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  1. Seems like I read a while back that despite Brazil manufacturing firearms for export, they had really restrictive gun laws for their own people with severe penalties for those who had guns. Of course, violent crime was through the roof too. Read more recently that their current president has changed the legal gun landscape as far as citizens having guns. Further, one report said violent crime had subsequently dropped by 34% wow.
  2. But, but, but then we'd have to ban CARS!
  3. This is interesting. I looked on their site to try to find more thorough directions but cant find that item. I'm more interested in a Holosun but I do like the idea of not having to get my slide milled or get a new slide.
  4. Yes! I was just talking to an Air Force buddy of mine about that shooting at Fairchild. Amazing shots. I always shot expert with my USAF Beretta, but I doubt I coulda done that.
  5. How did you add bluetooth?
  6. My international flying days are behind me, unless I win the lottery maybe, but I do travel domestically a couple times a year for work, usually somewhere in the southeastern U.S, while I try to drive as I despise cramped airplanes, there srdvtines I have to fly. For that reason I got the TSA Pre-Check. Haven’t used it since I got but hoping it will make it easier.
  7. This is something that annoys the hell out of me. Lots of places wont accept an expired D/L as a form of ID. To me, if its to identify you, it shouldn't matter whether or not its expired. It still identifies you. I guess I understand why you cant use it for a D/L as its only valid for a finite period, it is still you and your picture and information on the thing, lol. Same for a passport. I understand why you cant travel on an expired one, but using it for ID should be allowed.
  8. I'm old and dont see as good as I used to. I have a 32 inch Samsung monitor on my home desktop computer. I work from home and had another Samsung 32 inch monitor on my work laptop. It recently went out and I'm temporarily using a Sanyo 30 inch tv that I had in my home office (to monitor news as I work) as my monitor. Its an older tv and the quality sucks, but still easier to see than my small laptop screen. A couple years ago, I found a couple of these Samsung 32 inch curved monitors on Facebook marketplace by a couple gamers who were upgrading their systems. Picked them up for around 100 each. I keep looking for that again, lol, but no luck so far. I don't want to spend the money for new if I don't have to.
  9. Im also looking for a larger monitor for home general use. What cheapo are you using?
  10. I’ve worked a lot outdoors in winter in Michigan's upper peninsula, upstate NY, Northern Europe and above the arctic circle in northern Greenland. Ditto west Grayfox54 says about wearing proper clothing. Even then, it’s good to Meyer, but in such a way as to not sweat.
  11. The 22 I’m talking about was just in TN. The article named a few like Beretta, Troy Industries, and S&W but didn’t list anymore other than saying 22 total in TN.
  12. Just read an article in Epoch Times talking about gun companies moving south. It said we already have 20 and 2 more coming this year. I hadn't realized there were so many here.
  13. ..or without glasses on my phone, lol. I haven't consumed anything stronger than coffee or cola in many years, but I should put on my reading glasses before trying to type.
  14. Briegly through todays email from TFA about this ruling, but eill read more thoroughly later on their site. Does anyone e in the know, know how, or if at all, this will affect Tennessees gun laws?
  15. Why that particular combination? Just curious.
  16. Does anyone know how to get a hold of the Supreme Court to get this reversed really quick? I just heard on The Five that the cast of the view, especially joy behar and Whoopi Goldberg are pissed! Someone needs to call Justice Thomas and let him know so he can rewrite the majority opinion.
  17. I think they'd be good to go once thoroughly cleaned, but if after that, there is excessive corrosion, you can always still replace the barrels then.
  18. I'd look for a gun buy back campaign and make a buck or two.
  19. I still have somewhat of an issue with the Police Chief who had so few officers of a school district was on scene commander. I imagine more than one of the other LEOs in there had more relevant tactical command experience than he did.
  20. Interested in any trades? Ive got some 30-30 and some 7.62X51


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