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  1. Dunham's did have the Tisas 1911a1 for $399.00 but, are sold out.
  2. I see a lot of 9mm at Academy. I assume most Academy's have it right now. But, .45 and some other calibers are scarce.
  3. It rained all morning at the house but, starting clearing up around Noon. We've not set out anything much yet. Planted some taters and onions . Got a few onions coming up.
  4. Awesome brother. Would love to at least get one or 2 of the other subspecies.
  5. Yep, what they said, and clean very well afterward.
  6. I love that scene in Grand Torino. Can't quote or play scene on here though.
  7. I'm wondering if the weather will get right to plant or set anything out. Weather is all over the place.
  8. Went this morning and stuck my little truck, should have drove my Silverado 4x4 . Anyway my wife's cousin got me out. Heard one on roost and told him to go after it. I went to another spot but, didn't hear anything. Maybe try and go Tomorrow if it's not raining in the morning.
  9. I've got a neighbor with one of those but, he don't do burnouts. He does drive it though. The guy I work with has a "Rat rod" and does that from time to time.
  10. Sorry to hear this. Liked reading his posts.
  11. Yeah, that's what I see mostly too. Kimbers for $800 range and so forth. Sometimes you'll see a RIA for around $450 or there abouts.
  12. I've not heard or seen many. Saturday morning didn't hear anything on roost. Called in 2 jakes later about 8:00. Let them walk. Sunday nothing, Monday morning, and this morning heard a couple each morning probably a mile away. Oh wow, might get interesting.
  13. As far as high capacity .45 1911's go, do they still have the Para Ordinance 1911's?
  14. I love shooting revolvers. Like has been said, I can load and shoot any bullet design and it will shoot. I have more autos than revolvers but, actually shoot the revolvers more. Don't have to worry about losing brass.
  15. The only cheaper 1911's I see now are the RIA's. I don't see the SDS Tisas anymore.
  16. Gonna get in deep doo doo if he keeps that up for sure.
  17. Oh yeah. All the U.S. surplus has went crazy in prices. Great if you have some but, horrible if you don't.
  18. Welcome. There's a guy at work from Spencer.
  19. Everything has went way higher huh? Lol. Johnson's have really went up in price.
  20. Yeah, a lot of people couldn't believe the change to M9. Every gun magazine had an article about it. 9mm with FMJ is a little different than .45 FMJ.
  21. I bought some Red Army steel cased ammo at Ace hardware Yesterday.
  22. Power wise it's about where the .45 Super is. It just has a fatter bullet. The designers said people have said for over a hundred years, that they carry a .45 because, they don't make a .46 or anything else bigger. It was designed to be a carry gun. It's been out awhile and I just heard about it, so...... It may never be popular.
  23. I've been considering a 1911a1 for a while too. I like the looks of the GI models. I like the Tisas and Rock Island both.


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