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  1. I’d be willing to pay double these prices! Seriously, thank you for doing this. There was a time I would have been all over this. Hopefully that time doesn’t return for me.
  2. I’m hoping the Daryl spinoff is good. I like that character.
  3. I have the P-365XL Spectre (not the comp). I’m happy with it, and have several 15 round mags for reloads smd range use, but EDC with a 12 round mag. The 12 round mag I EDC has a aftermarket ‘ledge’ installed that makes it a very secure and comfortable shooter and carry is very concealable. I bought a couple 17 rounders to augment the 15s and carry one spare 17 rounder on my belt. I’m happy with my setup.
  4. Well, could be that some use it as a derogatory term, but then, there’s this, which I think may have some basis in historical fact: https://legionary.com/mexican-carry-what-is-it-and-should-you-be-using-it/ and this, by a well recognized member of the gun community: Massad Ayoob says: The [Mexican Carry] term is not perjorative. It arose long ago among gun people. In homage to proud Mexican men of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Beset by trants who stripped them of liberties, including the right to carry guns if they were not part of the political elite, these defiant citizens.... needed to be able to ditch the gun to be retrieved later if they were about to have contact with Federales, and since a holster could not be so quickly ditched and would be prima facie evidence of resistance to tyrants' law, the holster was dispensed with. - The Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry
  5. I'm pretty happy with my current setup for EDC - Sig P-365 XL Spectre with a Holosun 507kx2 Green optic, though I'm thinking about changing the optic to the Holsun EPS Carry when the model I want becomes available. I've carried a variety of sidearms over the years both professionally and privately. My current setup is my best compromise between firepower and comfort with 12+1 in the gun with 17 rd mag backup. I've always been a .45ACP guy. For a few years I carried a FNH FNP-45USG. 15+1 rounds or .45 ACPP goodness in a very very reliable package that feels so dang good in my hand. I love 1911s and the FN possibly felt better and I felt safer carrying it. Many times while carrying my 1911, I would discover at the end of the day, upon unholstering it that it had somehow come off safe during the day unbeknownst to me. That scared me. So when the FN came out I tried it and liked it. Problem is that its a big heavy gun and the older and more frail (LOL) I got, the more pain it caused me to carry it. That gun would eat any ammo, I swear it might eat 9mm and ,40 if I fed that to it, lmao. Anyway, to cut to the chase, I tried the 365 but i couldn't hold onto it, it was too small, then the P-365XL Spectre (Non-com) came out and I picked one up and have been happy with that so far. I could go with a smaller .45, I've even got one, a SA XDe, but with that i lose capacity. SO 9mm is what it is and the Spectre is what I like at present.
  6. Thanks, Smith. What optic footprint to you get it cut for? I want one on my Gen 5 G-45. I have had good luck with Holosun. My EDC is. Sig P-365XL Spectre with a Holosun 507k2 Green dot but Im thinking about putting a Holosun EPS carry on it which leaves me a Holosun for possibly putting on the G-45.
  7. Happy birthday, USMC. I was going to order a cake for you guys, but I was afraid the candles would melt!
  8. Congrats, Smith! I’ve got a 365xl Spectre and a bunch of 15 and 12 rd mags, too many to switch over to the macro, so I just picked up a couple of the macro 17 round mags for reloads. I added a hogue grip to my Spectre and it fits my hand pretty good.
  9. For interested 365 owners, the new P-365 Macro 17 round mags are available on Sigs web site. They aren’t cheap, but supposedly fit all 365s and cone with a couple different spacers. I ordered 2 yesterday and Greg shipped today. I like to,order from Osage but they were out if stock.
  10. I do that a lot too, but on my ipad.
  11. How do you like it? Is it roomy inside?
  12. I’ve got retired military plates in both of my cars.
  13. Thanks. I sw those on their web page, but I was looking for opinions from y’all on here that use them. Anyone ?
  14. Well, TFA seems to have a lot of dinner meetings at Golden Corral in Hermitage, but I wouldn’t mind Dalts!
  15. Have y’all been to the range with the switchback ring installed yet? Curious how it works while holding it with your firearm. I looked for but didn’t find a video on their web site.
  16. I’ve probably got enough decent lights for now. I don’t use WMLs on my handguns so the Switchback ring is something I’ll get.
  17. Big advantage of shotgun is generally only one serving per bad guy is sufficient. love this!
  18. Dang it! I never realized it was a confirmed meetup. I guess I missed that post. I love Daltsvand would’ve loved meeting y’all. Hopefully next time!.
  19. Nice! Looks like mine, lol. Like I said earlier, mine was one of the best cars I've ever owned. While i do like more electronics than it had, I wish I still had it. It only had cruise control and a backup cam, as best as I can remember.


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