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  1. I voted for the Navy Vintage, but like Grunt67, I have a military (Retired USAF) plate.
  2. Great explanation, and now that I read it, I remember reading it before. I like this. Do you think we will ever get to where we need to be here in Tennessee as regards gun laws>?
  3. Can you please refresh my memory on what this means?
  4. Its not just the distressed finish...the slide is different and the internals have been through the Sig Custom Works shop. The grip module is different and the trigger is an X-series. Here's a review: https://shoot-on.com/review-sig-sauers-new-p365xl-spectre/ Not trying to talk anyone into this gun, just saying I like mine alot. I think guns are kinda like vehicles in that everyone thinks theirs is best and others suck, lol.
  5. Defender

    Trunk gun

    I don't store a firearms in my car. Those days are long gone, if it was ever a good idea. If one obeys our stupid gun laws here, there are times when some folks temporarily leave a gun inside a car. I'm talking about attending events at venues that ban guns. Personally, I try very hard to just avoid these venues, but there are times...for example, the US Post Office. For those that might not think twice about carrying past a gun ban sign, there are certain places where doing so could cost you way more than your HCP. So what is one to do, be unarmed during the commute or temporarily leave a gun inside the locked vehicle? I have a lock box in my vehicle attached to a metal cable attached to my car for such an event. I know its not really secure, but I think it might slow down a thief long enough to deter a smash and grab. I wouldn't ever leave a gun in it for long.
  6. Defender

    Trunk gun

    While I agree with you that securing your firearms is a mater of personal responsibility, and one should be personally obligated to do so, I definitely do place the blame for theft on thieves, where it belongs. I don't leave my guns unsecured in my car, and I think its irresponsible to do so. I also keep the bulk of my guns at home security in safes, as well. Blaming the gun owner for theft kinda seems like blaming the girl that got raped on being attractive and wearing what society these days considers fashionable clothes...
  7. Never watched much snow, but loved Norm. He’d been fighting cancer for 10 years.
  8. Defender

    Trunk gun

    I read a lot lately about guns being stolen out of police cars. I think as was said above, no one should keep a gun in a car. Thats one of the reasons i hate our laws that allow the gun ban signs...kinda makes you leave the gun behind...
  9. I think both of mine are libs so didn't sign it, but I did write and ask them why.
  10. have the following ammo that I'd like to trade: 30-30 - 40 rds 1 Box of 20 rds Monarch 150Gr Flat Soft Point 1 Box of 20 Winchester 170Gr Power Point Deer & Black Bear 7.62X51mm 40 rds 1 Box of 20 Winchester 147Gr FMJ – Steel Jacket 1 Pkg of 20 Winchester 147Gr FMJ – Steel Jacket Interested in trades for stuff I can use: 2 1/2" .410 shells 20 ga shells S&W Shield .380EZ mags Other stuff, make offers. Can add boot.
  11. Wow, that looks sweet! I've got a basic no frills version, but wish I had that one!
  12. I hope its someone local. I like Dan Mandis and Pamela Furr. Whoever it is, I hope they keep Johnny B.
  13. Anyone see the news segment this morning about this? It was something about a LEO's lawsuit against sig for her gun shooting here while it was in a holster in her purse. I've kinda been wanting one of these, but this concerns me.
  14. I thought Deer were herbivores.....wow
  15. After I shoot my new Glock 45, I've got a feeling that it may replace one of my bedside guns, lol. It feels better in my hand than the Shield I use for that purpose now. The Shield has a CT Laser/flashlight on it. I think I may end up selling or trading the extra Performance Center Shield I have, the one without the laser/flashlight. Coincidence on the Shield I'm keeping, the first 3 digits of the serial number are my initials, in the correct order. Talk about fate...
  16. Yeah, that other one is a Sig "Carry" 1911, which is size equivalent to the Colt Commander. I like it too.
  17. That's exactly how I feel! I also carry a Sig P-365XL withy a 507k daily, and have a couple S&W Shield with laser/lights for night time at the house, plus I still keep a S&W Governor with a CT laser on my bedside table with self defense rounds loaded, lol. The 1911 has to be the most wonderful handgun ever created! I've had several, but only have two sig 1911s now. My favorite used to be a Colt Combat Commander in a brushed stainless finish, but it was stolen several years ago when I lived in a rougher neighborhood. #What do you think about the Sig 1911s in my pic above?
  18. My favorite handgun is my Sig 'We The People' 1911. It has a distressed stainless finish on it and several different patriotic factory engravings.


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