rifle match and one 40 shot Hunter Rifle match. Match start time is 12 p.m. with practice starting around 11 a.m. The matches will run rain or shine. The firing line is covered. Go to Chatuge Gun Club site for more information. The Smallbore Silhouette matches at Chatuge Gun Club are open to all competitors so you do not need to be a club member to attend the matches. There are several types of rifles that can be used for smallbore rifle silhouette but generally they are hunting type rifles most often with optical sights (scopes) attached. There is no requirement that optical sights be used but due to the relatively small size of the targets, they generally make the sport more enjoyable since they allow the competitor to clearly see the targets. Ammunition is restricted 22 Long Rifle ammunition with no high velocity ammunition allowed. Subsonic ammunition is more accurate than high velocity ammunition, minimizes the possibility of damage to the range equipment and reduces the chance that a ricochet will make it back to the firing line. Hunting Rifle class can weigh a maximum of 8 1/2 lbs. (including sights) and must have a minimum trigger pull weight of 2 lbs, with a taper barrel and hunting stock. Standard Rifle class can be a maximum weight of 10 lbs. 2 oz. (including sights), any type of barrel/stock, and does not have a minimum trigger pull weight restriction (but it must be a SAFE trigger!). A number of competitors opt to shoot a rifle that meets the more stringent Hunting Rifle class requirements in both the Hunter and Standard matches. Single shot and semi auto rifles can be used. The course of fire for the Standard Rifle Match and the Hunter Rifle Match is 10 shots at each of the four animals/distances for a total of 40 shots for each match. 10 chicken targets fired at 40 meters 10 pig targets fired at 60 meters 10 turkey targets fired at 77 meters 10 ram targets fired at 100 meters The course of fire is subdivided into 5 shot strings (first bank of animals), during which the competitors are allowed a 15 second ready period to load and prepare (change sight settings, etc.) for the first shot followed by 2 ½ minutes to fire five shots. A 30 second break then you will do it all over for your second bank of animals. The line commands are “READY”, “FIRE” and “CEASE FIRE”. You will need 40 rounds of ammo for each match for a total of 80 rounds. But bring more ammo for practice/zero and in case you are in a shoot off. There are no sighting shots included in the course of fire. You must know your zeros for the four distances and make adjustments during the match. There will be a sighting/practice period prior to the start of record fire. During this time, competitors are allowed to confirm zeros with an unlimited number of rounds but once the match starts, no sighting shots are allowed. Smallbore Rifle Silhouette is shot “offhand” standing unsupported on the clock. No bench rests, no slings, no heavy shooting jackets, no laying down, no running, no gunning, no nothing. Just old school shooting. It is you and your rifle/ammo trying to knock the animals off the rail. Get the 22 LR rifle out and come have some fun. We put new shooters with an experience shooter to show them how things are done. Metallic silhouette shooters and matches are easy going. We help new shooters to learn the sport. We have a mix of males, females and kids shooting the match. It is a family fun shooting sport. Break out the Ruger 10/22 and shoot some steel.
  10. Here we go. These fools will not stop until they control us. And the only way to fully control us is to take away our guns.
  11. No lost to me. I stopped shopping with them when they went anti 2a.
  12. G1 & G2 will interchange most of the time. I have seen some g2 bull barrels not work well on g1 frames. Hard to open and don't lock up good. If you are going to shoot any big calibers I would go with the 12 inch or super14 barrel. The 10 inch barrel is a hand full with/in big calibers.
  13. Welcome to club. Good group here.

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