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  1. frankmako

    Air Rifles

    The cmp has the best deal on air rifles. They have a daisy air rifle for around 100.00. The price might be higher now. I got two several years ago for 99.00 each.
  2. Time to shoot some steel. Break out the lever guns and shoot some steel. We don't dress up and we don't use funny names. Just plain old he-man old school shooting. Come out and see if you can do it.
  3. frankmako

    New to 357mag reloading

    I use the 158 gr hp bullet from the zero bullet company. Also I used the 125 and 158 gr extreme plated bullet. Powders used are sr 4756 and titegroup. I currently use the 158 gr hp with 6.5 grs of titegroup in a marlin 1894cb for pistol cartridge silhouette matches. Back in the 80's I used h110/2400 in the 357 mag but for silhouette shooting there was better powders that group better and had no kick. Now if I load the 180 gr sierra 357 mag bullet I use h110 to get the speed to knock down the 200 meters rams in the big bore game.
  4. This Saturday is shaping up nice. Going be great weather for the match. Time to shoot some steel.
  5. frankmako

    sale-or-trade Shooting Glasses

    PM re-sent
  6. frankmako

    M1911 my clip want lock in the gun

    When I first started to read this the word "troll" kept popping up in my mind. Now I think it is so.
  7. frankmako

    M1911 my clip want lock in the gun

    Just don't sound right. Empty mag will not seat/lock in a 1911 with slide open. Take new gun back to store and let them work it out.
  8. frankmako

    Passed up an awesome Ruger P-Series

    that is a nice pistol at a very good price. if it was in my area i would buy it.
  9. frankmako


    It is hard to tell how hard they will check. We went in October and did not see anyone getting the wand and the bags check was about 5%. The one bag check I saw was they asked the lady if she any food in her bag. I don't think they look inside. So in October they did not do much of anything. Same with the dixie stampede they did not check anyone as far as what I saw. So it must be a hit and miss thing.
  10. frankmako

    Another stupid reporter...

    just a fool
  11. good. i have not been in one of their stores in years. i don't plan on ever going in no matter how good the sale is. i vote with my money and don't waste my money at places that does not think the same way as i do. i do the same way with tv, 99% of most shows are junk and were not made for me.
  12. there are a lots of dirt bags in this world. most get off because the courts don't do their jobs. we need to bring back the chain gang. back in the 60's i use to watch the chain gang cutting the right of way by sling blade in the hot august sun. i knew that i did not want to break the law and end up on the chain gang.
  13. frankmako

    Henry Customer Service

    I got a big boy steel 357 mag and it shoots both 357 mag and 38 special with ease. Got a marlin 1894 that will not.

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