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  1. frankmako

    David Hogg is coming to FedEx in Memphis

    he is a fool and is being used by the left.
  2. frankmako

    reloading CLEANING BRASS

    i use ss pin wet for rifle and i do the normal walnut clean with the pistol brass. once a year i will deprime my pistol brass and run them in the ss wet pin system. i use the frankfort arsenal one.
  3. frankmako

    Pain in The Butt reloading 30-30

    i reload lots of 30-30 for nra cla silhouette matches. so i have seen just about everything a 30-30 brass can do. but i have never split any neck on my brass during reloading or shooting. most of my brass has 10 plus reloads. after the last match i have two cases that had a split in the shoulder area. i trim my brass when needed and once a year i anneal my brass. i run a inside neck brush with lube on it on all my brass before i resize/deprime them. then clean in a ss pin cleaner system. what rifle are you using and what is your load.
  4. I stopped reloading 9 mm years ago because of the price. Same with 5.56.
  5. frankmako

    compressed powder loads

    I use a longer drop tube. Made one out of aluminum. Sometimes I to tap some down by hand too.
  6. frankmako

    My safe finally arrived...

    Yes they do good work. They also have good prices.
  7. frankmako

    Snow tomorrow ??

    nothing but rain here, all day crap and yesterday too. rain out the match in hoover alabama today. what fun.
  8. frankmako

    Trailboss for plinker load 45/70?

    Plus one on aa5744. 5744 is the powder for the 45-70.
  9. frankmako


    A scope CZ 455 will work. I carry one as my backup match rifle. The CZ shoots just as good as my Anschutz 1712. Standard class the rifle with scope has to be under 10.2 pounds with a safe trigger. Bull barrel is okay in standard class and you can go a little more than a hunting style rifle stock. In the hunter rifle class the rifle with scope has to be under 8 1/2 pounds with a 2 pound or higher trigger pull. Hunter rifle must have a taper barrel and a hunting type stock. There are other things in both classes concerning scope height and type/size of stock/comb/fore end. Most club matches that I have shot over the years don't get to much upset on the little things. They want the new shooters to grow the sport. But, if you go to a State Match, Regional Match, and/or the Nationals your rifle will be checked. Seen many crying because their rifle did not make the rules during inspection. But to get back to your question a CZ 455 will make a good silhouette rifle. Just get the one with the taper barrel, work the trigger to 2.25 pounds, keep weight under 8.5 pounds, and use the factory stock. You can use a Hunter Rifle in the Standard Rifle class.
  10. frankmako

    Idiot that destroys AR on YouTube

    what a fool.
  11. frankmako

    Property line legal question

    get a survey of the lines. then have the current owner fix the problems. it he can not fix the problems that pass the legal test it is time to look at others places to buy. these type of problems don't go away.
  12. i am looking for a new high power silhouette rifle in 7mm-308, used or new. maybe a remington 700 or a tikka.
  13. frankmako

    Winchester 75 premature fire

    As with any older and/or used guns that you pickup used, you need to break down and clean. Then you need to a safety/function check making sure the gun is safe and will work as it should.
  14. frankmako

    Reason for the Season- Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all. I hope all will have a great new year.
  15. frankmako

    CCI's newest Christmas Pack

    I would like to get a box or two to try. They seem to be mini mag with a polymer coating.

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