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  1. Usually 12+1 in a semi-auto +15 round spare mag, with more ammo in the car.
  2. I have bought guns from most of the Nashville area gun shops over the years. My ‘go to’ shops are The Gun acres and Goodlettsville Gun Shop. Reese, Brandon and all the guys at the Gun Crew are awesome, and because they also sell a lot on the internet, all the stock may not be out, so ask if you’re looking for something in particular. You’ll also see them at most of the bigger gun shows across the state. Phillip at the Goodlettsville Gun shop moves a lot of stock for such a small store. His is the kind of place you need to visit regularly, or follow on Facebook, since his stock moves FAST!
  3. Are truckers not using cb anymore? What do they use?
  4. I like the looks of the WC grip. Currently I have a Hogue grip on my Spectre, and while I like it ok, it’s not the best. I understand that the WC grip is bigger than the standard, but smaller than the standard with Hogue. Wish I could find someone in the Nashville area that would let me fondle their 365xl with WC grip module so I could compare it to mine.
  5. Bar none, the absolute best concert I ever attended was his, at Starwood in the July, of 96. An amazing talent. RIP.
  6. Hi power us right about Gun Crew. Reese, Brandon and crew are all awesome!
  7. If Tennessee was your home of record, there’s a good chance the War Records Office at the TN National Guard on Sidco Drive has a copy. Branches are supposed to send one to them upon separation. In a different job, I used to help vets get copies there. Might be worth giving them a call to see how it works. There used to be a form you could fill out and I used to get copies in as little as a couple weeks.
  8. Still waiting on my stolen Colt commander to come home. It surfaced once on stolengunz.com in Nashville, but I was unable to get the Nashville metro detective to do much detecting…
  9. Ive got one of these. Awesome gun. GLWS.
  10. I read that he had recently had Covid.
  11. My Sig We The People 1911 and my Sig Carry (Commander size) model 1911.
  12. Repeating the, “I don’t need one of these” mantra is my method of resisting the urge to run out and buy one! Rarely works, but I do try, lol.
  13. Lots of talk about these on the internet along with some pretty good reviews and videos. Kinda like a mini 1911 some say. Dunno why I’m intrigued, I don’t need one of these, lol.
  14. Loved my western cap guns. Also, while it wasn't a cap gun, I had a Man from UNCLE set too. It had a badge, ID card and a semi-auto pistol of some kind.
  15. Our baby, we kind of inherited from my daughter a couple years ago. Shhh, don’t tell her she’s a dog, as she don’t know it.
  16. I have been wanting a deep fried turkey ever since I first heard of them. Maybe next year…
  17. That looks really good. I want to try making one if those. Is the meat tender?
  18. Nor have I. Guess one would need some pretty big rolling papers, huh? Seriously, sounds good!
  19. Well, he’s a survivor of the Rust movie set shooting, isn’t he?
  20. Speaking of Santa, I saw him the other night on a corner on Dickerson Road in Nashville, yelling Ho! Ho! Ho!


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